A Tour to Rainbow Warrior: a Greenpeace Ship Landed in Bali

A day after Kavin’s 3rd birthday, we went to port Benoa. A greenpeace famous ship has been landed on Bali, at the port Benoa. I didn’t want to miss this chance so I asked my husband to go there with the kids. It is a rare opportunity to see the Rainbow Warrior and even go inside the ship. Greenpeace journey has been started in Papua, the second place to land was Bali, Next is going to be Jakarta for a week on April 23-29 2018. The journey is called “Jelajah Harmoni Nusantara” Rainbow Warrior Southeast Asia Ship Tour 2018.


From Angkah village in Selemadeg Barat, Tabanan to port Benoa it takes about 2.30 hours by motorbike. Our destination is approximately 50 km away. When we arrived on the Benoa highway, we had to pay the entrance highway fee for motorbike Rp 2,000. At the port, we didn’t need to pay any entrance fee or parking fee. It was all free. The Rainbow Warrior open boat event held by Greenpeace was also totally free. This event is held on April 14-15 2018 from 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00. We came on Saturday, April 14 at 13:00.

Port of Benoa

When we arrived at the port Benoa, we had lunch first by the dock. We brought our lunch box and we shared meal with 4 persons: my husband, Kalki, Kavin and me. It was very hot at the port, by the way. We already prepared bringing 4 drinking bottle containing 3,1 L of water. And it was insufficient for the four of us. Because we were sweating a lot and we need drinking much water to rehydrate our body. We felt so thirsty almost all the time.


After having lunch, we could visit the handycraft stands by local communities who care to the environment and their products are mostly eco-friendly or by recycled materials. Kalki and Kavin tried to chill out at the painting tent, there were some cozy beanbags for lying down or sitting down. We could enjoy the ocean breeze here, and let the kids paint on a cut unused posters’ backside.


At 1 pm we made a line to enter the Rainbow Warrior. A group of visitors that allowed to enter in every session was 25 persons excluded children.  We went inside the ship in the first session.  There was an Indonesian tour guide who explained about the Rainbow Warrior. This Rainbow Warrior Ship was the third ship of Greenpeace. The first had been bombed by the French intelligent agent and the second one was too old to be operated. Next, Greenpeace made its own ship unlike its two ships before that those are modified ships.


Something unique about the ship that it has a dolphin wooden statue, its name is Dave the Dolphin. And it was brought from the first ship. There was also a classic hand bell in front of the steering room. Ships used to use hand bell in old times to acknowledge its coming but nowadays because of radio, GPS and etc, we don’t need hand bell anymore. In Rainbow Warrior there is a tradition to ring the hand bell on a new year’s eve by the youngest ship’s crew.


This third Rainbow Warrior is a sailboat with modern technology. It uses wind energy to sail, but it can use diesel too when there is no wind.This ship has big strong sail poles which form like the  alphabet “A” structures. Because of its huge sails, it uses machine to expand them and also with the help of the crews. There are some monitors in the steering room and as a controlling room also. Luckily, Kalki had the opportunity to sit on the captain’s seat! There were so many buttons and panels. Visitors and especially children were not allowed to touch anything there.


The Rainbow Warrior’s crew who explained about the ship was Reinoud, his position is 2nd mate – I don’t know what it means. Unfortunately I didn’t ask him what exactly his posisition was about. I just asked about where the captain was. And the captain was discussing something with the crews in the other room behind the steering room.


Reinoud the 2nd Mate in the steering room and a translator

Reinoud explained that this ship has ever been followed by government war ships so close behind. He said that some government or companies felt afraid of the Rainbow Warrior. So, it’s good that they felt afraid because it meant that they did something wrong. Even their captain had also been terrorized too. The captain of Rainbow Warrior is a dutch woman named Hettie Geenen.


After going inside the steering room we went to the conference room. It was such a multifunctional room with a projector hanging on the ceiling. The crew could also set up some gym equipments there so they could do exercise. At that room, we watch a short video presenting about what Greenpeace had done especially in Indonesia.


Next tour was to the Helipad. Yes Rainbow Warrior has a landing deck for a helicopter. On the helideck there were some knockdown wooden wall for sticking posters about Greenpeace international. So we could read what kind of environmental issues that Greenpeace had been fighting for. From plastic waste to electronic waste, farming land that would be used as a mega electricity plan with coal, massive deforestation to start palm farming, air pollution, even about the bombing of the first Rainbow Warrior Ship.



Welcome to Indonesia, Greenpeace!

