Organic, Whole and Bulk, Food Stores in Canggu Bali

So let’s do this…. *Stretching my fingers out*

I went to Canggu to have a shops marathon. Okay maybe too exaggerating. It was just three shops in the same area. This is not a sponsored post. This is truly my honest personal opinion based on my experience.

Why am I interested to visit this shop was because my younger brother who consider a lot of his healthy meal has affacted me to find healthy food stores in Bali. So there it went to the three shops in Canggu.

Zero Waste Bali

The first store that I visited was Zero Waste Bali. It was on Jalan Raya Anyar, Kerobokan, Badung – Bali 80361. Zero waste is a small shop contained food in bulk. They sell food and non food products. For food, there are: dried fruits, grains, nuts, pulses/beans, herbs, spices, liquid such as Kombucha, oil, syrup or vinegar, cereals and baking ingredients.

For non food products, I spotted boxes of menstrual cup at the very beginning I entered the shop. I love using menstrual cup, and I already have long lasting one. So, I just studied it deligtfully. Next there are beeswax wraps, glass jars, reusable straws, liquid cleaner or soap for home, soap bars, shampoo bars bamboo toothbrushes, reusable cotton pads, sponges, razors, coconut bowls and canvas bags.

They don’t package their products in plastic wrap, neither provide plastic bags. I went to this store with my own polyester shopping bag and also I brought my former glass bottle, ex-breastmilk container. They put their products in containers whether it is glass bottle, huge glass dispenser or plasroc boxes and they put labels of its product’s name and price.

I grabbed a bottle of chia seeds. I told the staff that I wanted to buy black chia seeds and I wanted to use my own bottle to package it. So she weighed my bottle then poured the chia seeds to my bottle and calculated it until reached 90 grams which was a bottle full of chia seeds. Then I paid for IDR 19,800. The price was included 10% of tax that’s why I got 90 grams.

My sister Ratih was asking about granola bar and the staff gave out us a try. It was scrumptious but unsatisfying because it was only for a bite! Haha. Next she pick rosella tea to buy. She bought for 20 gr. And she paid IDR 8,700. Because we hadn’t prepared any container for the spontaneous purchase of rosella tea, the staff just put in a small paper bag.

We were happy with this store because they provide bulk food so we can buy whatever grams we need or afford to buy. The staff were very friendly and helpful. She also took me and Ratih together there. I really loveeee the concept of this store! Super eco-friendly with its zero waste campaign and implementation!

Unfortunately the nutritional yeast flakes costs pretty pricey there. It was IDR 166,100/100gr. I hardly can’t afford that butbI really want to taste nutritional yeast flakes. So I went to the next store.

The products they sell are listed here:

IG: @zerowastebali

This is just the next store of Zero Waste Bali

Alive Whole Food Store

It was on Thursday that I visited this store. They have a happy hour program for every Thu and Tue from 4pm – 8:30pm. They give 10% off for every product without minimum purchase. I was delighted. It was a perfect time! So me and my sister looked around in the store. The store is wider than the first shop we visited and there were so many food products! Whether it was fresh veggies, fruits or dried berries, cakes, cereals, supplements, dairy products, meat, seeds, grain or juices.

They also seel non food products but not a lot. They were only eco-friendly things like canvas shopping bags, stainless drinking bottle, reusable straws, pouch, batik bento wraps and so on. I took a picture with the vegan labelled stainless bottle. Oh my God stainless bottles are very pricey!

Next I took the nutritional yeast that I needed to the cashier. He calculated the price and the 10% off. Its actual price was IDR 45,000 per 50gr then became IDR 40,500 nett Yippie! Very happy to get that nutrional yeast and the discount. Before we left the store, I spotted irganic avocados. The price was about IDR 4,400/100gr if I am not mistaken. I also intended to buy dried cranberries, the price here was IDR 24,000/gr. The other shop was offering more gram in lower price… So, you know, we carried on to the next shop.

However if you wanna check their products and the prices. Go check it out on their website on:

IG: @alivewholefoodstorebali

Address: Jalan Padang Linjong 12A, Canggu, Bali 80361

Canggu Shop

So this is our final stop of marathon shopping. The shop name is just representing its area where it located. It is not related to any products that they sell. They sell foods, essential oils, cooking oils, and sort of detox elixirs.

Canggu shop was almost the same as the first shop but here they didn’t provide in bulk. They already packaged all the items in plastic wraps. They also provide kitchen sets such as wooden cutting boards, bamboo and stainless straws, stainless mugs, coconut bowls et cetera. There were also various fancy tote bags painted with fuit images. I adored the Mangoosteen painted tote bag, the price was IDR 250,000.

Okay, straight to the seeds and and dried fruits room, I saw some cards containing the nutrition and benefit facts of each seed or dried fuit. The staff said I could take it home freely. There were chia seed, pumpkin seed, goji berry and sumflower seed cards. And then I took wrapped 200gr dried cranberry, plus…. Because I still have sufficient money to purchase more, 200gr of black flax seeds. The dried cranberry costed IDR 35,000 and the flax seeds was IDR 18,000 nett.

I bought dried cranberry because I want to taste cranberry, I never eat cranberry before, and because I want to fight the UTI. I have recently got urinary tract infection simptomps and it was annoying that it felt like will come back again! However the dried cranberries are delicious! Very sweet and a bit sour. My husband and I love it very much. We just eat it right away.

I paid for the IDR 53,000 and just drove to the next destination in Renon to attend a free trial French class at AF Bali. We were running out of time because of spending pretty much time at the stores.

In the end of my marathon shopping, I remembered that Zero Waste Bali offered one third cheaper price of flax seeds. So I regreted that I bought it in more expensive rate. If I had bought flaxseed in Zero Waste Bali I would have had nearly 300gr of flax seeds minus the plastic.

Canggu Shop is located on Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong 23A, Badung, Bali 80361


IG: @canggushop


The shops in Canggu are awesome. There were a few other international visitors too when we came to each store. So I think me and mybsister were the ones who were locals hahaha.

I think the price of the products in those store are still reasonable. Not all are cheap but also not all are expensive. Compared to buying online at the online stores the prices are almost the same.

Well, my brother buy his healthy food online. I prefer to buy directly to the offline store for the experience and to avoid broken products during shipping. How ’bout you? Which one do you prefer? Do you have similar shops as above in your city?

💚Intan Rastini

15 thoughts on “Organic, Whole and Bulk, Food Stores in Canggu Bali

  1. Keren banget mbaaa saya juga pengen dong, Canggu sering diomongin banget ya sama Netizen, semoga bisa explore canggu juga

    • Canggu terkenal karena pantainya. Jadi di kawasan itu banyak toko-toko berjajar menjual berbagai macam barang juga cafe dan resto. Banyak wisatawan asingnya. Oh ya disana juga ada water boom 😊

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