Having Haircut with Sameeksha from India

There were two volunteers from India, named Sameeksha and Raghav. They were my first Indian volunteers at the learning center. They are students in Singapore and study at a business school. They helped us at the learning center for an internship.

I had the chance to cook Indian food with them. We made ten rotis and heated instant palak paneer to dip the roti in it. I helped Raghav rolling the roti while Raghav and Sameeksha toast the roti on a flat pan.

Kavin was with me to taste the roti and the curry. We ate the Indian roti and palak paneer with the other volunteers from France. The roti was quite hard because of the refined wheat flour. But it was fine. We did the cooking after class, and we ate it right away. I liked the roti and the palak paneer. For Kavin, the palak paneer was a bit spicy and quite strong. We shared the roti together, so we tore one roti for everyone and dip the small pieces to the palak paneer.

Palak is spinach. So it was like mushed spinach and combined with paneer. The paneer itself which is also called as cottage cheese was really similar to tofu. Paneer is made of milk while tofu is made of soy. I have tasted the paneer and I almost couldn’t tell the difference between paneer and tofu.


Once Sameeksha asked me where she could have her haircut, and then she would like me to take her to the salon at the town. Because of our limited time due to Galungan and Kuningan ceremony preparation and she was going to leave to Singapore soon, she almost canceled her plan to have a haircut.

However, before Sameeksha left, I insisted to take her to a salon… because I had never been to a salon in Bali before and I wanted to see her having a haircut. She said it’s funny that I wanted to see her having a haircut so she agreed to let me see and we arranged an appointment on her last day at the learning center.

I even collected some pictures of hair style that I wanted to have it 😀 I kept them on my phone in case I would have a haircut or just a hair trim.

I took Kalki from school at the break time and we went to the learning center at 9 AM. Sameeksha is getting ready and then we cooked two Indian instant meal for breakfast, Punjabi Choley and Aloo Choley. Choley is chick peas and aloo is potato. The two were almost tasted the same, with gravy or curry tomato sauce.


We just reheat them in pans

We ate the Choley curry with rice, and Ibu Ketut tried with bread. I added some sweet soy ketchup on my dish. Kalki also tasted it but he didn’t really like it. Then, instead he grabbed a slice of bread and added sugar on it. Both with rice and bread were really great! Poor Kalki he didn’t enjoy the Indian meal.

After having a quick breakfast, I went to the salon at Bajera with Kalki and Sameeksha. Actually I was planning to have a haircut too, then because I got a bonus from Ibu Ketut, I was thinking to take a cream bath too 😀 hihihi.

We arrived at Salon Dea at Brembeng just after Bejera. The owner and also the hairdresser is a mother who had just given a birth to a baby girl. We were the first customers but she handled the Salon on her own, so she did it one by one, Sameeksha first and then me. But there was another customer coming so she handled the next customer before me because the customer wanted her hair to be colored.

Both of us were having haircuts and cream baths. We spent a lot of time there for doing it in turn. Sameeksha only wanted to trim her hair to be an oval and layered but she still had a long hair. And then I had my haircut very short like Susannah Cahalan’s hair on the back side of her book. Yes I brought the book to the salon and showed to the hairdresser. My hair looked quite like this, but it was cut longer by the shoulders.


taken from instagram.com

After having haircuts we had cream baths with massages on our heads. We weren’t given any warm towel or a steamer. The hairdresser only left the cream on our head after massaging. While I had my hair treatment, Sameeksha was accompanying Kalki. They had a photo selfie together. Kalki even helped me to take our picture while I had a cream bath and Sameeksha had her hair straightened.

Luckily Sameeksha had the after haircut pictures with Kalki, while I didn’t have any 😦

The price for a haircut was Rp 30.000 and cream bath was Rp 50.000. Sameeksha wanted her hair to be straightened so she paid Rp 40.000 more. While I just had a normal blow dry for my hair.

It was my first experience having a haircut and salon treatment in Bali. Before that I had never gone to salon to have any haircut. My husband who always cut my hair. And the cream bath treatmennt was really good although I think still quite expensive. I expected having haircut is about Rp 15.000-Rp 20.000 and cream bath is about Rp 30.000.


Me and Samey before having haircut


Me after the haircut

We were through at the Salon almost at lunch time. We had new looks and our hair felt very smooth and light in the air. At that time Sameeksha was really in hurry to catch her flight! That’s why we don’t have our picture together after having haircuts. She needed to pack her clothes and get ready in time!


Auntie Sameeksha and Kalki on the farewell day

Bye bye Sameeksha and Raghav thank you for the good times. See you soon!

♡ Intan Rastini

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