Ten Years of Being Together with My Mountain Man

On June the first was the day when we have been together for ten years. I remember June the first, ten years ago… we were at the mount Papandayan, several meters away from the sea level. You woke me up in the middle of the night. It was almost midnight. There was a full moon. You asked me to join you going outside the tent and see the moon together.


Mount Papandayan, West Java, 2009

The moon was very bright and big round. We enjoyed the moonbeam in the dark night on the certain top of the mountain. It was very cold outside. I sat on your lap, I guess, while you were sitting on your foldable tripod seat. We could see the stars beside the moon. We enjoyed the midnight sky scenery, and we shared our initial love.

I can’t believe it happened so long ago! Already ten years! We committed to the relationship since that experience hiking Mount Papandayan in West Java together. We went to West Java from Jakarta on May 30th, 2009. And then we arrived there and spent our first-night camping at the base camp of the mount.

On May the 31st, we spent our second night and we already hiked into a certain level on the mountain surface. We were wet and cold in the middle of the rain, and it was quite an emergency that you quickly decided to build the tent by the cliff, nearby the water stream. And I was quite afraid of the landslide too during our sleep in the tent! Thank God, we were safe.

Then we spent for the third and the last night on June the 1st 2019. It was the day when you showed me that you love me. I kept asking you to quit smoking because I didn’t want a boyfriend who smoked. In return, you asked me to kiss you because you tried to quit smoking. Then the moonlight shower with you. And we were together ever after, taking care of each other more eloquently than before.

Now that we have been together not as a girlfriend and boyfriend anymore. Still as lovers, but bounded in the more legal relationship. We have spent two years of being in a relationship –mostly in a long distance relationship. And the rest is our togetherness as spouses, as a family, and thank God we always live together after our marriage. No long distance relationship anymore!


You cut the grass and left the heart shape to show me

Some people say that the hardest time is the first year of the married life. Fortunately, our hardest part is in the two years of our relationship, which was the most emotional time and challenging. To me, the first year of our marriage was flowing effortlessly. We didn’t quarrel a lot or even had a fight. I recall our primary stage of married life was quite easy. We could adjust to each other while living together smoothly.


When I got my hyperemesis gravidarum

So what can I say more…? Ten years is a long period of time, and we have been through it. Now we are raising two boys and facing a parental life. Our romance has grown into nurture to our children, hasn’t it? Happy ten years of our togetherness, my husband, my partner in life.

Love you for always being caring, responsible and protecting to our family. May we can still be passionate and loving to each other for the next years. God bless us for good health, affection, experience, and longevity. Unfortunately, we don’t have the latest romantic photo to show yet, although I really want to have it so bad after all these years. All of our fierce images were in the past when there were no Kalki and Kavin. Hahaha…

Beach Couple

From the mountain to the beach, I love you. Here I quoted my favorite song and the lyric is very deep and suitable for us… I took from Google search.


Your wife,



Florida Georgia Line
First time I met you, knew I never could forget you, girl
You always saw the blue skies past the rain clouds in my eyes
There’s music in your laughter from the floor up to the rafters
You’re that happy-ever-after I’ve been after my whole life
Who knows where I’d be without you?
No, I just couldn’t be without you
I’ll just say, “Amen”
I can’t count ’em on one hand
But honey, look there on your finger
I’d say I’m a lucky man
God made two lovers out of strangers
A little house on a little land
A little creek, a little Jeep
Same old moon everybody sees
It sure ain’t hard to count your blessings
Yesterday we celebrated our first year together
And together still feels better than that first night we met
I never dreamed that you could be so perfectly created, girl
He made a perfect angel, and He made you just for me
Who knows where I’d be without you?
No, I just couldn’t be without you
I’ll just say, “Amen”
I can’t count ’em on one hand
But honey, look there on your finger
I’d say I’m a lucky man
God made two lovers out of strangers
A little house on a little land
A little creek, a little Jeep
Same old moon everybody sees
It sure ain’t hard to count your blessings
No, I can’t count ’em on both hands
But honey, look here at this picture
I’d say we’re a lucky fam
I’m thankful to be with you
A little house on a little land
A couple kids, two or three
Same old song that we’ll always sing
It sure ain’t hard to count your blessings
Oh yeah
Always take time to count your blessings
Written by: Brian Kelley / Jesse Frasure / Jordan Schmidt / Keith Smith / Tyler Reed Hubbard / Tom Douglas
Blessings lyric © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