The tour inside Rainbow Warrior maybe only took 15-20 minutes only. The next groups kept going on and on as the first group ended the tour. After I finished my tour, I took a rest by sitting down under the trees’ shadows. Because I had something to ask to the ship crew, I joined the next session for the second time. This time I went only with kalki. The tour was the same as the first. At the first session Kalki hadn’t got the chance for sitting on the captain’s seat, but at the second time, he got it.


I met with Sabine Skiner from Germany this time. She is the mechanic of Rainbow Warrior. I asked her whether there were any Indonesian crew in Rainbow Warrior. She said there were 16 crews from 14 different countries. 2 crews are from Indonesia: 1 deck-hand crew and 1 as a volunteer. At last, I asked Sabine to sign on my notebook.



Next, I skipped watching video in the conference room, I directly went straight to the helideck and read few articles there and then Kalki and I went to the land to meet Kavin and my husband. It was very nice to be inside of Rainbow Warrior and to meet the ship’s crews. Unfortunately I didn’t meet every crew of Rainbow Warrior and what I waited the most was to meet the ship’s chef, Daniel Bravo.


It was said by the Indonesian tour guide that all crew in this ship weren’t not only activists but they were also scientist and researchers. Meeting the only chef of the ship is very interesting to me, to know about what kind of menu did he always cook for all the crew and… besides that, he also looked like Orlando Bloom to me, haha. Reminding me to Pirates of the Caribbean so much!


It was a little bit disappointing that the visitors were not given a tour to every cabin and to the kitchen. We also couldn’t meet to every ship’s crew because only one crew that was in charge in the steering room to welcome the visitors. By chance, I noticed the other ship’s crew like Shuk Ning Cheung as a volunteer deck hand, Daniel Szony as 3rd mate and another crew inside the tools and equipments room, but I didn’t know who he was. Sabine said that Daniel was from Hungary. He appeared in the steering room at that time.


On the dock near by the ship was moored, we could enjoy dragon fruit juice and another fruit juice, but we needed to bring our own tumblr to get that juice. I didn’t know whether it was free or not so I didn’t  go to get that juice. There was also loud music by two DJs but they were gone at about 1.30 pm. There were a community which cared to the plastic waste named Bye Bye Plastic Bags, two persons came to me and asked a permission to interview about my concern to plastic waste.


There was also another community like Trash Hero, and the others that I din’t pay attention that much. However mostly there were communities that care to the environment and want a better change for Planet Earth. This time Greenpeace came bringing a campaign to use renewable energy, there was a giant phrase showed on the ship’s net: BALI GO RENEWABLE. And also on a long banner attached on the ship’s fence: “BALI SAATNYA BERALIH KE ENERGI TERBARUKAN”. Are you ready to use renewable and stop using plastic bags?


Our Indonesia’s minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Susi Pudjiastuti had visited Rainbow Warrior when it was landed in Papua, how about you? To me it is a cool opportunity that I won’t miss! Let’s join to be an ocean defender!


It was so hot! But a cool experience though


Greenpeace lifeboat


Balinese traditional offering to welcome the Rainbow Warrior Ship in Bali

♡ Intan Rastini


Trip to the Secret Waterfalls

We love to be in the nature. I have been living in a natural village in Bali for about 6 years. This village is not the center of tourist attraction like Penglipuran Village, so it is quiet and quite remote. Our village is Angkah Village which is surrounded with paddy fields and the woods.


Before I got pregnant I had explored the Balian river and dam in our village. It has a long and wide stream with several big rocks. After I have Kalki and Kavin, I work as an English teacher in Samsaman Village. I got an information from my students at the learning center that there are waterfalls in the village we can visit I guess there are two different waterfalls, one in Angkah village and the other one is in Samsaman Village. Angkah and Samsaman are closed to each other.


My first time visiting the waterfalls in Samsaman, it was with my students and a volunteer from the USA. The access to the waterfalls was still new. Probably the residents had just opened a new road through the forest to the waterfalls with an excavator. However the road to the waterfall is only for the beginning. Next we still need to hike on the path down the hill in the woods.

That’s why I call it as secret waterfalls because before they opened the road, just certain villagers who had known or accessed the waterfalls. It is located behind the villagers’ residence. Almost hidden, I could say. We can go there by motorcycle or car first until flat road ends. On the new road is just bare land without asphalt or cement. We can park our vehicles on the new road, because the slopes begin there, so we have to go on foot.

After the new road ends, we will walk in the woods with small path. The road and the path are really steep sometimes. We need to keep hiking downward to go to the waterfalls. Until we arrive at the cliff edge and we have to climb the cliff down about 1.5-2 meter height. It is very dangerous if the cliff is wet because of the rain. So, we always make sure to go to the waterfalls on a sunny day.


