Teaching English with Matti From Finland

“Can I write you on my blog?” I asked.

“Can you.. What?” He replied.

“Can I write about you on my blog?” I repeated.

“You write about me on your blog?” He confirmed.

“Ya, may I?” I asked for permission.

“Ya…. You can. Write only the good things, okay?” He laughed after saying it.

“Haha… Okay. I’ll write it neutral.” I also laughed.

“You write a blog?” He asked me.

“Ya.” I replied.

“It’s uncommon people write a blog here, right?”

“Yeah.. But I write.”

That was an afternoon chit chat with a volunteer from Finland. The country itself is called as Suomi. I’ve just known about that from the cards he had given to the learning center as educational tools before he left Bali.



Souvenirs fromMatti Aho

So, in May we had Matti Aho, a Finnish man, who came to our learning center in Yayasan Eka Chita Pradnyan as an English teacher. Although we had only one volunteer for that month, we really enjoyed it as a wonderful and colorful month!

He came to Bali with his family, his wife Saara Aho and his daughter Ella Aho. They stayed at the hotel near Balian Beach. So he went to the learning center from the hotel by motorcycle. He was formerly an ice hockey player. He also has ever worked as a teacher for the kids who are taken care by the government because their parents are not able to do that. And then he started studying something like pedagogy in the University of Turku.

When Mrs. Ketut told me that there would be a volunteer from Finland who came with his family, I thought that he would be probably an old man. But I was wrong. He is not that old. He is 34 years old. His wife is also in the same age and his daughter is 5 years old – she is very cute and sweet.

In our first talk, he said, “this is all so interesting.” I thought it was like… Whoa wait, we even haven’t started yet?! And he said that he couldn’t wait to learn from me. Later on I found out that he was really enthusiastic to teach some lesson at the learning center. We didn’t have any difficulty to communicate, he is talkative enough and very supportive. He praised me for speaking English very well.


Matti is a friendly person. He is very nice and friendly to the children at the learning center and to my sons. He gives compliment easily. He has ever said in the class that the boys’ handwriting are very good. Way different with the boys in Finland. Wow. Hahaha. He also said that what I write on the board is beautiful. When he heard one of the girl singing, he murmured spontaneously, “good voice”.

We learnt from each other about how to teach. He gave a lot of ideas of sport games for the kids. And I show him the way I teach English to the students. He taught the kids for making slideshow using computers too and how to search information from the internet. Not only that, we also watched Shaun The Sheep video together using the projector in the computer lab. And the kids worked in small groups to tell the story about every scene they watched. Because it’s a funny animation, mostly we laughed at the video.


He could play the guitar too. So in the class we sing “The Wheels on The Bus” with the children and with him playing the guitar. He also made some prints out about vocabulary and by the help of Saara and Ella, they made cards for memory game about some verbs. What a pleasant thing they did!


He asked me how I find topics for the lesson plans. I told him that I mostly searched it first from the internet, and I found it easier from Facebook. Next I would write it down on my notebook and prepared some exercise for the students. Then he told me that I could find out more ideas on Pinterest. He sent me a link to my Facebook about the example of English lesson idea from Pinterest.


I also wondered how come he got a lot of sport games? So, this is how we worked together: 1 hour for the English lesson in the class. For vocabulary, grammar, writing or speaking. And then we got 15 minutes break. Next, Matti invited the kids to go to the volleyball field to play some games, sometimes using ball. And he had many different games to play, indeed.


For me, one of the best game + lesson that we played was “telling direction”. First, he taught the kids how to tell direction, the easy ones, such as… ‘Turn left’, ‘turn right’, ‘take one steps’, ‘take two steps’, ‘take a big steps’, ‘take a little steps’, and ‘jump’. Then he asked the kids to play in small groups consist 2-4 kids. One of them had to close her eyes and the rest of the group members would tell the direction on the yard with some path ways that Matti has drawn with colorful chalks.


