What’s in My Beauty Pouch


I have skincare and makeups in my pouch. I used to have moisturizer, night cream, and make up remover as skincares. Then the makeups were only loose powder, lip balm, lipstick, powder blush, eyeshadow and eyebrow pencil from the same brand, my favorite makeup brand, Maybelline. I really love Maybelline mineral makeups. But I can’t get them anymore because the series isn’t available at the stores nowadays.

My skin type is oily and acne prone with tanned skin color and warm undertone. All of my first makeup was mineral makeup series by Maybelline and it was just suitable to my skin type right away. Now I don’t use them anymore, because Maybelline discontinued producing the mineral makeup series. Currently I have more variative cosmetic brands and beauty kits in my pouch.

Let’s open the pouch!


1. Moisturizer to moist my face. I actually have an oily skin but I still use moisturizer daily. I use Pond’s White Beauty moisturizer cream with SPF 15 to protect my face from the sunlight.


2. Bio Oil mostly as my night oil. I don’t use any night cream, just Bio Oil instead. I need to get rid of my dark spots and acne scars.


3. B.B cream. I bought a lighter shade (Cream) because that shade was the only one that available at the store at that time. For my skin tone it doesn’t look great so I use it very slightly. Next time I will buy the darker shade: Ochre. This B.B Cream from Pixy has SPF 30 & PA+++ to protect from UVA and UVB. It is said that noncomedogenic and cointains natural whitening extract and vitamin C.


4. Loose Powder

I have two jars of different loose powder because one of my loose powder is almost running out so I bought the other one, also to compare them.

What I bought first was The One Loose Powder by Oriflame. It is quite translucent. So despite the fact that it is still in lighter shade than my face, it doesn’t really matter. I use Medium shade, this is the darkest shade they have.


The second one I have is Bare with Me Mineral Loose Powder by Emina. The shade is darker (04 Ebony) than my The One Loose Powder in Medium. It has high coverage, so it looks very cakey and bright if I put too much.


5. Powder Brushes

One powder brush for each loose powder. Giordani Gold Professional Powder Brush for Emina and The One Powder Brush for The One Loose Powder. Emina provides powder puff inside its jar but I prefer to use powder brush. And I don’t want to mix the loose powder shades by using only one brush for all.

6. Blush. I use Color Show Blush by Maybelline in Creamy Cinnamon color. It is a compact blush without any puff, so I just tap my finger to use it. Handy and practical unlike the former powder blush that I used to apply before. I still love my old blush, the Mineral Loose Powder by Maybelline. They provide a mini brush to apply the powder blush. Unfortunately Maybelline doesn’t produce it anymore.


7. Eye Shadow. Trivia eye shadow by Make Over provides three different colors and a mirror. I was confused to pick the natural color combinations between “Emperor Brown” or “Enchanting Nude Spell” because they are quite similar. I picked the “Enchanting Nude Spell” because it has a darker brown color. It provides shimmery white, shimmery beige/peach and matte dark brown colors.


8. Eyebrow Pencil. Still in love with Maybelline so I picked Fashion Brow Cream Pencil in brown color. They used to provide eyebrow brush on the pencil lid, but now… not again!


9. Lip Balm

I love lip balm rather than lipstick. So I used to have more lip balm variants than lipsticks. My favorite one is the Baby Lips Cherry Kiss from Maybelline because it has a very light pink color and it has SPF 16! Sorry I have no picture because I’m running out of it.

And then I have Love Nature Cherry Lip Balm with sheer red color. I have to make sure my finger is clean to put the lip balm on my lips so I am a little bit lazy to use this kind of lip balm in a jar.


Baby Lips Candy Wow. It has more bold tint than the original Baby Lips. The packaging is bigger and just like a crayon so it is pretty cool. But I don’t like the red tint in Cherry because I want more natural look not to be eye-catching. However the tint stays very long enough. Unfortunately it doesn’t have SPF to protect the lips from UV. Maybe I should try the pink color. Or not. Because it is more expensive than the original one.


10 Lipstick

Giordani Gold Iconic Lipstick by Oriflame in Copper Shine. I like this lipstick because it has SPF 15, but the color doesn’t suit my dark lips. The color is shiny and shimmery orange to brown.


Kiss Proof by Menow. This lipstick is soft and powdery so I don’t feel like wearing lipstick. It doesn’t stain when you drink or kiss. If you put a little lip balm before using this lipstick, it becomes more moist but it would stain.


The color Number 001 is really shiny with shimmers. My lips look cracking with this color because my lips are darker than this shade and the texture of the lipstick pigment is almost dry. I need to put lip balm first so the color could be completely blended on my lips.

Number 011 is dark red or maroon. This color is truly matte. I have to apply really thin unless I would look like Gothic. Actually this shade is quite similar with the color of my upper lip.

11. Milk Cleanser and Toner by Pond’s White Beauty to remove my make up. I use them to clean my face in the morning sometimes or before sleeping if I don’t take a bath and wash my face with facial foam.


12. Pencil Sharpener that can be used for eyebrow pencil and my Menow Kiss Proof soft lipstick. There is a part like a stick that can be taken off to clean up the clogged hole.


13. Mirror by Giordani Gold. It has a flat mirror and a concave mirror to magnify the reflection.


14. Folding Scissors just in case I need to cut or trim something. I will trim my split end hair if there is any.


That’s all inside my beauty pouch. I don’t use makeups every day, just for events and special occasions. Even when I go out somewhere I don’t usually use makeup. If you have a makeups or cosmetic products to be reviewed. Just let me know, I can write a honest review for you.

Now, you tell me what’s in your beauty pocket in your blog and give me the link to your blog post. I’ll be right there soon to check it out. Thank you for reading mine. Now, let me zip my pouch back!



Intan Rastini.