There are two waterfalls there. The first is very wide and we can walk on the top of it. The first waterfall is near from the start point but we need to climb down the cliff  a little bit to get there. It’s more narrow and there is a stream with rocks just like a pool where we can play splashing water or soak our body. The depth is only 1 meter. From the first waterfall we can see the view from a high hill because there will be still the second waterfall which is the highest and it flows down the hill straightly to the Balian River below.


The top of the first waterfall, my husband walked across to be on the top of it



Touch down the first waterfall


There are many rocks


I could see rainbow below the waterfall


It was beautiful



The view from the top of the second waterfall, we can see the Balian river down there


The last waterfall

Both of the waterfalls are connected to each other. The last waterfall is very massive, it is about 20 m height. To go to the last one we need to hike further to the forest downhill with more dangerous and difficult path. At the bottom of the waterfall there is a pool surrounded by the natural rocks and the water of the pool keep flowing straightly to the Balian River. The pool depth is about 1.5-4 meters.


we need to climb down the cliff a little bit to get to the first waterfall

I have been to the waterfalls twice. At first with my students and a volunteer was only until the first waterfall. We played in the pool and took some photos. We could stand up on the big rock on the top of the second waterfall and we could see the magnificent view of green hills and the stream of Balian River from above the highest waterfall.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The second time I went there with Kalki and my husband. We didn’t take Kavin with us because it is quite dangerous and tiring to a smaller kid. We went down until the second waterfall. If we kept walking down the hill we would have arrived on the Balian River. At the second waterfall, we had to leap over rocks until we arrived at the pool as the bottom of the waterfall. Me and Kalki ate some snacks on a giant rock while my husband was swimming on the pool.


My husband couldn’t stand not to swim there


Swimming in the cold cold water


Massive waterfall


We went down hill to the second waterfall where the water falls from 20 m height

It was cold to be at the waterfall, moreover to swim there. My husband was shivering just after swimming. It became colder as it was getting dark in the afternoon. We decided to went back before it was too late, in the dark we would see nothing in the forest. We had to hike the hill upward on our way home. It was very tiring for us espescially Kalki. My husband carried Kalki on his back whenever he said that he was tired to walk. We also stopped to take a rest or drink for several times.


My husband carried Kalki when he was tired to walk

After all it was always a fantastic journey to explore the new waterfalls near our home. We really enjoyed the natural scenery and the challenging adventure. Me and Kalki was using wood sticks as walking cane to help us hike the hill down and up during the trip. It just wasn’t really help when we needed to climb some rocks. I’ve heard that some international volunteers from my work place also visited the waterfalls. The Portuguese boys even did cliff jumping at the last waterfall. Wow! Do you have the gut to try?


Intan Rastini.

How to Make a Cartoon Wayang

Hello, weekend is coming and we will have more spare time with the kids. Here is one of my idea to make a creative activity with Kalki and Kavin. My sons need figures to play instead of dolls, so I tried to make them cartoon wayangs with their own characters, Kalki and Kavin. With wayang Kalki learns about storytelling and confidence 🙂

Let’s go, I’ll show you how to make some…

Tools and Materials


  1. Piece of carton
  2. Palm sticks
  3. Tape
  4. Pencil
  5. Coloring Pencils
  6. Scissors
  7. Needle
  8. Thread

I use the carton from my toddlers’ milk boxes to recycle them too

How to make

  1. Draw a character on a piece of carton. What I drew was my sons, Kalki and Kavin figures. You can draw your children figures or any animation characters.
  2. Color the character or let your children do the coloring.
  3. Cut out the character and then also cut off the joints: the arms, elbows and knees.
  4. Join each arm to the shouldres and join the elbows together as well as the knees by sewing them with the thread and needle. I just need to make two holes to sew the joints.
  5. Attach the palm stick to the character’s center body on the backside of the carton. Use the tape to stick it.
  6. Attach a palm stick to each hands and fix it with the tape.
  7. A cartoon wayang made on carton is done! Ready to play…!

The backside of the carton, I use transparent tape to attach the palm sticks


Just after I have finished making the Kalki and Kavin cartoon wayang, Kalki asked me for Oma and Opa cartoon wayang. And then Maybe he would ask for more characters…

So I made him two cars cartoon wayang instead. Because they are easier, I didn’t need to sew the carton. I just draw, color, cut out and then attach the stick and it’s done.


Kalki played the cartoon wayang in the dark with a white screen and a shooting lamp behind the screen. So there were the shadows of the wayang on the screen. He made up a story while playing the characters. But you don’t need to play with the screen and lamp. You can make a scenery background instead.


Happy playing cartoon wayang 🙂

Intan Rastini.

