Learning How to Ride a Bicycle

Last Indonesian Mother’s day, 22th of December 2018, there was a lovely gift from my first son. He was learning to ride a bicycle and then he was able to cycle by his own! Without any extra side wheels. It was my husband who led him to practice cycling.

The days before, he tried to ride his bicycle. It was his own initiative to take the bicycle after a long time he never tried cycling again. He stopped cycling since the extra wheels for his bike was taken out. Looking Kalki was trying to ride his bicycle, my husband then helped him to learn.

Kalki took 3 days to learn cycling until he became confident to ride on his own. He learned cycling at our front yard. When my husband no longer held the bicycle for the first balance, Kalki got on his bicycle by the help of our terrace step. Then he could make it, cycling around.

It was a perfect present for me on the mother’s day. As a mother of course I felt proud to Kalki. Kalki was 5 years old 7 month and he has been able to ride a bicycle… I am very happy everytime I see him cycling. He feels happy too that he can ride a bicycle! Because our front your doesn’t have enough space for him cycling, we went to his kindergarten’s yard so he could practice at a wide yard.

Once I ran with Kalki riding his bicycle. It was fun and challenging because our village is hilly and the road is either going up or down. Going uphill is hard, on the other hand going downhill is dangerous. On the uphill and downhill roads I asked Kalki to walk but on some downhills I let him to ride his bicycle and use the brakes. It was difficult to maintain the brakes during sliding through the downhills so Kalki bumped to a house’s wall, haha don’t worry he was fine. He enjoys the experience and he wants more! He asked me, “mama, when are you going to run again? Because I want to join you by riding my bicycle.” Well, his bike’s brake and chain are broken now so he cannot join me.

I also would like to share my childhood story. I think this one will be interesting to tell.

When I was young, I always wanted to learn how to ride a bicycle. I was a very young kid. Maybe about 5 years old. At that time my parents already bought me a small bicycle but there were two extra wheels to keep my balance. Next stage, my parents taught me how to ride a bicycle without any extra wheels. At first, my father tried to give only one extra wheel. He handled my bicycle and let me try to paddle on my own until I could get my balance.

I kept practicing how to ride a bicycle until I was confident enough and my parents thought that I would be able to paddle a bicycle without an extra wheel. So again, my father took off the remaining extra wheel on my bike. He was always there to help me while I practiced riding a bicycle. He handed my bike for the first time and when I could paddle with balance, he let me go riding away. We repeated this way until I could handle my bike in the beginning for myself.

I felt so excited when I could ride a bicycle by myself. It was almost felt like I was flying and free. When a small kid eventually could ride a bicycle on her own she became addicted to riding her bicycle again, and again and again. I rode my bicycle around my house in the neighborhoods. Sometimes I went quite far so that my mother worried about me because it took a long time for me to come back home. Later on, my parents allowed me to ride my bicycle to school in elementary school. I really enjoyed it. I even gave a ride to my little brother when I went to school by bike because we went to the same school. We went to school together by bike, my little brother sat on the back as my passenger.

♥️ Intan Rastini


Swimming at Lovina Beach

I and my husband have been invited three times to come to Singaraja. The invitations were for a wedding ceremonies and a blessing ceremony for the newborn baby. Those were the wedding of my husband’s cousins in Singaraja, they are brothers. The first wedding was held for the younger brother then the ceremony for the newborn baby, and next was a wedding for the older brother.

The wedding was held in Balinese tradition and it was a sacred ceremony in a lifetime. We wished our cousin and his bride to be happy and to have a long-lasting marriage. I also would never forget the moment when I was married to my husband so I believed for everybody, a wedding ceremony would be a tearful yet full of happiness moment.

Because of the wedding was held in Singaraja, it took us about 2 hours to get there by motorbike. When we arrived at Singaraja, I didn’t want to miss the chance to swim at the Lovina beach as well. The journey made us pass the hills from Tabanan and then arrive at the northern seashore of Bali. Bali beaches on the north are very calm with small waves, unlike the southern beaches. So I was brave enough to swim there. It was a great moment to swim at the calm sea without being afraid of the big waves. Of course, you had to be able to swim if you wanted to swim in the sea. I even tried to dive from the dock.