Where he got these game ideas? He told me from BBC.co.uk. Yeah… I had ever learnt Italian, German and French too from that site. And I told him about that. We also tried to learn each other maternal language. What I remember, ‘kiitos’ and ‘nahdaan’. Which they mean thankyou and bye bye in Finnish. He told me that the pronunciation of Finnish is different from English. They pronounce the exact letters as they are. So, it is the same like Indonesian. But in Finnish there are different vowels for different pronounciation.


Matti is also a funny person. When I asked the kids to mention the differences between Matti and Koming, the student there.. It was mentioned that Matti had a ‘pointed nose’. Then he said, “It’s good for me as a teacher, so I can do pointing at the student like this” He use his nose to point at the children, as if his nose was very long like Pinocchio!

When I showed him that we have many flash cards, he also laughed at the picture of the cards. What made him laugh was the depiction of feelings and emotions, such as “sick”, “nausea” or ” tired”. Yep, dunno why those cards were so funny for him :D. Because I already saw those cards before and I didn’t laugh at the picture of the cards at all! Ha ha ha. Maybe I was too serious.


I notice the unique things from him:

  1. He always points to something that close using his middle finger, but if it is to point to somebody he uses his his hand not his finger.
  2. When we talk, we almost never use the word “yes”, we use “yeah” or “ya” instead
  3. He wondered what we do when I said to the students, “let’s pray together” after the class. I guess he is not a religious person. The next question from him amazed me. It’s like “Do you pray to God?”, “what is the name of your God?”, “what for do you pray?”, “do you ask something to your God?”, ” what do you ask?” ummm something like that. Because in his country, he said that people don’t pray really often. People can pray at the churh on Sunday, but not many people do that. He told me that the religious ceremony is for newborn baby and funeral. So, yeah… We talked about religion and different culture of ours.
  4. His name is pronounciated as “Mat-ti”.. However in Indonesian it sounds like “mati” which means “dead”. When I say his name or call him in front of the students, I knew we feel a strange feeling hearing his name, sometimes we laugh because it’s quite tickling-our-ears to say his name. When I asked about what his name meaning, he couldn’t tell anything becuase it doesn’t have a meaning! Okay, I got it, it’s just a name. I have ever told him that his name sounds that same as a word in Indonesian that means ‘dead’. He just answered, ” it’s okay. I’m alive.”


Finland is in the Scandinavia, northern Europe. He confirmed me that he is a scandinavian. Unfortunately he couldn’t tell me about the Vikings. Because the Vikings is more to Sweden, he said. He lives in Turku, I forget how many kilometers from Helsinki. He said that the weather in Finland is always cold. Never as warm as in Indonesia. However, he is a warm person and very helpful. I feel much gratitude having the chance to teach with him and learn a lot from him. We always discuss our lesson plan before and after class and then we can talk about anything. 🙂


Matti, Saara and I had some talk about how different Indonesia with Finland. They told me that it is very colorful in Indonesia, the sun shines brightly here and the people are friendly. Saara told me that in Finland people don’t say hello to each other when they meet on the street. And Matti said that it is like boring because in Finland is very cold and they get nothing to do. Even there is a time that the days are almost always dark. Like a sunset.

Yeah that’s what I heard about Scandinavia. And also about the midnight sun. In Finland they pay high taxes so they can get medical and education services in low cost. Some people in Finland speak Swedish too besides of Finnish. Matti himself speak Finnish, Swedish and English.


I have ever came to the learning center with Kalki and Kavin. But it was only Kalki who got the chance to meet Ella. And Kalki was being shy to say hello to Ella. On the farewell party for Aho family, finally Kalki got the willingness to give a goodbye gift for Ella. 🙂


♡ Intan Rastini


Tumis Sayur Warna-Warni

Saat bosan makan sayur berkuah, masak tumis sayuran saja. Apalagi biasanya kalau lagi ngasi makan anak-anak suka kelamaan. Nah, kalo sudah kuah sup nyampur dengan nasi, nasi jadi ngembang kan? Biasanya saya akali dengan buat tumis sayuran sebagai ganti sup sayuran.