Weekend on The Batu Lumbang Beach

Last weekend in November we went to the beach near by. It is located in the Batu Lumbang beach. Why is it called as Batu Lumbang? “Batu” in Indonesian and Balinese means stone or rock and “Lumbang” in Balinese means wide. So this beach has giant wide coral rocks which some of them have big holes. So this holes look like a pond or jacuzzi in the seashore.

This beach is the neighbor of Soka Beach. So as long as this beach lines all the sand is black. I have ever heard that Matti from Finland said that, “it is unusual to play in the beach with black sand. Is it black because of the volcano?”

Well I believe it is because of the volcano, because Tabanan area is near by the Mount Batukaru. Some beaches in Tabanan have corals and black sand like in the Tanah Lot. Until up to the northern Bali, in Lovina beach, it has black sand too just like we do in south. But in the north the beach is quite calm with no big waves. Most beaches in Bali have white sand like Sanur, Kuta and Dreamland.

Last time we went to Batu Lumbang beach we played on the sand and mostly we swim in the hole of the coral. Not really swim because the hole is not large enough to swim, we just soaked and enjoyed the wave that came and went away around us. In the coral there were some crabs that came up and hid quickly.

There were three holes on one giant goral. We could soak our body in those holes. The holes were not very deep, only 0.5-1 meter. In the bottom of the hole we would step on sand surface. Kalki and Kavin played soaking their bodies in the hole while outside the hole there were a big waves. We could get water splash from the waves that came hitting the coral.

We went there at 3 pm. We arrived there about 3.20 pm through Lumbung Pangreregan village. So from Lumbung Village we reached the Pedungan and would be on the main road of Negara-Tabanan. We turn left or went to the north. The beach itsself was on the right side of the road, we could see the seashore from the main road.

To visit this beach we didn’t pay any entrance fee or parking fee. There were a lot of bamboo or wood stick waste in the beach at first but as you walked to the seashore it was quite clean. The wave in this beach was always big so we were always careful about that moreover we were with the kids. We brought some snacks and milk for the kids and we made sure that we brought back the rubbish, not littering the beach anyway.

We never swim in this beach due to its big waves. Some people went there for fishing. At 4.30 pm the waves were getting big so we decided to go home. Yeah, it was quite fun to soak your body in the hole of the coral filled with salty sea water. It is like an exclusive natural jacuzzi in the seashore. Do you want to try?



My 25 Birthday

Yesterday (10th of February) was a rainy day. I woke up early in the morning to prepare my sons’ needs like today’s breakfast and lunch also to check all the clothes and toiletries for them are well-packed to blue baby bag. That morning not really sunny… almost cloudy.

However, the night before I already prepared for the porridge in the slow cooker.
I couldn’t sleep early at night because I was happy enough knowing that I got a birthday present from my long time bestfriend since I was in the elementary school, Karina.

She is very generous by giving me a gift voucher to shop at a baby and kids shop on my birthday. Before that she already gave me a pack of baby and kids’ clothes for me. So the voucher shall be redeemed in the month of February. That’s why on my birthday I went to Denpasar city with my sons and my husband on that rainy weather. Wet wet and wet everywhere we walked. We had the trip from Tabanan to Denpasar by motorcycle with 4 persons on the ride.


I bought a nursing bra for myself and then I chose a wooden toy for my sons and… three bracelets of anti-mosquitoes. You know.. rainy season, wet everywhere.. prone to mosquitoes attack. I presented one pink anti-mosquitoes bracelet for baby Khanza, Kalki n’ Kavin got the yellow and green ones. Unfortunately we couldn’t afford to buy more for Iqbal 😦

We ate lunch at Tiara Dewata. Kalki was enthusiastic and he found new world of playing! First we took a shelter from the rain at the ATM center and to fed baby Kavin. Next we ate lunch at the food court together. I ordered a soto and a tahu campur at the Surabaya culinary kiosk for me and for my husband. While we were waiting… I bought a pair of potato doughnuts with grated cheese as the topping 🙂

Kalki was really hungry and he ate my husband’s soto and my lontong 🙂 he was very cute acting that he could eat by himself :’)


Mommy.. this is delicious, said Kalki in his heart

And we were proud of him. Because he tried to handle his meal on his own. He went to the wash basin to wash his hands by the help of his mom and dad. Until he found an automatic hand dryer machine.. he played it to dry his hands.. again and he tried again and again… Hihihi… we are so sorry for our katrok attitude… but we couldn’t help our son!


Papa, what's that... Kalki was in an awe

Next we walked around and we saw a play zone for kids! Of course Kalki was really eager to stay and look around. He saw the train and cars buzzing around and the noisy children sounds… whoaaa what a joyful zone here, he thought! There was a boom boom car and a pool of colorful balls and the trampolin zone! What can I say here to describe my children’s eyes of festive area like that?