Well, I really enjoy swimming in the northern Bali sea. To me it’s a precious moment. However, before I got married, when I was still in relationship with my husband, we also reached to the north Bali, to Git Git Twin Waterfall then Lovina beach. Yeah we had swum there once before we got married. It is because my husband who told me that he used to swim there when he was on the job training at Pizza House Restaurant.

Between swimming in the sea and in the swimming pool, I think I like it swimming in the sea better than in the pool. But to get access to the calm sea in the north is such an effort. There are some other foreign tourists who swim in the sea besides me. Most local people don’t swim at Lovina beach. Maybe Indonesian people prefer swimming in the pool and when they go to the beach they play on the seashore with the sand and the waves.

Always bring your bento and drinking bottle to the beach

Happy holiday!

And I feel terribly sorry for some Indonesians who underwent a natural disaster Tsunami in Anyer, Banten and Lampung. May God always be with us. Keep being strong.

❤️ Intan Rastini

Ekowisata Mangrove Wonorejo Surabaya

Tempat kedua di Surabaya yang kami kunjungi setelah RPTRA Taman Prestasi Ketabang Kali adalah hutan mangrove di Wonorejo, Rungkut. Ini termasuk kawasan konservasi dan ekowisata. Sebenarnya Surabaya itu panas banget ya, apalagi kalau berkunjung ke ruang terbuka di waktu siang hari seperti kami. Tapi untung di Ekowisata Mangrove Surabaya ini pohon bakaunya udah besar-besar jadi lumayan teduh.

Akses ke hutan bakau di Rungkut ini agak susah karena tidak terletak di pinggir jalan utama, kami harus masuk-masuk sampai ke pemukiman warga hingga ke kompleks perumahan baru. Tempat parkirnya cukup luas, kok. Ada untuk sepeda motor dan ada untuk mobil. Saat itu kami naik mobil dan tarif parkirnya Rp 5.000.

Pertama kali menginjakkan kaki di sana, saya melihat ada gedung kantor dan ada hall terbuka. Selanjutnya akan ada jalan jembatan kayu yang dibangun sepanjang area hutan bakau. Untuk masuk ke kawasan konservasi hutan bakau ini gratis. Di sepanjang jembatan kayu kami bisa melihat ada nama-nama tanaman jenis bakau. Juga ada spot khusus foto dan disediakan fotografer tapi sayang saat itu sedang tutup.


Selama menyusuri hutan bakau, kami bisa melihat ada pedagang es, pedagang pentol keliling. Kalki sempat beli es krim, untuk harga es krim yang seharusnya Rp 3.000 dijual seharga Rp 6.000. Tidak lupa juga kami beli pentol hehehe…. Beli pentolnya cukup Rp 5.000 aja itu udah pakai bumbu kacang.

Di sana nggak melulu jalanan jembatan kayu, ada juga jalan aspal dan berpavink. Di jalan aspal kami mendapati bangkai perahu yang masih bagus di pajang di atas tanah yang agak lebih tinggi. Sayangnya perahu tersebut berdebu dan kotor jadi saat Kavin dan Kalki mau main ke atas perahu, saya tidak kasih. Lalu ada musholla dan ada kantin. Di dekat kantin terdapat kandang ular dan kandang monyet. Nggak tau siapa yang punya, tapi kandang ular dan monyetnya diletakkan berdekatan gitu. Kasian, apa nggak stress ya monyetnya?

Setelah kantin, ada kantor dan juga sebagai loket naik perahu menyusuri hutan bakau melalui sungai hingga ke muara. Lalu kami terus berjalan hingga ke jogging track. Di kawasan jogging track inilah ada jalan jembatan kayu lagi, di sini hutan bakaunya lebih lebat dan lebih teduh. Bahkan kami buka perbekalan di atas jembatan kayu sambil sesekali berfoto-foto. Yeah, jogging track is my favorite place! saya sempat coba jogging kecil disana dan kayu jembatannya agak kurah stabil dan kokoh buat lari karena bergerak-gerak dan bunyi juga hihi…


Setelah makan siang ala piknik di hutan mangrove, kami melanjutkan jalan kaki menyusuri jembatan kayu kawasan jogging track. Di setiap beberapa meter disediakan tempat sampah organik dan anorganik. Juga ada papan penjelasan untuk jenis-jenis tanaman bakau yang ada di sana. Kalki setiap melihat papan penjelasan minta dibacain oleh opanya hehehe… Cocok banget kan sebagai wisata edukasi.


