Ten Years of Being Together with My Mountain Man

On June the first was the day when we have been together for ten years. I remember June the first, ten years ago… we were at the mount Papandayan, several meters away from the sea level. You woke me up in the middle of the night. It was almost midnight. There was a full moon. You asked me to join you going outside the tent and see the moon together.


Mount Papandayan, West Java, 2009

The moon was very bright and big round. We enjoyed the moonbeam in the dark night on the certain top of the mountain. It was very cold outside. I sat on your lap, I guess, while you were sitting on your foldable tripod seat. We could see the stars beside the moon. We enjoyed the midnight sky scenery, and we shared our initial love.

I can’t believe it happened so long ago! Already ten years! We committed to the relationship since that experience hiking Mount Papandayan in West Java together. We went to West Java from Jakarta on May 30th, 2009. And then we arrived there and spent our first-night camping at the base camp of the mount.

On May the 31st, we spent our second night and we already hiked into a certain level on the mountain surface. We were wet and cold in the middle of the rain, and it was quite an emergency that you quickly decided to build the tent by the cliff, nearby the water stream. And I was quite afraid of the landslide too during our sleep in the tent! Thank God, we were safe.

Then we spent for the third and the last night on June the 1st 2019. It was the day when you showed me that you love me. I kept asking you to quit smoking because I didn’t want a boyfriend who smoked. In return, you asked me to kiss you because you tried to quit smoking. Then the moonlight shower with you. And we were together ever after, taking care of each other more eloquently than before.

Now that we have been together not as a girlfriend and boyfriend anymore. Still as lovers, but bounded in the more legal relationship. We have spent two years of being in a relationship –mostly in a long distance relationship. And the rest is our togetherness as spouses, as a family, and thank God we always live together after our marriage. No long distance relationship anymore!


You cut the grass and left the heart shape to show me

Some people say that the hardest time is the first year of the married life. Fortunately, our hardest part is in the two years of our relationship, which was the most emotional time and challenging. To me, the first year of our marriage was flowing effortlessly. We didn’t quarrel a lot or even had a fight. I recall our primary stage of married life was quite easy. We could adjust to each other while living together smoothly.


When I got my hyperemesis gravidarum

So what can I say more…? Ten years is a long period of time, and we have been through it. Now we are raising two boys and facing a parental life. Our romance has grown into nurture to our children, hasn’t it? Happy ten years of our togetherness, my husband, my partner in life.

Love you for always being caring, responsible and protecting to our family. May we can still be passionate and loving to each other for the next years. God bless us for good health, affection, experience, and longevity. Unfortunately, we don’t have the latest romantic photo to show yet, although I really want to have it so bad after all these years. All of our fierce images were in the past when there were no Kalki and Kavin. Hahaha…

Beach Couple

From the mountain to the beach, I love you. Here I quoted my favorite song and the lyric is very deep and suitable for us… I took from Google search.


Your wife,



Florida Georgia Line
First time I met you, knew I never could forget you, girl
You always saw the blue skies past the rain clouds in my eyes
There’s music in your laughter from the floor up to the rafters
You’re that happy-ever-after I’ve been after my whole life
Who knows where I’d be without you?
No, I just couldn’t be without you
I’ll just say, “Amen”
I can’t count ’em on one hand
But honey, look there on your finger
I’d say I’m a lucky man
God made two lovers out of strangers
A little house on a little land
A little creek, a little Jeep
Same old moon everybody sees
It sure ain’t hard to count your blessings
Yesterday we celebrated our first year together
And together still feels better than that first night we met
I never dreamed that you could be so perfectly created, girl
He made a perfect angel, and He made you just for me
Who knows where I’d be without you?
No, I just couldn’t be without you
I’ll just say, “Amen”
I can’t count ’em on one hand
But honey, look there on your finger
I’d say I’m a lucky man
God made two lovers out of strangers
A little house on a little land
A little creek, a little Jeep
Same old moon everybody sees
It sure ain’t hard to count your blessings
No, I can’t count ’em on both hands
But honey, look here at this picture
I’d say we’re a lucky fam
I’m thankful to be with you
A little house on a little land
A couple kids, two or three
Same old song that we’ll always sing
It sure ain’t hard to count your blessings
Oh yeah
Always take time to count your blessings
Written by: Brian Kelley / Jesse Frasure / Jordan Schmidt / Keith Smith / Tyler Reed Hubbard / Tom Douglas
Blessings lyric © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