Free Spirited American Volunteers

I always love to have volunteers from the United States of America because I adore the country, the freedom, and liberty. So when American volunteers come, it is very delightful to me to ask them about anything related to their country. The first American volunteer that I got at the learning center is Ian Alfaro from Hawai, but his family is from Mexico so he is also a Mexican. He is a surfer anyway and he brought his surfboard to our learning center, he did surf at Balian Beach.


Next, I met a couple from Washington, USA. They are Lisa Beck and Daniel Kirkpatrick. They are married with three children, their oldest son is in the same as me. I also asked them to be my American parents, and they said yes. They are very nice and kind. Once they asked me about teaching my sons English then I said that my sons had a speech delay, they cheered me up and Daniel told me a story about some different animal, for example, a rabbit, a snake, a chicken, a bird, a fish, a frog who are taught to swim, to fly and to walk. In the swimming lesson, none of them can swim except fish and frog. Next, in the flying lesson, none of them can fly except a bird, even the chicken is hardly fly. At last in the walking lesson, none of them can walk except a chicken, the rabbit jumps and the snake slithers.

He said that the moral story was every child has his own skill and ability timing, so I shouldn’t worry about the speech delay happen to my sons. It is a very heart-warming story that ever given to me to cheer me as a mom. In fact, Daniel and Lisa are education consultants. So they work to train people, to train students, to set or design a school program and so on. They also run an international school. Daniel also an Aikido practitioner, so he taught the kids and me about Aikido. It is totally a coincidence because I am truly interested in Aikido since a long time ago I watched an actor who practiced Aikido because it is the only martial art that is used to defend yourself not to “attack”. And yes it is true Aikido is the harmony of energy.

Although Daniel and Lisa are old and ugly (hahaha this was Daniel idea) but they are really fun and adventurous! Then after Daniel and Lisa, there was Shannon Breslin from Chicago. She works at California right now. She was just graduated from university when she came volunteering at our learning center. She has a cheerful and positive attitude. Shannon loves to play soccer, she is really sporty. Once I ran with her in the hills and she could keep going running uphill and downhill faster than me. I told her that she’s got log slim legs like a horse! Haha she is indeed tall. When we ran together she was afraid of the dogs barking at us and she used me to cover her LOL!

Thanks to Hannah Spencer from NZ who took this picture

After Shannon, there was an adult volunteer who works as a speech therapist and as a secondary school teacher (I think it a high school). She is not really American because she is a Russian who moved to the USA. Her name is Laura Kovalenko. She is a yoga enthusiast too! Like me. We have the same interest in exercise and workouts, the difference is just she can do difficult yoga poses while I still can’t hahaha. I have ever consulted about my son speech delay and she advised me very well. She is very open and friendly. The way she taught the kids make me learn how to teach better. I even invited her to come to the English lesson of my private student and we played continuing story with the dice. Laura lives in New York! Yeah, New York my dream city. I want to visit NYC someday, I will just call Laura to pick me up from Ellis Island. Laura said that the statue of Liberty is close to her home. Wow!

Who is going to be the next American volunteer that I would meet at the Learning Center Eka Chita Pradnyan? I don’t know, we’ll see. From them, I got many souvenirs. It is funny because Shannon and Laura gave me the same thing: bracelet. Shannon gave me a brown mosquito repellent bracelet while Laura gave me a white bracelet. And they almost look the same braided bracelet! Just in different colors. Daniel and Lisa gave me the most things that I really like: American Magazine! Besides that, they also gave me a foldable magnifying glass and mechanical flashlight (without battery but using our muscle to turn on the light) for an outdoor activity. Even more, Daniel wrote me a credit as an English teacher! Thanks a lot for the gifts, I will keep them and remember you always in my heart.