Di tengah perjalanan menyusuri jogging track, kami melihat orang-orang lainnya heboh karena ada seekor monyet. Ternyata itu monyet yang terlepas, karena di lehernya ada kalung dan tempat rantai. Kami juga nggak tau ini monyet siapa. Tapi monyetnya cukup jinak dan tidak membahayakan. Jadi sepanjang kami menyusuri jogging track hingga berujung di sebuah dermaga kayu pinggir sungai, monyet ini masih mengikuti di sekitar kami.



Halo saya Kavin! dan saya tertarik dengan monyet, mungkin juga karena arti namanya saya bisa sebagai “raja monyet” makanya saya senang bertemu rakyat saya 😀


Setelah sampai ujung jogging track yang mana udah ketemu sungai, kami jalan balik lagi ke arah kantin. Di kantor loket perahu, mama saya membeli karcis buat naik perahu. Harga tiketnya Rp 25.000 per orang. Tapi untuk Kavin yang maish balita gratis. Tapi naik perahu motornya harus menunggu kloter. Sambil menunggu kami duduk-duduk di dermaga. Disana ada beberapa orang sedang asyik mancing. Dan seperti ruang terbuka sebelumnya yang kami kunjungi, disini juga terdapat beberapa ekor kucing! Kayaknya di Surabaya emang banyak kucingnya, ya.



Saat perahu datang menurunkan penumpang, kami penumpang baru pun naik. Perahu motor ini membawa sekitar 20 penumpang menyusuri sungai sampai ke muara. Selama perjalanan kami bisa melihat beberapa macam burung yang hinggap dan terbang di antara pohon bakau. Kebanyakan sih burung putih seperti bangau. Lalu sampailah kami di hutan bakau dekat muara. Kami diturunkan di dermaga dan diberi waktu 15 menit untuk jalan-jalan.


Hutan bakau di muara sudah mengarah ke pantai. Ada bagian hutan lebatnya dan ada bagian yang sudah terbuka karena semakin ke pesisir, disana masih sama jalurnya adalah jembatan. Tapi kali ini bukan jembatan kayu saja, tapi juga jembatan anyaman bambu di area pesisir. Kalki dan Kavin melihat banyak sekali hewan ikan berkaki di pesisir pantai dari atas jembatan bambu. Opa bilang itu salamander. Ikan Salamandernya mirip lele tapi kecil-kecil ukurannya dan berkaki, dengan lincah mereka merayap-rayap di permukaan becek dan berlumpur. Gemes deh lihatnya.



Di kawasan pesisir disediakan musholla, toilet dan gazebo besar untuk bersantai menikmati pemandangan. Setelah menikmati kawasan pesisir, kami kembali menuju dermaga melalui jalur jembatan ke hutan bakau yang lebat, di hutan bakau ini lah saya melihat banyak sampah di permukaan tanahnya. Mungkin karena ini adalah muara jadi segala sampah yang terbawa sungai hanyut dan nyangkut disini diantara tanaman-tanaman bakau di muara. Sayang banget, jadi kotor kawasan ekowisatannya.


Kami pun kembali lagi untuk pulang menuju dermaga pertama. Karena hari sudah sore, ini adalah kloter perjalanan dengan perahu yang terakhir. Kalau tidak salah wisata naik perahu tutup pukul 16:00. Saat kami kembali loket tiket perahu saja sudah tutup. Kami berjalan pulang menuju parkiran sebagian besar bersama para pengunjung yang lainnya yang merupakan teman naik perahu kami tadi.

Kalki seneng banget di ajak ke kawasan Ekowisata Mangrove Surabaya sampai-sampai kakak Kalki bilang gini, “Tempatnya bagus oma, terima kasih ya oma, udah ajak Kalki kesini.” Hihihi… Untuk jaga-jaga selama membawa anak ke tempat wisata hutan mangrove sebaiknya bawa lotion anti nyamuk. Karena lumayan banyak nyamuk juga saat di dalam hutan bakau yang rindang. Sekian dulu cerita wisata di Surabaya, lanjut lagi next post, ya….