Learning How to Ride a Bicycle

Last Indonesian Mother’s day, 22th of December 2018, there was a lovely gift from my first son. He was learning to ride a bicycle and then he was able to cycle by his own! Without any extra side wheels. It was my husband who led him to practice cycling.

The days before, he tried to ride his bicycle. It was his own initiative to take the bicycle after a long time he never tried cycling again. He stopped cycling since the extra wheels for his bike was taken out. Looking Kalki was trying to ride his bicycle, my husband then helped him to learn.

Kalki took 3 days to learn cycling until he became confident to ride on his own. He learned cycling at our front yard. When my husband no longer held the bicycle for the first balance, Kalki got on his bicycle by the help of our terrace step. Then he could make it, cycling around.

It was a perfect present for me on the mother’s day. As a mother of course I felt proud to Kalki. Kalki was 5 years old 7 month and he has been able to ride a bicycle… I am very happy everytime I see him cycling. He feels happy too that he can ride a bicycle! Because our front your doesn’t have enough space for him cycling, we went to his kindergarten’s yard so he could practice at a wide yard.

Once I ran with Kalki riding his bicycle. It was fun and challenging because our village is hilly and the road is either going up or down. Going uphill is hard, on the other hand going downhill is dangerous. On the uphill and downhill roads I asked Kalki to walk but on some downhills I let him to ride his bicycle and use the brakes. It was difficult to maintain the brakes during sliding through the downhills so Kalki bumped to a house’s wall, haha don’t worry he was fine. He enjoys the experience and he wants more! He asked me, “mama, when are you going to run again? Because I want to join you by riding my bicycle.” Well, his bike’s brake and chain are broken now so he cannot join me.

I also would like to share my childhood story. I think this one will be interesting to tell.

When I was young, I always wanted to learn how to ride a bicycle. I was a very young kid. Maybe about 5 years old. At that time my parents already bought me a small bicycle but there were two extra wheels to keep my balance. Next stage, my parents taught me how to ride a bicycle without any extra wheels. At first, my father tried to give only one extra wheel. He handled my bicycle and let me try to paddle on my own until I could get my balance.

I kept practicing how to ride a bicycle until I was confident enough and my parents thought that I would be able to paddle a bicycle without an extra wheel. So again, my father took off the remaining extra wheel on my bike. He was always there to help me while I practiced riding a bicycle. He handed my bike for the first time and when I could paddle with balance, he let me go riding away. We repeated this way until I could handle my bike in the beginning for myself.

I felt so excited when I could ride a bicycle by myself. It was almost felt like I was flying and free. When a small kid eventually could ride a bicycle on her own she became addicted to riding her bicycle again, and again and again. I rode my bicycle around my house in the neighborhoods. Sometimes I went quite far so that my mother worried about me because it took a long time for me to come back home. Later on, my parents allowed me to ride my bicycle to school in elementary school. I really enjoyed it. I even gave a ride to my little brother when I went to school by bike because we went to the same school. We went to school together by bike, my little brother sat on the back as my passenger.

♥️ Intan Rastini

Swimming at Lovina Beach

I and my husband have been invited three times to come to Singaraja. The invitations were for a wedding ceremonies and a blessing ceremony for the newborn baby. Those were the wedding of my husband’s cousins in Singaraja, they are brothers. The first wedding was held for the younger brother then the ceremony for the newborn baby, and next was a wedding for the older brother.