💕 Intan Rastini

Pasang IUD setelah punya Kalki dan Kavin


Six months after our marriage

Saya termasuk orang yang mendukung program Keluarga Berencana alias “KB”. Emang awalnya, sih nggak nerima sesuatu yang tidak alami dimasukkan ke dalam tubuh untuk mencegah terjadinya proses biologis. Tapi kalau dipikir-pikir lagi manfaatnya lebih banyak daripada ruginya dan saya nggak pertahankan lagi memandang alat KB sebagai sesuatu yang manipulatif. Takut pasang alat kontrasepsi dalam rahim? Sudah nggak dong… Setelah mengalami sendiri pasang alat kontrasepsi ini, saya bisa ceritakan prosesnya hampir sama seperti saat Pap Smear atau tes IVA.

Sudah selama 1 tahun lebih saya pakai IUD, tepatnya pasang pada tanggal 10 Juni 2016 lalu. IUD sendiri adalah metode kontrasepsi di dalam rahim. Kepanjangannya adalah IntraUterine Device. Macam-macam alat kontrasepsi kan ada banyak tuh, yang untuk wanita sendiri dibagi dalam hormonal dan nonhormonal.


Yang saya sebut disini metode menunda kehamilan (kontrasepsi) yang berlangsung sementara waktu ya, jadi tidak permanen. Untuk yang hormonal ada pil KB dan suntik KB. Keduanya bekerja dengan mempengaruhi hormon dalam tubuh. Sedangkan yang tanpa mempengaruhi hormon ada IUD dan Implan. Tapi kata bu bidan di Pustu (puskesmas pembantu) Angkah, kalau mau pasang implan itu perlu disuntik KB dulu awalnya, lalu dilihat perkembangannya cocok atau tidak.  Jadi implan itu termasuk ke hormonal juga, ya, awalnya?


Tahun lalu saat Kavindra anak kedua saya sudah berusia 1 tahun, saya sudah mulai memberanikan diri memilih alat kontrasepsi IUD. Karena saya sudah mau stop punya anak lagi. Saya percaya dengan menyusui secara eksklusif selama 6 bulan itu sudah menjadi KB alami untuk mencegah kehamilan, selain itu saya dan suami juga sebelumnya menerapkan sistem kalender. Tapi akhirnya saya jadi was-was kalau misalkan jadi mengandung.


Nah, saat Kavin usia 1 tahun ini udah waktu yang tepat untuk pasang IUD, Karena pengalaman dari anak pertama, kami pakai KB alami setelah Kalki lahir, tapi setelah Kalki usia 1 tahun saya pun mengandung lagi. Kelahiran Kavin saya rasa sudah menjadi penutup saja bagi saya dan suami. Dua anak sudah cukup. Saya nggak ngotot, kok pengen anak perempuan. Prinsip saya dua anak cukup, laki-laki atau perempuan yang penting sehat. Pro program Keluarga Berencana banget, kan saya? Cocok juga, nih dengan program GenRe “Generasi Berencana” dari BKKBN (Badan Kependudukan dan Keluarga Berencana Nasional)  hehehe… Udah ah, berasa kayak aktivis aja.


Salah satu hal yang menarik di Pustu bagi suami saya

Memang setelah kelahiran Kavin, bu bidan yang membantu persalinan saya selalu mengingatkan untuk pasang alat kontrasepsi, tapi saya bilang masih pakai KB alami dulu hehe… sambil nabung biaya pasang alat kontrasepsinya. Saat itu biayanya Rp 250.000 (pasang di Pustu Angkah) jadi tepat kalau saya bilang mau nabung dulu juga.


Untuk pasang IUD dianjurkan oleh bu bidan saat hari terakhir haid. Jadi untuk saya yang rentang haidnya biasa 5-6 hari. Saya pilih untuk pasang IUD saat hari ke-6 haid di Bulan Juni. Saat hari pasang KB saya merasa sudah siap secara mental dan finansial apalagi nanti pasang IUD-nya dengan bidan yang sudah saya kenal.


Saya pasang IUD ini di Pustu Angkah, jaraknya cuma 1 km dari rumah. Awalnya janjian dulu dengan bu bidan yang telah membantu proses kelahiran Kalki dan Kavin. Sehingga alat-alat pendukung dan IUD-nya sudah dipersiapkan terlebih dahulu disana. Saya bilang saya mau pasang IUD tapi yang merk Andalan, karena kata bu bidan itu IUD yang bagus.



