About ♥

My personal words selection is typed here. My world and my words are two combinations into one blog which cannot be the same with other person.

Do you believe that I am a slow reader? Yes, I am. While he is a super fast reader! Don’t know how he has that ability. Maybe because he falls from Asgarden and I super adore it.

Fortunately I’m still faster than my love for texting (possibly for typing)!

He calls me Jessica from Yosemite so it becomes Jessmite or Jessicut, I call him Clyde from Nouvelle Caledonia so it become Clydonie or Clydonian 😀

“My dreams are very different from yours”

My ♥ to Asgard is defined just like these:

Jessicut ♥ Clydonie
Nereid ♥ Neptune
Ocean ♥ Poseidon
Shore ♥ Shipwreck
Home ♥ Land
Troy ♥ Rome
River ♥ Forest
Ice Cream ♥ Hot Coffee
Sylphlike ♥ Angel
NY ♥ Alaska
Drizzle ♥ Cloud
Belle ♥ Beast
Husky ♥ Great Dane
Wonder Woman ♥ Captain America
Hachiko ♥ Proffesor
Ally ♥ Noah
Hundly ♥ George
Steam ♥ Bake
Anjing ♥ Babi
Elle Woods ♥ Emmet
Steamed ♥ Baked

“I don’t like defining myself. I just am”

-Tesla Gordon

I ♥ writing on the papers… So do I for blogging.

This blog contains my parchment

“Words reduce reality to something the human mind can grasp, which isn’t very much.”                  -Eckhart Tolle

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