The wedding was held in Balinese tradition and it was a sacred ceremony in a lifetime. We wished our cousin and his bride to be happy and to have a long-lasting marriage. I also would never forget the moment when I was married to my husband so I believed for everybody, a wedding ceremony would be a tearful yet full of happiness moment.

Because of the wedding was held in Singaraja, it took us about 2 hours to get there by motorbike. When we arrived at Singaraja, I didn’t want to miss the chance to swim at the Lovina beach as well. The journey made us pass the hills from Tabanan and then arrive at the northern seashore of Bali. Bali beaches on the north are very calm with small waves, unlike the southern beaches. So I was brave enough to swim there. It was a great moment to swim at the calm sea without being afraid of the big waves. Of course, you had to be able to swim if you wanted to swim in the sea. I even tried to dive from the dock.

Well, I really enjoy swimming in the northern Bali sea. To me it’s a precious moment. However, before I got married, when I was still in relationship with my husband, we also reached to the north Bali, to Git Git Twin Waterfall then Lovina beach. Yeah we had swum there once before we got married. It is because my husband who told me that he used to swim there when he was on the job training at Pizza House Restaurant.

Between swimming in the sea and in the swimming pool, I think I like it swimming in the sea better than in the pool. But to get access to the calm sea in the north is such an effort. There are some other foreign tourists who swim in the sea besides me. Most local people don’t swim at Lovina beach. Maybe Indonesian people prefer swimming in the pool and when they go to the beach they play on the seashore with the sand and the waves.

Always bring your bento and drinking bottle to the beach

Happy holiday!

And I feel terribly sorry for some Indonesians who underwent a natural disaster Tsunami in Anyer, Banten and Lampung. May God always be with us. Keep being strong.

❤️ Intan Rastini

Matching Vocab Words with Picture for Young English Learners

Last October I had a vocabulary game with my students. With the help of a volunteer from the Netherlands, Isabelle, we remade a kindergarten worksheet from Education.com into vocabulary cards. It was a Fun Matching List with Images Worksheet with twelve words and twelve pictures. The vocabulary list on the left side consisted of ‘cap’, ‘dig’, ‘hat’, ‘sun’, ‘web’, ‘lip’, ‘tub’, ‘ant’, ‘mop’, ‘jam’, ‘bat’, ‘fox’. While on the right side there were random pictures that depicted each vocabulary word. The kids shall match each word with the correct picture.

If we just used that printed worksheet, the kids could make a line to connect a word to the correct picture. Just as simple as that. However, we didn’t do like that. Isabelle helped me making twelve cards from the vocabulary words, she wrote the words on a piece of paper card with colorful pens. Next, she cut each picture from the worksheet and then every picture was attached on the blank cards. We had four sets of vocabulary list and four sets of pictures from four printed worksheets.

How we did it in the class was we split our young students into four groups consisted of 6-8 children. We had set the tables and chairs into four-group position so they could discuss together. After that, we gave each group with a set of cards that included a list of vocabulary and a list of pictures. Every group worked together as a team to match each vocab word with the correct pictures.

It was interesting to see how far my English students knew the vocabulary. My students were about 9-12 years old and they were learning English as a foreign language for beginner level. They made a few mistakes while matching the vocab with the picture, but their enthusiasm and teamwork were really valuable to see. It didn’t matter that they made some mistakes, they were still learning and they would make an improvement. It was getting easy as they remembered the meaning of the vocab words or remembered the pairs. When they finished a set, we scrambled the cards and they redid it again.

You can check more worksheets on Education.com for your children at home or for your students. My kindergarten sons, for instance, they like the maze worksheets and always enjoy solving different types of the maze (you can read the story here).


I also have tried giving my son with the word tracer worksheet but he wasn’t as interested as doing the maze worksheets. I thought that Crawlies Word Tracer would really suit my 5-year-old son to learn how to write alphabets. Still, he enjoyed the maze worksheets the most!