Menunggu di Pustu ditemani Kavin dan Papa saat kontrol

Lalu saya diantar suami dan Kalki ke Pustu. Di Pustu diperlihatkan kemasan dus alat kontrasepsinya dan bu bidan menggambarkan di atas dus IUD-nya seperti apa alatnya terpasang di dalam rahim. Lalu selanjutnya proses pemasangannya di ruang KB. Saya berbaring di atas ranjang yang ada tempat kakinya itu yang biasa buat periksa IVA atau Pap Smear.


Pertama-tama area intim kita dibersihkan lalu dipasang alat seperti corong atau cocor bebek kali yang membantu membuka jalan agar meletakkan alatnya lebih mudah. Setelah alatnya diletakkan di rahim, benang dari alat IUD-nya dipotong. Setelah selesai alat corong seperti cocor bebek itu dilepas. Udah deh kira-kira cuma gitu aja sepengetahuan saya. Selama proses tersebut saya diminta untuk rileks dan mengatur napas agar otot-otot di sekitar area kewanitaan jadi lemas gitu. Sambil pasang IUD, bu bidan juga ngajak ngobrol saya.


Saat saya bangun, saya sempat lihat tuh ada baskom di ujung ranjang yang berisi darah. Saya berpikir apa itu darah haid saya atau dalam prosesnya sempat membuat berdarah ya? Saya tidak tau pasti, karena saya nggak tanya ke bu bidan. Tapi setelah pulang ke rumah ya darah itu masih keluar tapi nggak terasa sakit, kok. Ya seperti masih haid aja, padahal haid saya udah hari terakhir saat itu alias udah mulai bersih.


Selesai pasang IUD saya diberi kartu keterangan tanggal memakai IUD dan jadwal kontrol selanjutnya. Saya diminta untuk kontrol 1 bulan kemudian. Saat kontrol akan ditanyakan apakah ada keluhan atau tidak dan selanjutnya akan dicek seperti cek Pap Smear lagi dan ini cuma sebentar aja. Setelah dilihat oleh bu bidan ternyata kedaannya bagus, sudah deh, selesai.


Bagian depan kartu berisi nama dan tanggal pasang IUD

Selanjutnya akan diminta kontrol 2 bulan kemudian dengan proses yang sama. Setelah kontrol yang kedua kalinya, saya diminta untuk kontrol ke-3 pada 6 bulan kemudian. Setelah kontrol yang ke-3, saya diminta kontrol ke-4 setelah 1 tahun. Nah untuk kontrol yang setelah 1 tahun ini jadwalnya akan jatuh pada bulan Januari 2018 nanti. Selama ini saya kontrol bayar Rp 10.000 setiap cek KB. Tapi setelah jadi anggota BPJS Kesehatan bakalan nggak bayar lagi.


Bagian belakang kartu berisi tanggal kontrol

Yang saya keluhkan selama pemakaian IUD ini adalah durasi haid saya jadi panjang. Pada haid pertama saya setelah pakai IUD lamanya jadi 10 hari. Pada bulan-bulan berikutnya durasinya semakin berkurang jadi 9 hari, lalu 8 hari dan hingga sekarang jadi 6-7 hari. Selain itu periode haid saya datangnya jadi lebih cepat, maju rata-rata seminggu setiap bulan. Kalau dulu sih saya haid bisa setiap 30 hari. Setelah pasang IUD jadi kira-kira tiap 23 hari.


Untuk keluhan dari suami sih nggak ada. Jadi aman aja… Tapi untuk keluhan saya, kata bu bidan itu normal. Memang sebelum pasang IUD saya sudah dijelaskan bahwa efek pasang IUD bisa jadi durasi haid lebih panjang dan lebih banyak darah haid yang keluar. Bu bidan sendiri yang pakai IUD juga mengalaminya. Mama saya juga pakai IUD dan mama saya pun mengalami hampir sama seperti saya, selama 3 hari haidnya deras dan 4 hari sudah mulai menurun intensitas keluar darahnya.