This is my day, I thought. But that day went quite fast. Would my life went so fast just like on my birthday?


I’m turning 25 and I expect to do 25 things before the next 26

Thank you my husband to accompany me through the rain… taking care of me and most of all our sons. Be strong be strong sons!


We walked when the rain had stopped


The wooden toy: farm train for Kalki and Kavin from Alden

Thank you Anin, Medina and Karina… my elementary school bestfriends. Karina said we must be bestfriend trough all times ♡♡♡. Your nursing tops package as my birthday gift has arrived. And I really really love it. Your love and care make me believe that I still have good friends with good moments to share.


Kalki really likes the anti-mosquitoes bracelet. He wears it everytime he goes outdoor and at home

And thank you my family…  for the long lasting supports and energy. ♥♥

This is a late post and I regret I couldn’t post it on time.
Happy birthday also to Shankara, Iqbal and my Aunty ♡♥ long lasting love for you all. Many happy return of the days… and good bye February. May the new month bring a joy, good health and wealth.

♡ Intan Rastini

Inside My Blue Baby Bag

Hello mommy n’ daddy or friends yang doyan bepergian dengan menggandeng bocah kecil imut-imut… kalau mau jalan-jalan dengan anak kecil pasti bawaannya bisa segambreng, deh!


Bawa anak satu mah isi tas masih muat buat alat make up mamanya… nah, kalau anak saya udah dua nih.. jangankan bedak atau lipstick, satu-satunya make up yang kecemplung di dalam tas hanyalah lip balm hihihi… ♡

Tas andalan saya saat bepergian adalah baby bag biru ini….


Blue baby bag Kalki dan Kavindra

Bentuknya, ah.. sederhana saja. Kotak minimalis. Warnanya yang sejuk keren banget karena anak saya dua-duanya cowok jadi klop deh, kalau pakai blue baby bag. Tas ini bisa dijadikan tas selempang saat saya butuh akses cepat untuk ambil-ambil barang di dalam tas. Dan.. pas saya lagi ribet gendong adik atau bahkan gandeng si kakak yang antusias kesana-kesini tanpa perlu takut bahu saya pegel sebelah, tas ini bisa dijadikan ransel! ♡♥


Mama dan Kalki ngaso dulu abis jalan-jalan

Sesuai kebutuhan kan…
Untuk isi dalam tas, hampir nyaris ga ada lagi cerita barang keublek-ublek jadi satu hehehe… yaaah pasti waktu berangkat isi tas rapi, pokoknya well prepared n’ packed tapi sesampainya di rumah.. saya akui..


Kompartemen utama baby bag


emang sedikiiiit aja kok,
acak-acakannya 😀

Apa aja sih, isinya?
Barang-barang bisa diatur ke dalam kompartemen tas dengan teratur atau diatur ulang saat sedang ‘on the go’, beberapa isi tas bisa pindah kantong sesuai kebutuhan. Be flexible to mix n’ match letak isi barang bawaan aja gitu kira-kira istilahnya ya, moms…


Kompartemen depan baby bag

Kebetulan saya suka bikin daftar oret-oretan di kertas atau buku notes saya sebelum pergi mengenai apa-apa aja yang perlu dibawa. Lalu saya tandai centang jika barang ini sudah masuk tas. Nah,


Ini saat isi tas diobrak-abrik

ini barang-barang yang paling sering dibawa di dalam tas.

“A mom’s check list” ← bisa di-highlight nih pakai stabilo.. eh tapi boleh diprint dulu daftarnya 😉
Yuk, cek dan centang di check box
benda-benda isi blue baby bag saya:

1. Handuk □
  Cukup satu handuk kecil buat kakak dan adik. Kan anak saya cowok, handuknya handuk bola pas World Cup 2014 lalu dong, negara Argentina. Favorit pemain emaknya Lionel Messi, soalnya

2. Pospak kakak dan adik □
  ♥ Kakak ukuran XL
  ♡ Adik ukuran M
Ini udah saya jadikan 1 pasang karena kebiasaan minim bawa masing-masing 1 pospak.
Dulu waktu masih punya anak baru satu, si Kalki aja, saya bawa clodi dan wetbag tiap pergi main dan jalan-jalan. Kalau pas main ke rumah saudara, lumayan bisa numpang cuci clodi sekalian jemur bentar disana. Sekarang anak udah dua… lain cerita. Bisa tambah gembung tas ditambah wet bag isi clodi kotor. Jadi clodi cukup dipakai di rumah sehari-hari