  1. 250 gr udang kupas cuci bersih
  2. 1 ikat sawi hijau cuci bersih
  3. 2 buah jagung manis dipipil
  4. 2 buah wortel cuci bersih
  5. 1 batang seledri
  6. 1 lombok merah
  7. 9 siung bawang merah
  8. 7 siung bawang putih
  9. Merica secukupnya
  10. Ketumbar secukupnya
  11. Garam secukupnya
  12. Minyak goreng untuk menumis

Cara Memasak:

  1. Potong-potong sawi hijau, potong wortel berbentuk korek api
  2. Iris-iris lombok merah dan seledri
  3. Kupas bawang merah dan putih lalu iris tipis
  4. Panaskan minyak untuk menumis
  5. Masukan bawang putih, bawang merah dan irisan lombok, aduk-aduk hinga harum (di foto saya tidak pakai lombok saat ditumis karena anak-anak saya tidak suka)
  6. Masukkan jagung pipil dan wortel, aduk rata hingga wortel lunak
  7. Masukkan udang, aduk hingga udang berubah warna
  8. Masukkan sawi hijau dan seledri
  9. Tambahkan bumbu merica, ketumbar dan garam, aduk rata hingga sawi layu
  10. Cicipi masakkan, jika rasa sudah pas, masakkan bisa disajikan

Kenapa udang dimasukkan setelah jagung dan wortel matang?  Supaya nggak overcooked. Tau sendiri kan kalau sea food paling cepat matang, tapi kalau sudah terlalu matang rasanya bakal luget atau kenyal dan sedikit alot, jadi nggak empuk lagi. Kalau kata Kang Peppy sih, “dagingnya pas digigit ada perlawanan”.

Cap Cay Ayam a la Mama Kalvin

Masakan ini termasuk banyak bumbunya. Kalo ngikutin resep asli Chinese food ini bakalan pakai ciu, sejenis bumbu fermentasi berbentuk cair. Jaman saya dulu kuliah sempat praktek bikin Cap Cay, katanya dosen saya aslinya Cap Jay namanya. Artinya lupa, hehehe..

Cap Cay sendiri ada dua macam. Dan ini saya baru tau dari suami saya. Cap Cay kuah putih dan kuah merah. Kuah putih berarti tidak pakai tomat. Kalau merah karena pakai tomat atau saus tomat. Kebetulan kali ini saya pakai saus tomat tapi tidak terlalu banyak jadi kuahnya masih kelihatan putih.


  1. 1 potong dada ayam diblansir
  2. 2 buah ati ayam
  3. 750 ml kaldu ayam
  4. 1 butir telur kocok lepas dan beri sedikt garam
  5. 8 helai sawi hijau
  6. 4 helai sawi putih
  7. 6 lembar kubis
  8. 1 buah wortel kupas kulitnya
  9. 1 batang seledri
  10. 1/4 bagian lobak kupas kulitnya
  11. 2 batang buncis siangi serat kasarnya
  12. 9 siung bawang merah
  13. 7 siung bawang putih
  14. 3 sdm saus tomat/ 1 buah tomat
  15. Merica secukupnya
  16. Ketumbar secukupnya
  17. Garam secukupnya
  18. 1 sdm minyak wijen
  19. minyak goreng untuk menumis
  20. 1 sdm tepung maizena larutkan dengan air secukupnya

Cara Memasak:

  1. Potong-potong sawi hijau, sawi putih, kubis, wortel, lobak, buncis (potog serong) dan seledri
  2. Kupas bawang merah dan bawang putih lalu iris tipis
  3. Potong-potog daging ayam dan ati ayam
  4. Panaskan minyak goreng untuk menumis bawang dan tomat (jika memakai tomat)
  5. Masukkan bawang merah, bawang putih dan tomat (jika pakai), tumis hingga harum dan tomat layu
  6. Masukkan telur ayam, aduk secara acak
  7. Masukkan daging ayam dan ati ayam, aduk
  8. Masukkan wortel, buncis dan lobak, aduk rata
  9. Masukkan seledri, sawi hijau, sawi putih dan kubis, aduk
  10. Jika sayuran sudah layu, tambahkan kaldu ayam
  11. Beri bumbu merica, ketumbar, garam, saus tomat dan mimyak wijen
  12. Untuk kuah yang sedikit kental, tambahkan larutan tepung maizena
  13. Didihkan kurang lebih 5 menit atau hingga sayuran matang tapi tidak sampai berubah warna menjadi lebih gelap
  14. Cicipi apakah rasanya sudah pas
  15. Cap Cay Ayam siap dihidangkan

Jika ingin Cap Cay seafood, daging ayam dan ati ayam bisa diganti dengan udang, cumi-cumi dan daging kepiting. Kaldunya pun bisa pakai kaldu udang.