Yang saya suka dari IUD ini adalah tidak mempengaruhi hormonal saya. Selama haid pun pakai Mooncup juga nggak masalah. Justru saat heaviest flow pakai Mooncup membantu sekali sehingga nggak boros pembalut (lagi pula saya udah lama nggak pakai pembalut sekali pakai tapi pakai Mooncup dengan  dibantu pembalut kain). Yang ingin tau tentang ulasan saya tentang Mooncup baca disini ya…


IUD yang saya pakai adalah IUD Andalan Tcu 380A Safeload yang bisa mencegah kehamilan hingga 10 tahun. Kan udah mau stop punya anak jadi sekalian aja pakai IUD yang mengontrol kehamilan dalam jangka waktu lama, lebih hemat dan ekonomis serta nggak perlu bolak-balik lepas-pasang IUD. Ada juga IUD yang mengontrol kehamilan selama 3 tahun dan 5 tahun. Saya tau tentang IUD Andalan ini dari majalah AyahBunda.


Saya pakai IUD yang gambar boxnya paling atas

Selama memakai IUD ini so far so good. Nggak ada rasa cemas lagi bakalan kebobolan.  Suami dan saya pun nyaman dengan playing safe. Yang paling bikin senang bagi saya dengan memakai alat kontrasepsi IUD ini adalah tidak ada lagi rasa was-was bahwa akan mengandung tanpa perencanaan matang. Gimana, apa Anda berminat pakai IUD? Atau malah udah pakai alat kontrasepsi?


“I’ll be with you feon dusk till dawn” -Zayn Malik ft. SIA

Pakai IUD ini telah menambah keharmonisan hubungan saya dengan suami. Kami jadi bebas dari rasa khawatir karena udah komitmen cukup dua anak saja, Kalki dan Kavin. Kasih sayang dan perhatian jadi tercurah hanya kepada mereka. Ikut asuransi kesehatan dari pemerintah (BPJS Kesehatan) pun jadi fix karena anggota keluarga kami empat. Mudah-mudahan perencanaan pendidikan kami untuk mereka juga bagus. Semoga.

Selamat hari ulang tahun Pernikahan yang ke-6, Papa Ambara. Kamis, 28 Desember 2017.

“But you’ll never be alone, I’ll be with you from dusk till Dawn… I’ll be with you from dusk till Dawn… Baby, I’m right here…” nyanyiannya Zayn malik dan Sia yang lagi terngiang-ngiang di kepala saya. The 6th wedding anniversary is symbolized as “candy”. I  am very grateful we have been through the six years with our sweet boys, Kalki and Kavin.



Intan Rastini.

Lirik Lagu Anak Pilihan Berbahasa Inggris, Bahasa Indonesia dan Bahasa Bali


They’re two, they’re four
They’re six, they’re eight
Shunting trucks and hauling freight
Red and green and brown and blue
They’re The Really Useful Crew

All with different roles to play
Round Tidmouth Sheds or far away
Down the hill and round the bends

THOMAS he’s the cheeky one
JAMES is vain but lots of fun
PERCY pulls the mail on time
GORDON thunders down the line
EMILY really knows her stuff
HENRY toots and huffs and puffs
EDWARD wants to help and share
TOBY, well let’s say – he’s square!

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Lyric is written from television.


Kakak Kalki dan adik Kavin kalo udah denger lagu Thomas di TV suenenge rek… mereka suka joget sakarepe dan sebisanya adik Kavin hihihi.


Ibu kita Kartini putri sejati
Putri Indonesia harum namanya

Ibu kita Kartini pendekar bangsa
Pendekar kaumnya untuk merdeka

Wahai ibu kita Kartini putri yang mulia

Sungguh besar cita-citanya bagi Indonesia
Lirik lagu ditulis dari sumber referensi buku Kesenian SD (milik Eka Dharmawan, sepupu saya. Maaf lupa judul bukunya yang lengkap)


Siap sangkur di sawahne notol jagung gung gung

Awak lacur nagih ngelah motor sangkur kur kur

Siap sawah milu milu nagih menang nang nang

Awak pawah milu milu mapak kacang cang cang

Lirik lagu ditulis dari sumber referensi buku Kesenian SD (milik Eka Dharmawan, sepupu saya. Maaf lupa judul bukunya yang lengkap)

Lagu Siap Sangkur hmmm… kalo tidak salah.. adalah tentang ayam berekor pendek. Selanjutnya syairnya itu seperti pantun. Ada sampiran ada isi. Hihihi saya sendiri baru belajar sedikit-sedikit Bahasa Bali ^^.