3. Toiletries set □
  Iya, saya emang biasa bawa 1 pouch kecil transparan isi sabun cair bayi (yang sekaligus bisa jadi shampo) dan minyak telon. Jadi misalkan anak-anak kami ajak berenang, pouchnya tinggal ambil dari baby bag dan bawa aja ke ruang bilas. Selain itu didalam pouch juga ada kresek kecil-kecil dilipat segitiga buat in case mau buang pospak abis dipake. Nah, kalau anak-anak pup kan tinggal ajak ke toilet bawa aja pouchnya dan handuk

4. Baju ganti kakak □
  Terdiri dari singlet, tee dan celana

5. Baju ganti adik □
  Terdiri dari singlet, tee dan celana + slabber/bib itu lho celemek makan bayi biar baju ga kotor pas dikasi maem ‘on the go’

6. Baju ganti mama □
  Terdiri dari 1 nursing top aja
Mau ditambah bawa breast pad dan bra menyusui juga bisa karena ASI kadang over supply dan rembes ke baju. Berhubung Kavin udah 10 bulan, kasus saya sih lebih sering baju kotor kena celemotan makanan di bibir Kavin pas nyuapin dia sambil nggendong. Dan di Bali ini kebanyakan panas di daerah kota sehingga saya sampai basah kuyup keringetan, ini lah pentingnya baju ganti mama, biar tetap kering dan nyaman saat menyusui

7. Kain bedong □
   Maklum ga punya apron menyusui jadi saat saya perlu menyusui Kavin di tempat umum saya tutup pakai kain bedong. Kain bedong ini multifungsi juga bisa untuk selimut Kavin

8. Tisu basah □
  Buat elap-elap si kecil. Tisu basah aja cukup ga perlu tisu kering lagi menurut saya. Semua yang bisa dilkukan tisu kering bisa dilakukan oleh tisu basah (halah!)

9. Hand sanitizer □
  Penting juga nih buat jaga kebersihan. Kan namanya bawa anak kecil biar ga gampang sakit. kalau Kalki mau maem snack/kue-kue yang dipegang tangan tapi ga ada akses cuci tangan saya pakaikan hand sanitizer dulu. Kalau mau nyuapin Kavin maem juga saya pakai hand sanitizer saat ga ada wastafel

10. Gelang anti nyamuk & kompres demam □
  Nah, ini sebenernya hampir sama 1 set gitu seperti toiletries yap. Tapi bedanya ini first aid. Bisa ditambah plester anak-anak (kebetulan lagi abis jadi ga masuk foto), potong kuku bayi dan peniti. Kenapa perlu? Gelang anti nyamuk (kebetulan masih belum dibuka kemasannya) untuk pencegahan terhadap serangan nyamuk di tempat jalan-jalan, kan ini juga lagi musim hujan. Wabah DBD juga udah merebak. Lalu kompres demam ini just in case aja. Plester perlu banget karena kadang ada goresan kecil yang bikin lecet sampai kulit anak berdarah atau luka karena jatuh. Lalu potong kuku? Kuku anak saya gampang pecah misal karena terantuk gitu, dan pecahannya biar gak runcing mending dipotong. Peniti bisa untuk nutup baju anak yang robek atau kancingnya lepas secara sementara aja. Banyak ya bawaan saya? Eits, belom selesai moms…

11. Dompet dan HP mama □
  Satu paket ya ini namanya dan jangan sampai lupa

12. Tas baju kotor □
  Ini tas bahan spunbond yang biasa dapat sebagai goodie bag itu, lho… Tipis bisa dilipat-lipat. Buat tas belanja juga bisa, sih moms. Kalau anak-anak perlu ganti baju karena numpahin makanan atau karena udah basah keringetan, biasanya baju kotor saya lipat rapi dan masukkin ke tas spunbond ini supaya kekotoran baju atau baunya tidak mencemari seisi tas hehehe

13. Tas kresek □
  Yah, tas kresek lagi…? Buat apa sih? Buat buang pospak kotor, tempat muntah anak di kendaraan, tempat sampah sementara. Ini tas kresek yang agak besaran ya… buat nampung baju basah anak kalo mereka habis berenang atau kehujanan atau basah karena main air

14. Botol minum mama dan si kecil □
   Udah jelas, ya? Haus? Ya minum. Ibu menyusui seperti saya ini gampang hausan dan anak-anak lebih gampang dehidrasi jika asyik bermain jadi menawarkan minum pada anak-anak secara berkala itu perlu

15. Mainan favorit kakak dan adik □
  ★ Kakak Kalki: mobil Hotwheels
  ☆ Adik Kavin: kerincingan bentuk penyu
Supaya bisa buat hiburan saat bosan melanda, anti rewel dan tetap asyik dikala menunggu sesuatu misalnya pas antre naik roller coaster – eh,
maksudnya masuk wahana trampolin atau mandi bola 😀


Oret-oretan isi tas ala Mama Kalvin 😀

Gimana, moms n’ dads? Cukup banyak ya isi blue baby bag saya… tapi saya senang karena semua itu muat masuk ke dalam tas hahaha…! This bag is super spacious, maybe?


