Matching Vocab Words with Picture for Young English Learners

Last October I had a vocabulary game with my students. With the help of a volunteer from the Netherlands, Isabelle, we remade a kindergarten worksheet from into vocabulary cards. It was a Fun Matching List with Images Worksheet with twelve words and twelve pictures. The vocabulary list on the left side consisted of ‘cap’, ‘dig’, ‘hat’, ‘sun’, ‘web’, ‘lip’, ‘tub’, ‘ant’, ‘mop’, ‘jam’, ‘bat’, ‘fox’. While on the right side there were random pictures that depicted each vocabulary word. The kids shall match each word with the correct picture.

If we just used that printed worksheet, the kids could make a line to connect a word to the correct picture. Just as simple as that. However, we didn’t do like that. Isabelle helped me making twelve cards from the vocabulary words, she wrote the words on a piece of paper card with colorful pens. Next, she cut each picture from the worksheet and then every picture was attached on the blank cards. We had four sets of vocabulary list and four sets of pictures from four printed worksheets.

How we did it in the class was we split our young students into four groups consisted of 6-8 children. We had set the tables and chairs into four-group position so they could discuss together. After that, we gave each group with a set of cards that included a list of vocabulary and a list of pictures. Every group worked together as a team to match each vocab word with the correct pictures.

It was interesting to see how far my English students knew the vocabulary. My students were about 9-12 years old and they were learning English as a foreign language for beginner level. They made a few mistakes while matching the vocab with the picture, but their enthusiasm and teamwork were really valuable to see. It didn’t matter that they made some mistakes, they were still learning and they would make an improvement. It was getting easy as they remembered the meaning of the vocab words or remembered the pairs. When they finished a set, we scrambled the cards and they redid it again.

You can check more worksheets on for your children at home or for your students. My kindergarten sons, for instance, they like the maze worksheets and always enjoy solving different types of the maze (you can read the story here).


I also have tried giving my son with the word tracer worksheet but he wasn’t as interested as doing the maze worksheets. I thought that Crawlies Word Tracer would really suit my 5-year-old son to learn how to write alphabets. Still, he enjoyed the maze worksheets the most!

♡ Intan Rastini

2 thoughts on “Matching Vocab Words with Picture for Young English Learners

  1. Halo Kak Intan, salam kenal dari Depok

    Kegiatan belajar bahasa Inggrisnya asyik sekali. My english not good enough. I understand english word but I can’t speak english well.

    Postingannya banyak yang berbahasa Inggris, saya ingin belajar juga dari membaca blognya Kak Intan.

    • Halo Kak Ross, salam kenal juga ya… Yes you can learn English by reading many English text, you will absorb more vocabulary and structure 🙂

      Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy reading my post.

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