Sebenarnya Cap Cay nggak pakai seledri, buncis dan lobak, karena bahan-bahan ini lebih cocok untuk sup ayam, ya? Tapi kalau saya pakai karena rasanya tetap enak kok, malah sekali makan dapat bermacam-macam sayur. 🙂

Silakan dicoba veggie lovers…

♡ Intan Rastini

My New Dutch Deep Fry Pan

Kalau biasanya saya menggoreng atau menumis menggunakan wajan besi biasa, nah kali ini saya sudah bisa merasakan enaknya memasak dengan wajan teflon. Oh ya, ini bukan posting sponsor atau dibayar ya… Murni adalah sedikit ulasan dari pengalaman pribadi.

April lalu saya belanja di Alfamart dan mendapatkan tawaran dari mbak kasir, “mau sticker atau tidak?”

Dari situ saya jadi tau bahwa minimarket tersebut sedang mengadakan program pengumpulan sticker untuk bisa ditukar dengan diskon 85% produk teflon merk Royal VKB.

Pas saya menukarkan sticker, saat itu bulan Mei (masa-masa akhir pengumpulan dan penukaran) dan udah sempat kehabisan semua produk Royal VKB mulai dari fry pan 20 cm, fry pan 24 cm, deep fry pan 24 cm dan casserol pan. Tapi akhirnya disarankan cek Alfamart terdekat lainnya dan ternyata disana masih ada stok! Tinggal dua buah deep fry pan 24 cm. Ya udah langsung redeem aja dengan harga setelah diskon Rp 129.900 tukar dengan 15 sticker.

Senangnya minta ampun saat akhirnya saya bisa memiliki wajan teflon dengan merk asal Belanda sono. Mendapatkan wajan ini juga dibantu oleh mama saya, karena setiap mama belanja di Alfamart, saya berpesan, “minta stickernya, ma. Simpan, nanti kasi ke aku, ya!” Hihihi…

Kok, kebetulan ya, abis bertemu dengan orang-orang Belanda, saya akhirnya pakai produknya orang Belanda punya. Cihuy, keren deh wajan teflon abu-abu ini!

Wajan teflon ini serbaguna bisa untuk masak hampir apa aja. Cuma saran saya jangan dibuat masak yang bercangkang seperti kepiting atau kerang. Sayang lapisan teflonnya atuh, mak!

Mie goreng (fried noodle)

Omelet telur

Yang paling ciamik kalau masak nasi goreng, mie atau bihun goreng dan omelet telur, bahan makanannya tidak nempel di permukaan wajan. Kalis! Ya iyalah, kan ada lapisan teflon anti lengketnya!

Nasi goreng (fried rice)

Mari kita lihat resep-resep sederhana yang telah saya masak dengan wajan teflon Royal VKB ini:

  1. Tumis sayuran
  2. Sayur berkuah
  3. Gorengan

♡ Intan Rastini

Tumis Buncis Udang

Di rumah selaluuu ada aja buncis di kulkas karena itu merupakan sayur yang aman dikonsumsi oleh bapak dan ibu mertua. Jadi saya juga bisa akali dengan memasak stok buncis yang selalu bertambah dengan ditumis.


