Side Job: Heartbreaker

Since the romantic movies seem so tedious for me now :(…

I present my own romantic story:


She’s so gorgeous. When she walks everyone is try hard not to look at her. She’s the center of attraction because of her good looking appearance. She is… Rebecca Bloomwood.

“Hi there, can I get ɑ cup of coffee, please.” Asked her at the cafe.

“Here’s for you. For free.” Said the waiter.

“Well, thank you. That’s very sweet of you. But I’ll pay for this time because I have got so many cups for free.”

“No, you can pay with your number.”

“Ok, I’ll give you the money and the number on it.” She smiled.

Her life is very lucky but boring. She wants an adventure and challenge. Since she was born with angel’s sculptured face, she could get whatever she wants easily. Many men falls in love with her so, many women have jealousy towards her.

“Rebecca Bloomwood, I hate you!” Accused ɑ woman.

“Why, what did I do to you?” Rebecca asked as she’s innocent and confused

“You are the only source of my mate infidelity!” The woman shouted in anger. And she begins to attack Rebecca.

Rebecca was ɑ cute baby girl. She is still lovely until ɑ friend of her suggests her to join the beauty peagant. She always refuse to be part of such these things, modelling, beauty contest, acting etc. Because her world is… Nursing!

Yes, she is ɑ nurse in ɑ hospital. He is ɑ Florence Nightingale for patients she takes care of. Many of her patients say that she is an angel. Until she meets ɑ gorgeous man as her new patient. What she cannot resist, ɑ dying person. She is totally compassionate.

Her new patient has ɑ heart attack and he’s suffering from ɑ trauma. His name is Will Bloomdale. Will almost gets his second heart attack when he sees Rebecca for the first time. And who is not? But it’s not like that.

“Alright Mr Bloomdale…” Rebecca says as she enters the room of Will.

“Eh… I know you Rebbeca.” He utters.

“Yes, of course I’m your private nurse, now.”

“Since when?” He asks.

“Since your family asked me to do so.”

“I don’t have any family on Earth.” Will denies.


“In Heaven.”

It’ ɑ dream. What does he talks about, Rebecca is annoyed by the dying person utterance.

“Have you lost your mind, Sir?” Asks Rebecca in ɑ higher tone of astonishment.

“Look, if you are in ɑ dessert is it hard to believe whether there’s ɑn oasis ahead or not?” Asks Will.

“Well, I never been in ɑ dessert.”

“When it’s too good to be true, you can’t believe if it really happens. But when the situation becomes too bad to bear you hope this is unreal.” Will explains.

“Seriously, Sir… You need to take ɑ rest” says rebbecca.

Rebecca leaves Will’s room and she seeks for the doctor who handles Will health. Rebecca tries to understand the last conversation that she had with Will. She explains to Dr Jim who takes care of Will and she asks whether Will has ɑ good mental health.

“You’re an angel, Rebecca.” Will whispers.

Rebecca wakes up from her sleeping, surprised by the words in her dream. She falls asleep in Will’s room. She looks at Will. He is sleeping. Then she approaches him. Suddenly, Will hold Rebecca’s arm and then she faints.

Rebecca faints but her soul flies away with Will’s. Rebecca is totally surprised for what just has done!

“Look, we’re angels. God and Goddess. Can you believe yourselves that we’re bonded with ɑ human bodies?” Will utterance surprised Rebecca for the second time.

“I always believe this dream. I am ɑ human for real! I don’t know how could this happens!” Rebecca feels hard to believe what she undergoes.

“You and I comes from heaven. I got heart attack as my weakness and you, you lost all your memory about where we come from and who we are.” Will starts to tell her.

“Then why we come to Earth?” Asks Rebecca.

“Because life is so much easier from where we come from rather than here. And in here we’re not immortal.” Will explains.

“What would happen if we die here?” Asks Rebecca.

“We come back to where we belong.” Will smiles.

“I don’t understand.”

“You don’t need to understand, just enjoy the human world.”

Their souls come back to their bodies. Rebecca opens her eyes and awakes surprisedly.

“What… What was that? What has just happened?” Asks her.

“I got ɑ heart attack, please.” Will is aching.

“Gosh! Really? What… What happened?!” Rebecca presses the button to call the doctor to come.

Will has ɑ secret. He loves Rebecca, if he lets Rebecca knows the truth about who they are before, so they are getting closer to come back as who they truly are. Will just couldn’t resist the temptation.


“Hey, so tell me what’s our mission? Do we save people’s life or against the evil?” Rebecca asks Will in the morning.

“Ha ha ha. No, it’s not like that. we have our own business.”

“Why? That’s very uncool for god and goddess. At least we still have our special ability.”

“Yes we have. Our appearance draw people to worship us. Don’t you realize. Perfect looks like us don’t suit on Earth.”

“Why we suffer in this bond?”

“Hmmm… Because we love each other in heaven. Since I am getting closer to where I belong, I get my memories back little by little.”

“What you mean is death?”

“Yeah, so tell me you got ɑ human you love?”

“No.” Rebecca answers. “What if we have ɑ baby?” Suddenly, she becomes interested in.

“Sure, we can’t give birth in heave so… Ummm…” He can’t finished his words.

“So, that is! That is our intention here, am I right, Will?” She is too enthusiatic. And sudennly she remembers that Will said he didn’t have any family on Earth. “Are we building family on Earth?”

“No, there’s no birth on heaven.”