Eco-Enzyme is Amazing


Why eco-enzyme is amazing? I have many benefits that I have experienced.

So, if you have ever heard about eco-enzyme, this would be familiar for you. But if you haven’t heard about it, you should check this out.


Eco-enzyme is fermented solution or liquid mixture of food waste like fruit peels, brown sugar and water with the ratio of 3:1:10.

It is introduced by Dr. Rosukon Poompanvong the founder of organic farming association in Thailand. The idea of the project was to benefit the enzyme from organic trash which is commonly dumped.


Here in my blog I just want to share my personal review after using eco-enzyme. I made my first eco enzyme on 6th of January 2019. I used orange peels and banana peels. The sugar that I use was white granulated sugar. And then I tried another food waste like dragon fruit peels mixed with rice water, which was not really successfully fermented I think.


Next I used brown sugar rather than white granulated sugar. This brown sugar made a really thick mixture. All the eco enzyme that I have fermented for at least three months smell good. Except the eco enzyme with the rice water. It didn’t smell sweet and sour, anyway.


I already used my eco enzyme for washing my motorbike, washing the dishes, washing my clothes, and mopping the floor.


I really like it, but my husband doesn’t. Why he doesn’t really like eco enzyme it’s not because of the idea or the concept in reducing organic waste. It’s just because the eco enzyme is not producing bubbles or foam!

Well, I don’t blame him because his feeling of cleanliness is indicated by bubbles from the soap. Everybody almost has the same feeling. but not me. I think it is more to suggestive idea. I feel fine using soap without bubbles or foam. That’s totally alright if I get the cleanliness that I need.


So, eco enzyme works well for me, yeaah…. because:

  1. It is completely natural, no chemical or harsh ingredients. This point will impact to the next points below!
  2. My hands become healthy because I am washing with natural liquid soap. I don’t feel dryness or irritation on my skin.
  3. It’s safe for my children’s skin if they need to wash their hands often with eco enzyme.
  4. When I wash my clothes or dishes with eco enzyme I don’t need an excessive rinse. Some soap with bubbles and foam need extra rinse to get rid of its bubbles, right? Moreover to get rid of its slick effect on the surface of dining wares.
  5. The residual water that I dump from washing won’t contaminate the environment.
  6. When I have a cut or an open wound on my skin and I need to keep doing the household chores, I don’t need to worry about the toxic that can get into contact with my wound.
  7. I can make best use of the organic waste from home. To sum up eco enzyme at home will make your family healthy and your environment healthy as well.


So, why not using eco enzyme? We can use it for:

  1. Washing dishes
  2. Washing clothes
  3. Mopping floor
  4. Cleaning the glass window
  5. Insect repellent
  6. Fertilizer
  7. Bathing pet
  8. Avoid or fix drainage clog
  9. Garden care
  10. Skin care

Making eco enzyme needs a little more time and effort. However, once you have made it successfully with your energy, patience and determination, you will feel how beneficial it is in one solution for all! Plus it is an environmentally-friendly home cleaning liquid. It is purely less toxic from the most chemically manufactured liquid cleaners.

More information about Eco Enzyme.

♡ Intan Rastini

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