  1. Udang kupas, cuci bersih 250 gr
  2. Buncis 250 gr cuci bersih
  3. Lombok merah 1 buah
  4. Bawang merah 5 siung
  5. Bawang putih 3 siung
  6. Ketumbar secukupnya
  7. Merica secukupnya
  8. Garam
  9. Minyak goreng untuk menumis

Cara Memasak:

  1. Siangi buncis dari serat kasarnya lalu potong-potong miring seperti bambu runcing
  2. Kukus buncis selama 15 menit, angkat lalu tiriskan
  3. Kupas bawang merah dan putih lalu iris-iris tipis
  4. Belah lombok dan buang tengahnya (saya juga tidak mengikutkan bijinya supaya kalau tegigit anak saya, mereka tidak kepedasan)
  5. Tuang sedikit minyak ke wajan teflon lalu tumis bawang merah, bawang putih dan lombok
  6. Jika sudah harum, masukkan udang kupas lalu masukkan buncis
  7. Beri ketumbar dan merica sesuai selera
  8. Tambahkan garam secukupnya, aduk rata
  9. Jika buncis sudah mulai kering kecokelatan, matikan api kompor, silakan dicicipi apa udah pas rasanya
  10. Tumis buncis udang siap disajikan

Mudah dan nikmat~
Kavin paling suka buncis. Buncis rebus dan kukus yang plain nggak pakai bumbu sering digadoin 😀 dasar bocah buncis!

Silakan dicoba…

♡ Intan Rastini

Bening Daun Katuk

Cocok banget ini buat ibu-ibu yang baru bersalin arau ibu yang masih menyusui sebagai ASI booster. Buat menu sekeluarga juga cocok. Suami saya aja suka 😉


  1. Udang kupas, cuci bersih 250 gr
  2. Daun katuk cuci bersih, tiriskan 
  3. Jagung manis 2 buah, dipipil atu diserut bulirnya
  4. Bawang merah 7 siung
  5. Bawang putih 5 siung
  6. Ketumbar secukupnya
  7. Merica secukupnya
  8. Garam
  9. Minyak goreng untuk menumis
  10. Air 750ml-1l

Cara Memasak:

  1. Kupas bawang merah dan putih lalu iris-iris tipis
  2. Tuangkan 2 sdm minyak goreng ke wajan teflon lalu tumis bawang merah dan bawang putih
  3. Jika sudah harum, masukkan udang kupas lalu masukkan jagung pipil, aduk-aduk
  4. Saat jagung mulai matang, masukkan daun katuk
  5. Beri ketumbar dan merica sesuai selera dan garam secukupnya, aduk rata
  6. Saat daun katuk sudah mulai layu, tuangkan air, didihkan hingga 10 menit
  7. Silakan dicicipi apa udah pas rasanya, jika belum pas bisa ditambahkan bumbunya
  8. Jika sudah pas rasanya, sayur bening daun katuk siap disajikan

Sarapan saya dengan sate nyuh (sate kelapa) khas Bali dan sup bening daun katuk. Maaf sate nyuhnya nggak termasuk dalam resep hehe.

Selamat mencoba~
♡ Intan Rastini

Jamur Crispy

Snack ini favorit saya banget! Anak-anak pun suka. Kalau bagi suami sih, dimakan jadi lauk dengan nasi… Orang Bali bilang “anggon darang nasi


  1. Jamur tiram, cuci bersih dan tiriskan
  2. Tepung terigu
  3. Tepung beras
  4. Garam
  5. Merica
  6. Ketumbar
  7. Minyak untuk menggoreng

Cara Memasak:

  1. Sobek-sobek lembaran jamur tiram sesuai arah seratnya menjadi helaian panjang-panjang
  2. Campurkan tepung dengan perbandingan tepung terigu:tepung beras 1:2
  3. Beri campuran tepung dengan garam, merica dan sedikit ketumbar, aduk rata
  4. Bubuhi jamur tiram dengan campuran tepung tadi, aduk-aduk hingga semua permukaan jamur terlumuri oleh tepung
  5. Panaskan minyak goreng di atas wajan teflon
  6. Masukkan satu per satu jamur bertepung ke dalam minyak panas dengan api sedang
  7. Jika sudah mulai kecokelatan jangan lupa untuk membalik jamur goreng
  8. Saat sudah matang merata, angkat dan tiriskan
  9. Jamur crispy siap diasajikan selagi hangat dengan saus tomat

Jamur tiram setelah dibubuhi tepung

deep fryed

Wait until they become “golden brown”

Ready to serve with tomato sauce

Nyammm… kriuk kriuk!
Happy cooking~

♡ Intan Rastini