Writer’s Issue!

I sent some submissions to magazines. The submissions are mostly stories. Both fictional and factual.

The magazines names:

  1. Reader’s Digest Indonesia (Jokes and Morsels of Life)
  2. Gadis (Short Story)
  3. Aneka Yess! (Short Story)

Reader’s Digest got the most of my jokes and the editor never respond me back via e-mail. I just feel…


I make a good contribution for the magazine, at least let me know if one of contributions worth! The Reader’s Digest has a policy that every joke which enters their inbox, it becomes their copyright.

If you want to see one of my joke submission: “Lem Lumpia” (I’ve just known that one of my joke submission has been published in January 2013!)

Because of my submission was published on the Reader’s Digest, they sent me the magazine to my postal address, unfortunately I had already moved in my husband’s house.

Respect your words and somebody else’s.

Best regards,

Intan Rastini.


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