♡ Intan Rastini

Free Spirited American Volunteers

I always love to have volunteers from the United States of America because I adore the country, the freedom, and liberty. So when American volunteers come, it is very delightful to me to ask them about anything related to their country. The first American volunteer that I got at the learning center is Ian Alfaro from Hawai, but his family is from Mexico so he is also a Mexican. He is a surfer anyway and he brought his surfboard to our learning center, he did surf at Balian Beach.


Next, I met a couple from Washington, USA. They are Lisa Beck and Daniel Kirkpatrick. They are married with three children, their oldest son is in the same as me. I also asked them to be my American parents, and they said yes. They are very nice and kind. Once they asked me about teaching my sons English then I said that my sons had a speech delay, they cheered me up and Daniel told me a story about some different animal, for example, a rabbit, a snake, a chicken, a bird, a fish, a frog who are taught to swim, to fly and to walk. In the swimming lesson, none of them can swim except fish and frog. Next, in the flying lesson, none of them can fly except a bird, even the chicken is hardly fly. At last in the walking lesson, none of them can walk except a chicken, the rabbit jumps and the snake slithers.

He said that the moral story was every child has his own skill and ability timing, so I shouldn’t worry about the speech delay happen to my sons. It is a very heart-warming story that ever given to me to cheer me as a mom. In fact, Daniel and Lisa are education consultants. So they work to train people, to train students, to set or design a school program and so on. They also run an international school. Daniel also an Aikido practitioner, so he taught the kids and me about Aikido. It is totally a coincidence because I am truly interested in Aikido since a long time ago I watched an actor who practiced Aikido because it is the only martial art that is used to defend yourself not to “attack”. And yes it is true Aikido is the harmony of energy.

Although Daniel and Lisa are old and ugly (hahaha this was Daniel idea) but they are really fun and adventurous! Then after Daniel and Lisa, there was Shannon Breslin from Chicago. She works at California right now. She was just graduated from university when she came volunteering at our learning center. She has a cheerful and positive attitude. Shannon loves to play soccer, she is really sporty. Once I ran with her in the hills and she could keep going running uphill and downhill faster than me. I told her that she’s got log slim legs like a horse! Haha she is indeed tall. When we ran together she was afraid of the dogs barking at us and she used me to cover her LOL!

Thanks to Hannah Spencer from NZ who took this picture

After Shannon, there was an adult volunteer who works as a speech therapist and as a secondary school teacher (I think it a high school). She is not really American because she is a Russian who moved to the USA. Her name is Laura Kovalenko. She is a yoga enthusiast too! Like me. We have the same interest in exercise and workouts, the difference is just she can do difficult yoga poses while I still can’t hahaha. I have ever consulted about my son speech delay and she advised me very well. She is very open and friendly. The way she taught the kids make me learn how to teach better. I even invited her to come to the English lesson of my private student and we played continuing story with the dice. Laura lives in New York! Yeah, New York my dream city. I want to visit NYC someday, I will just call Laura to pick me up from Ellis Island. Laura said that the statue of Liberty is close to her home. Wow!

Who is going to be the next American volunteer that I would meet at the Learning Center Eka Chita Pradnyan? I don’t know, we’ll see. From them, I got many souvenirs. It is funny because Shannon and Laura gave me the same thing: bracelet. Shannon gave me a brown mosquito repellent bracelet while Laura gave me a white bracelet. And they almost look the same braided bracelet! Just in different colors. Daniel and Lisa gave me the most things that I really like: American Magazine! Besides that, they also gave me a foldable magnifying glass and mechanical flashlight (without battery but using our muscle to turn on the light) for an outdoor activity. Even more, Daniel wrote me a credit as an English teacher! Thanks a lot for the gifts, I will keep them and remember you always in my heart.

💕 Intan Rastini