Ekowisata Mangrove Surabaya
Alamat: Jalan Raya Wonorejo No. 1, Wonorejo, Rungkut, Wonorejo, Rungkut, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60296
Jam buka: 08.00 – 16.00
Telepon: (031) 8796880

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Review The Cashew Tree

Tempat kedua yang kami datangi untuk makan, ditraktir adik saya yang datang dari Bekasi, adalah The Cashew Tree. Adik saya, Ryandi kerja di Bekasi, di Bali hanya sebentar dan dia mau ngajak keluarganya makan-makan di tempat makan organik dan menyehatkan. Pola makannya memang udah berubah, dia jadi lebih sadar makan sehat dengan pilihan makanan utuh kayak buah-buahan, sayiran, kacang-kacangan. Untuk daging pihannya juga maunya yang organik, lho! Tapi kadang kalau nggak ada daging ayam organik, daging kambing juga dia suka.

Langsung aja ya… Begitu datang kami pilih tempat duduk. Ada beberapa macam tempat duduk sih, seperti bar dengan kurai tinggi, lesehan dengan bean bag atau bantalan duduk, kurai kayu dan meja panjanga, juga spot ala gubuk-gubuk. Kami pilih tempat di sudut yang biasa aja sih, kursi dan kayunya kayak anyaman rotan.

Pelayanannya ramah, dan masnya juga mau bantuin kami mengatur ulang tempat duduk dan meja. Kami duduk di bawah pohon. Jadi kursinya agak terhimpit pohon dan meja gitu. Buku menu diedarkan.. makanan dan minuman terpisah.

Minuman kami pilih…

  1. Summertime
  2. Divine Coconut
  3. Green Dream
  4. Banana Boost
  5. Pitaya Power
  6. Cappucino

Dari semua minuman, Summertime termasuk “juices”, sedangkan no. 2 hingga 5 termasuk “smoothies”.

Kami kira pesan makanan sampai 4 menu ternyata nomor 5 itu smoothies yang disajikan di atas bowl. Minumannjus dan smoothies disajikan dengan sedotan. Tapi…. Sedotan yang mereka pakai sedotan kertas! Iya sedotannya bakalan layu lama-lama karena terendam minuman.

Semua smoothies enak. Sudah saya cobain satu-satu dan semuanya berkesan. Summertime pilihan saya, jus tersebut memyegarkan terdiri dari: pitaya, pisang, air kelapa dan bee pollen. Tapi pisang memang bikin mengenyangkan dan kental ya.

Divine Coconut paling enak, perpaduan creamy dari santan dan saya pikir juga ada air kelapanya yang menyegarkan berpadu unik. Rasanya enak banget, I like it very much. Isinya lebih kanyak milk shake vegan gitu. Ada vegan coconut ice cream (es krim kelapa vegan), parutan kelapa, santan dan minyak kelapa organik. Ternyata di daftar menu tidak tercantum air kelapa, malah minyak kelapa, eh.

Green Dream ada asem-asem segarnya karena ada jeruknya. Campurannya banyak banget, ada spirulina, kale, chia seed, pisang, nanas, mangga dan jus jeruk segar. Sehat banget ya.

Banana Boost ini smoothie pisang yang lembut dan krimi. Terdiri dari campuran susu almond, oat, selai kacang, kurma, cokelat kakao dan kayu manis.

Nah, Pitaya power ini disajikan di atas bowl. Isi bawahnya smoothies. Di atasnya disusun buah dan grain. Isinya maca, bayam, nanas, pisang, protein powder, pitaya dan air kelapa. Disusun pisang, kiwi, pepaya, parutan kelapa dan kacang-kacang yang bikin kalau nyendok smoothie bakalan ada yang digigit kriuk-kriuk. Sempat bingung juga lho, bener ga pesan smoothie kok di dalam bowl? Tapi karena bukan saya yang mesan melaunkan adik saya. Ya udah saya tulis aja seperti kata dia hehehe.

Terakhir, cappucino ini minuman pilihan adik saya yang paling alit atau bungsu. Disajikan dengan banana cake yang katanya homemade dan gula terpisah. Saya nggak nyobain minum, tapi coba banana cakenya aja. Dan enak, kok berasa pisangnya. Kopinya dihiasi gambar krim angsa.

Makanan yang kami pesan adalah…

1. Teriyaki Bowl

Pesanan mama ini disajika. Pakai nasi cokelat organik, ayam, saus teriyaki, sayur panggang, micro green, wortel, alpukat, organic greens, hummus, tahini dan mix seeds. Bahan-bahannya agak unfamiliar seperti tahini, hummus. Saya baru tau nama-namanya tapi ini cukup padat dan berisi. Kami bisa makan rame-rami karena porsinya cukup melimpah dan dengan nasi. Ayamnya juga empuk.

