Review Sacred Ground Bali

It is a rare time that I have the chance to meet my brother. In this holiday season in June, he came home from West Java and went to Bali with my parents. I am excited to meet him because I have never seen him since 4 years ago, I guess. Wow it has been ages!

In Bali we went to Legian, and he wanted to try a resto near Double Six Beach. Its name is Sacred Ground. In that afternoon when we arrived, there were many international tourist sitting in the semi-open front room. While the parking lot is behind the resto. The resto space is parted into two sides. In the middle was the way to enter the Parking lot.

We took a seat in a room specialized without chairs, only pillows and cushion seats. And the room is a little bit higher from the ground, we had to go up with the stairs about less than 1 m. And from there we could see a better view to the kitchen, to the semi-open front room and to the waiters who ran here and there.

They have separated menu for meal and for beverage. For beverage not only regular drink like tea or smoothies, they also provide special brewed coffee and also liqour. We came at lunch time then we ordered:

  1. Yunani Salad / Greek Salad (my brother’s choice)
  2. Wayan Pizza (my brother’s choice)
  3. Croissant with ham and cheese (my choice)
  4. Spaghetti Ayam / Chicken Spaghetti (my mom’s choice)
  5. Lumpia / Spring Rolls (my sister’s choice)

We didn’t ordered sweet things because we don’t like sweet thing very much :P. So sorry, we didn’t captured the dessert page.

For the drink, we ordered:

  1. Green smothies (for my brother and me)
  2. Fat Shredder Smoothie (for my sister)
  3. Green Mint Tea (for my mom)

At first, Ratih, my sister chose Green Mint Tea but when I looked and read more on the menu card I told her that there was one drink to reduce fat, she became interested and changed her mind. Next she asked the waiter to change her drink. Hahaha… Actually I was the one who was interested to change the beverage first. Because Ratih had changed her beverage so I didn’t change mine too. I could just taste Ratih’s.

On the table there were sugar in a jar and there was no sauce or other condiments. There was also no tissue at all. They would provide a box of tissue if you asked for it.

Our beverages came first. And they were great. Mine and my brother’s drinks are very light, sour and refreshing. While my mom drink was served with a stick of cinnamon. I didn’t know how it tasted, I didn’t try it. Ratih’s Fat Shredder Smoothie was so yummy and thick! Very different from mine.

The Fat Shredder Smoothie was made from banana, strawberry, orange and yoghurt. My Green Smoothy was made from pineapple, kale and lime, it was also added with chia seed.

So what were our food composed from?

Yunani Salad

Romaine and radicchio, roasted cherry tomatoes, crumbled feta, black olives, cucumber and fresh oregano.

The taste of the salad was good. I liked it. Good as an appetizer.

Wayan Pizza

Fresh mozzarella, basil and cherry tomatoes.

All the pizza was made by wood fire. And I could see their chimney on the kitchen roof. Each pizza name was named after Balinese common name, like Wayan, Made, Nyoman, Ketut, Kadek and so on. They also provide dessert pizza or sweet pizza.

The pizza was quite thin and crispy. My brother asked for additional topping which were broccoly florets and mushroom. The extra topping cost 15K each. And there were another extra topping with different costs. It was medium-sized and consisted of 8 slices. That was enough for 4 persons. Everyone should have got two slices each, but poor me, I only got half of the slice!

Croissant with Ham and Cheese

It was a big enough croissant that was filled with ham and cheese. It was an easy meal. Only a pastry, meat and cheese. No vegetable at all. I enjoyed it very much. The lamination of the pastry was crispy and great combined with melted cheese and half-done ham.


There were only three spring rolls served in the plate and a small bowl of sour and sweet sauce. We all loved the spring rolls. They were tasty and crispy and just delicious! They were filled only with vegetables. No meat.

I can say those were vegetarian spring rolls because in Indonesia is very common for spring rolls with chicken meat. Don’t forget the sour and sweet sauce, it was so delicious too! My mom even added her spaghetti with that sauce.

Spaghetti Ayam

Chicken breast, broccoli-cream pesto and parmesan.

I love the pasta because it was green and very creamy. It was served with the healthy broccoli and parmesan which tasted very gooood! I want more, more, more!

Total that we spent for the luch Rp519K. And the price on the menu card wes excluded from tax and service charge. Before we left, my brother bought a mixed grain sour bread for 50K. Yes, they also sell bakery, and the bakery price is nett.

The place was nice but they don’t put a free wi-fi sign in the room that we chose. So we didn’t know whether they provided free wi-fi or not. The wall was painted yellow and there were wayang shadows drawn there too. We could listen to the pop western music while had a dining there.

If you take a seat in the semi-open front room you can see the busy road that is almost always full of tourists walking on the street and the neighbor shops and also the vehicles. It is located on a small street and I think the street is always almost crowded.

Ok that’s all for my review. If you visit Legian don’t be hesitate to stop by the Sacred Ground. Their food is really nice and delicious. Besides of western food (Italian and French) they also serve Balinese food ;). And don’t be confused, the name of their dishes are mixed between Indonesian and English 😀

Score 0/5

Food: ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Place: ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Service: ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Price: ♥️

Address: Jl. Arjuna, Legian, Bali

Phone: 0361 730961

Instagram: @sacredgroundbali

♥️ Intan Rastini

4 thoughts on “Review Sacred Ground Bali

    • Iya saya baik-baik aja kok mbak sekeluarga, thanks for your care. Yang parah di Lombok, sih.

      Makanan di Scared Ground emang enak-enak tapi bagi kantong saya cukup mahal hehehe..

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