Wah gawat, Kalki udah mulai nggeratak! Mama siap-siap dulu

Or too much rempong saya orangnya? Heheheheu…


Itu bagus, ma!


Yah.. yang ini tokonya tutup, ma...

Ah, biarin ribet, bet, asal selamet 😛


Yuk, kakak, adik n' papa... ayuk kita pulang... keburu hujan lagi ntar!


Eh jangan salah, tas ini juga yang dulu selalu saya bawa waktu mau bersalin Kalki dan juga Kavin, lho! Isinya ya barang-barang keperluan new born baby 🙂
Postingnya ada kok, di arsip Oktober 2013, “Barang Wajib Bawa Saat Bersalin”.
Ada yang mau saran nambahin atau ngurangin isi di dalam tas saya?

Now is your turn mommies and daddies…
I’m lookin’ forward to your story ’bout what’s in your bag…
See you later!

P.S. Khusus blue baby bag saya ada keychain putih “keep calm and take a pict” dari adik saya. Gantungan kunci itu menarik banget jadi mainan bagi Kavin. Kadang diemut-emut juga kayak teether ya, Vin?
Lumayan jadi pacifier baby Kavin kalau cranky


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♡ Intan Rastini

Happy 7 months Kavindra!

Ini late post banget namanya, mah… kenapa? Karena adik udah 7 bulan lebih 1 minggu hari ini.

Huhihi… kerjaan mama sejak adik mulai MPASI yaitu: siapin bahan-masak-siapkan bubur-cuci peralatan-siapkan bahan ‘tuk selanjutnya-masak-blender-simpan-cuci peralatan makan.
Dan seterusnya dan seterusnya… berlangsung tiap hari. Apalago itu lho perabotan lenongnya adik abis masak&makan MPASI lumayan banyak jugaa ! Kudu cuci bersih trus tiriskan sampai kering. Kalo dilap pakai tisu dan serbet kan seratnya nempel di permukaan wadah makanannya.

Sekalinya jam makan… kakak Kalki dan adik Kavin perlu disuapin. Belum mama sendiri yang makan. Papa sih bisa gampang makannya. Kakak Kalki belum mahir makan sendiri… mudah-mudahan cepet bisa ya, sayang.

Aish ya capek ya repot mau nulis blog curi-curi waktu nih sambil nyusuin Bakabon Vindra. Pakai rambut mama dijambak ditarik-tarik segala! Soalya baru aja si Bakabon makan siang dengan gravy ati ayam buatan papa ditambah beras cokelat dan puree wortel plus minyak kelapa. Papa bantuin mama buat gravy ati ayam dini hari tuh. Paginya pas udah dingin gravy tinggal mama blender trus masukkin toples selai yang udah mama bersihkan dan rebus sebelum mau dipakai. Nah, tutup rapat lalu masuk deh 1 kotak makanan dan 1 cup pigeon mag mag isi Gravy ati ayam ke kulkas. Ada yang ke freezer 1 toples.


Oma bawa hadiah banyak banget buat Kalki dan Kavin salah satunya mainan pohon kayu ABCD 123 ini lalu juga baju-baju, legging, jeruk baby, kabocha, kacang hijau kupas, kacang merah, mangkok bayi dan semuaanya masih banyak lagi kasih..

Karena ngomongin MPASI bisa panjaaaang banget.. beralih yuk ke perkembangan Bakabon usia 7 bulan ini. Secara kalender Bali Kavin yang sipit seperti kartun Jepang Bakabon ini juga sudah 1 oton tanggal 9 November kemarin. Makanya papa dan mama juga masih sibuk beres-beres rumah dan peralatan masak sebelum dan sesudah upacara oton adik Kavin.

Astungkara acara oton Kavin berjalan dengan lancar. Keluarga saja yang cukup mengikuti prosesi upacara. Ada opa, oma dari surabaya dan nini dalung juga datang dari Banyuwangi abis nengok adik Khanza. Lalu makciek Ratih dan Iqbal. Ada Tude Jaya dan Meisinar juga. karena otonnya hari Senin banyak yang udah datang duluan pas hari Sabtu dan Minggu. Ceritanya bisa di post terpisah ya.. kalau sempat, euy

Adik Kavin Bonbon udah bisa duduk pas 7 bulan lebih 3 hari. Dia udah duduk sendiri, bukan diposisikan duduk. Lah kalo diposisikan duduk oleh ortunya emang udah bisa sejak jalan 6 bulan.