Menyanyikannya lagu Bali ini, saya pun kurang tau nadanya hehehehe… hanya tau lirik lagunya dapat dari Putu Eka, saudara sepupu saya di Sekartaji yang paling kecil 😉 MAKASIH YA, TU EKO 😀

Bye bye… write you later gator!
Mwuah ♡♥

♡ Intan Rastini

My 25 Birthday

Yesterday (10th of February) was a rainy day. I woke up early in the morning to prepare my sons’ needs like today’s breakfast and lunch also to check all the clothes and toiletries for them are well-packed to blue baby bag. That morning not really sunny… almost cloudy.

However, the night before I already prepared for the porridge in the slow cooker.
I couldn’t sleep early at night because I was happy enough knowing that I got a birthday present from my long time bestfriend since I was in the elementary school, Karina.

She is very generous by giving me a gift voucher to shop at a baby and kids shop on my birthday. Before that she already gave me a pack of baby and kids’ clothes for me. So the voucher shall be redeemed in the month of February. That’s why on my birthday I went to Denpasar city with my sons and my husband on that rainy weather. Wet wet and wet everywhere we walked. We had the trip from Tabanan to Denpasar by motorcycle with 4 persons on the ride.


I bought a nursing bra for myself and then I chose a wooden toy for my sons and… three bracelets of anti-mosquitoes. You know.. rainy season, wet everywhere.. prone to mosquitoes attack. I presented one pink anti-mosquitoes bracelet for baby Khanza, Kalki n’ Kavin got the yellow and green ones. Unfortunately we couldn’t afford to buy more for Iqbal 😦

We ate lunch at Tiara Dewata. Kalki was enthusiastic and he found new world of playing! First we took a shelter from the rain at the ATM center and to fed baby Kavin. Next we ate lunch at the food court together. I ordered a soto and a tahu campur at the Surabaya culinary kiosk for me and for my husband. While we were waiting… I bought a pair of potato doughnuts with grated cheese as the topping 🙂

Kalki was really hungry and he ate my husband’s soto and my lontong 🙂 he was very cute acting that he could eat by himself :’)


Mommy.. this is delicious, said Kalki in his heart

And we were proud of him. Because he tried to handle his meal on his own. He went to the wash basin to wash his hands by the help of his mom and dad. Until he found an automatic hand dryer machine.. he played it to dry his hands.. again and he tried again and again… Hihihi… we are so sorry for our katrok attitude… but we couldn’t help our son!


Papa, what's that... Kalki was in an awe

Next we walked around and we saw a play zone for kids! Of course Kalki was really eager to stay and look around. He saw the train and cars buzzing around and the noisy children sounds… whoaaa what a joyful zone here, he thought! There was a boom boom car and a pool of colorful balls and the trampolin zone! What can I say here to describe my children’s eyes of festive area like that?

This is my day, I thought. But that day went quite fast. Would my life went so fast just like on my birthday?


I’m turning 25 and I expect to do 25 things before the next 26

Thank you my husband to accompany me through the rain… taking care of me and most of all our sons. Be strong be strong sons!


We walked when the rain had stopped


The wooden toy: farm train for Kalki and Kavin from Alden

Thank you Anin, Medina and Karina… my elementary school bestfriends. Karina said we must be bestfriend trough all times ♡♡♡. Your nursing tops package as my birthday gift has arrived. And I really really love it. Your love and care make me believe that I still have good friends with good moments to share.


Kalki really likes the anti-mosquitoes bracelet. He wears it everytime he goes outdoor and at home

And thank you my family…  for the long lasting supports and energy. ♥♥

This is a late post and I regret I couldn’t post it on time.
Happy birthday also to Shankara, Iqbal and my Aunty ♡♥ long lasting love for you all. Many happy return of the days… and good bye February. May the new month bring a joy, good health and wealth.

♡ Intan Rastini