2. Tempeh Rolls Vegan

Ini pesanan ayah saya, awalnya saya juga udah melirik ini, lho. Tapi karena udah dipesan ayah, saya coba pesan menu lainnya supaya yang lain juga bisa mencoba. Isinya: rice paper, mix lettuce, kyuri, wortel, tempe, coriander, sesame, tahini. Disajikan dengan saus kacang. Rice papernya atau lapisan kulit pangsit dari nasi cukup tipus dan transparan sampai kami bisa melihat isi yang ada di dalamnnya. Rasanya enak juga, kata ayah seperti gado-gado. Diberi dua gulungan dan tetap bisa dicoba makan bersama dengan saus kacangnya.

3. Chicken Burger

Nah ini pesanan saya, terdiri dari ayam dipanggang, selada, tomat, bawang bombai dikaramelisasi, keju, acar, bit, alpukat dan sweet chili mayo. Agak tinggi tumpukan burgernya tapi burger bun atau roti burgernya tidak lebar. Jadi tau kan ramping ke atas dan agak.susah dipotong. Saya pegang mau gigit, eh isinya licin juga sampai keluar dari rotinya. Hiiihiiihiiiii…. Akhirnya dibagi-bagi untuk bersama. Ayamnya empuk tapi bukan patty. Enak banget bahkan campuran kombinasinya dengan alpukat dan bit untuk burger bikin semakin meriah. Bitnya manis. Alpukatnya krimi cenderung hambar dan nggak pahit, kayaknya ini nih yang bikin licin buat digigit dan dipotong.

Nah sesi makan bersama usai, saatnya melihat lokasi. Disini ada wifi gratis. Lalu juga untuk anak-anak ada kursi anak atau high chair. Di dinding banyak ditemui mural, di lantainya pun ada gambar permainan engkle yang dilengkapi angka.

Ada wahana bermain anak-anak disana sayang banget kami nggak ngajak anak-anak. Padahal tempatnya bersih dan disekat dengan pagar. Permainannya cukup lengkap dan lucu. Ada rumah-rumahan kecil dan besar, ayunan, patung, patung cicak atau kadal warna-warni, dan prosotan.

Di sebelah tempat bermain anak ada toilet dan tempat cuci tangan. Kami pun senang dan puas makan disana meski biayanya lumayan. Karena bahannya organik dan sehat jadi mahal mungkin, ya? Lalu harga di menu tidak termasuk servis, biaya servis terserah customer begitu katanya. Adik saya yang bayar, dia bayar harga tiap menu net trus tambah biaya servis sendiri.

Tempatnya masuk ke dalam jalan-jalan kecil berkapur di Pecatu, agak tricky carinya kalau pertama kali. Lalu akan ketemu di sudut belokan jalan, tempat makannya agak masuk ke dalam. Kalau dari luar kelihatan plang nama tempatnya dan tempat parkirnya. Di tempat parkir ada pohon mente besar. Mungkin karena itulah namanya The Cashew Tree.

Alamat: Jl. Pantai Bingin 80364, Pecatu, Bali

❤️ Intan Rastini

Review Sacred Ground Bali

It is a rare time that I have the chance to meet my brother. In this holiday season in June, he came home from West Java and went to Bali with my parents. I am excited to meet him because I have never seen him since 4 years ago, I guess. Wow it has been ages!

In Bali we went to Legian, and he wanted to try a resto near Double Six Beach. Its name is Sacred Ground. In that afternoon when we arrived, there were many international tourist sitting in the semi-open front room. While the parking lot is behind the resto. The resto space is parted into two sides. In the middle was the way to enter the Parking lot.

We took a seat in a room specialized without chairs, only pillows and cushion seats. And the room is a little bit higher from the ground, we had to go up with the stairs about less than 1 m. And from there we could see a better view to the kitchen, to the semi-open front room and to the waiters who ran here and there.