Adik lagi tumbuh gigi! Pertama gigi seri bawah yang kiri udah berhasil muncul ujungnya semua. Sekarang bakalan muncul sebelah kanannya. Semua digigitin nih… pundak mama, paha kakak Kalki, mainan, karet rambut mama, jepitan rambut, pinggiran ember… hihi…

Ngoceh babbling lucu banget. Kalo marah bisa mengerang kayak suara mesin motor. Trus udah bisa cetak cetak pakai lidahnya. Ctk ctk ctk gitu bunyinya sejak dikasi maem agar2 markisa hehe… memekik girang, ketawa, bergumam, brrtt main ludah juga asik sendiri.

Kavin udah makin kenceng merayapnya dan kayaknya bakal mau merangkak nih… tapi kebanyakan kalo dia nemu pegangan kokoh malah bagun n’ berdiri deh jadinya. Seperti kalo dimasukkan ke ember buat maem karena mamanya ga bisa megangin sendirian karena ga punya bouncer, highchair, bumboo chair dan lain-lain itu.. adanya dia malah pegangan bibir ember dan berdiri!

Ada aja yang menarik perhatiannya. Semut kecil di lantai juga di tepok-tepok gemes. Kakaknya masih bobok, pipinya ditepokin biar bangun. Hahaha Gantian. Kalo adik tidur lah kakaknya kadang pingin adiknya bangun. HP ada suara musik anak-anak atau enggak juga pingin diambil. Bahaya… kakak Kalki aja udah cukup sering banting atau jatohin HP apalagi kalo baby Kavin yang pegang?! HP itu udah cukup lah copot batere, simcard atau memory card gara-gara nggak ngontak pasca dijatohin bocah Kalki… jadi jangan lagi ditambah oleh Kavin.

Kavin seneng banget diajak main oleh kakaknya. Main ciluk ba di jendela, kakaknya di luar lari-larian dan adik di kamar, mereka ketawa-ketiwi saat bertatap muka di jendela. Main air pas mandi, adiknya udah mencoba berdiri-berdiri lihat kakaknya main air di ember lainnya pakai selang dan ember itu udah diisi penuh mainan plastik kakak kalki kayak bola, bebek plastik, gayung, botol-botol shampo dan sabun bayi yang udah kosong ck ck ck. Lalu main mobil-mobilan di lantai dan di gelebeg. Kalo main di lantai ini adik baru-baru aja setelah oton. Karena udah upacara jadi bisa main di lantai. Seperti abis upacara turun tanah bagi bayi gitu.

Lihat orang banyak si Kavin sih tetap kalem selama masih digendong orang tuanya. Tapi kalo udah orang yang baru2 aja dia lihat coba menggendong.. dia mewek trus nangis. Masih butuh penyesuaian. Seperti oma yang baru datang, pertama kali nggendong masih nangis minta mama atau papanya tapi lama2 udah mau. Setelah kenal jadi lengket lah sama omanya…


Kami sempat rekreasi keluarga ke Bedugul. Pasar Pancasari dan Kebun Raya Bali. Si Kalki dan Kavin fine.. selama perjalanan nggak rewel malah dapat tidur. Ini baru pertama kali, lho jalan-jalan piknik sekeluarga yang ditemanin opa dan oma karena kami jarang-jarang bisa pergi sekeluarga apalagi bawa balita dan bayi sekaligus. Opa yang nyetir selama perjalanan dan oma membantu ngemong gantian Kalki atau Kavin.


Senangnya bisa dapat kesempatan melakukan perjalanan ke Kebun Raya Bali di Bedugul karena ada Opa dan Oma. Transport dan makanan aman. Pas perjalanan sempat hujan, sempat sedikit kesasar lalu tanya penduduk setempat yang ramah-ramah. Tapi akhirnya kami sampai ke tujuan dengan selamat dan anak-anak masih cukup riang. Kami dapat suasana sejuk pegunungan dan penyegaran pikiran selama abis beberes di rumah toh.


Ini Kalki lihat kelinci di pasar Pancasari Bedugul. Kalem banget, sementara adiknya digendong oma beli buah markisa, buah salju, stroberi, brokoli dan jagung rebus.

Nah cerita masih banyak dan fotonya juga. Tapi cuma bisa pilih beberapa aja biar bisa keupload dengan baik. Nanti dilanjutkan lagi ya… dan selamat 7 bulan adik Kavindra sayang! Semoga sehat selalu dan makannya makin pinter. Mwuah… ★★☆☆★★☆

♡ Intan Rastini