They have separated menu for meal and for beverage. For beverage not only regular drink like tea or smoothies, they also provide special brewed coffee and also liqour. We came at lunch time then we ordered:

  1. Yunani Salad / Greek Salad (my brother’s choice)
  2. Wayan Pizza (my brother’s choice)
  3. Croissant with ham and cheese (my choice)
  4. Spaghetti Ayam / Chicken Spaghetti (my mom’s choice)
  5. Lumpia / Spring Rolls (my sister’s choice)

We didn’t ordered sweet things because we don’t like sweet thing very much :P. So sorry, we didn’t captured the dessert page.

For the drink, we ordered:

  1. Green smothies (for my brother and me)
  2. Fat Shredder Smoothie (for my sister)
  3. Green Mint Tea (for my mom)

At first, Ratih, my sister chose Green Mint Tea but when I looked and read more on the menu card I told her that there was one drink to reduce fat, she became interested and changed her mind. Next she asked the waiter to change her drink. Hahaha… Actually I was the one who was interested to change the beverage first. Because Ratih had changed her beverage so I didn’t change mine too. I could just taste Ratih’s.

On the table there were sugar in a jar and there was no sauce or other condiments. There was also no tissue at all. They would provide a box of tissue if you asked for it.

Our beverages came first. And they were great. Mine and my brother’s drinks are very light, sour and refreshing. While my mom drink was served with a stick of cinnamon. I didn’t know how it tasted, I didn’t try it. Ratih’s Fat Shredder Smoothie was so yummy and thick! Very different from mine.

The Fat Shredder Smoothie was made from banana, strawberry, orange and yoghurt. My Green Smoothy was made from pineapple, kale and lime, it was also added with chia seed.

So what were our food composed from?

Yunani Salad

Romaine and radicchio, roasted cherry tomatoes, crumbled feta, black olives, cucumber and fresh oregano.

The taste of the salad was good. I liked it. Good as an appetizer.

Wayan Pizza

Fresh mozzarella, basil and cherry tomatoes.

All the pizza was made by wood fire. And I could see their chimney on the kitchen roof. Each pizza name was named after Balinese common name, like Wayan, Made, Nyoman, Ketut, Kadek and so on. They also provide dessert pizza or sweet pizza.

The pizza was quite thin and crispy. My brother asked for additional topping which were broccoly florets and mushroom. The extra topping cost 15K each. And there were another extra topping with different costs. It was medium-sized and consisted of 8 slices. That was enough for 4 persons. Everyone should have got two slices each, but poor me, I only got half of the slice!

Croissant with Ham and Cheese

It was a big enough croissant that was filled with ham and cheese. It was an easy meal. Only a pastry, meat and cheese. No vegetable at all. I enjoyed it very much. The lamination of the pastry was crispy and great combined with melted cheese and half-done ham.


There were only three spring rolls served in the plate and a small bowl of sour and sweet sauce. We all loved the spring rolls. They were tasty and crispy and just delicious! They were filled only with vegetables. No meat.

I can say those were vegetarian spring rolls because in Indonesia is very common for spring rolls with chicken meat. Don’t forget the sour and sweet sauce, it was so delicious too! My mom even added her spaghetti with that sauce.

Spaghetti Ayam

Chicken breast, broccoli-cream pesto and parmesan.

I love the pasta because it was green and very creamy. It was served with the healthy broccoli and parmesan which tasted very gooood! I want more, more, more!

Total that we spent for the luch Rp519K. And the price on the menu card wes excluded from tax and service charge. Before we left, my brother bought a mixed grain sour bread for 50K. Yes, they also sell bakery, and the bakery price is nett.

The place was nice but they don’t put a free wi-fi sign in the room that we chose. So we didn’t know whether they provided free wi-fi or not. The wall was painted yellow and there were wayang shadows drawn there too. We could listen to the pop western music while had a dining there.

If you take a seat in the semi-open front room you can see the busy road that is almost always full of tourists walking on the street and the neighbor shops and also the vehicles. It is located on a small street and I think the street is always almost crowded.

Ok that’s all for my review. If you visit Legian don’t be hesitate to stop by the Sacred Ground. Their food is really nice and delicious. Besides of western food (Italian and French) they also serve Balinese food ;). And don’t be confused, the name of their dishes are mixed between Indonesian and English 😀

Score 0/5

Food: ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Place: ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Service: ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Price: ♥️

Address: Jl. Arjuna, Legian, Bali

Phone: 0361 730961

Instagram: @sacredgroundbali

♥️ Intan Rastini