Post-tonsillectomy Journal

Continuing about my tonsillectomy story…

Oh, before and after the tonsillectomy surgery I consumed Ricola candy from Janin sometimes.

This journal is based on my own condition and should be remembered that everyone’s condition is different to each other.


Friday, March 2nd 2018 The day I was discharged from the hospital

Lunch for the second time: KFC Cream soup + dipped Garlique Fun Fries to the cream soup

Double soft bread dipped in milk

Dinner: KFC cream soup (the seasoning was quite strong though)

Saturday, March 3rd 2018

Dipped double soft bread to milk

Sun baby puree (red rice) + milk

Rice porridge + half cooked boiled egg

Sunday, March 4th 2018

Eat rice porridge+carrot+bean+chicken+bandeng presto+half cooked egg. I ate this menu 4 times for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dinner again.

Dipped double soft bread into milk

Dipped Biskuat chocolate crackers into milk

Monday, March 5th 2018

I ate Sun baby puree (red rice) and drinking milk with dipped cookies as breakfast

I attended the test for a job appliance in my village office but I could still speak a little in a low voice.

Lunch: Sun baby puree (mung bean) and then I ate tipat cantok with bean sprout and boiled spinach/gondoh.

Dragon fruit (fruits really made my throat itchy)

Dinner: rice porridge + chicken + meatballs

My voice was getting clearer at night.

Tuesday, March 6th 2018 The day I visisted Otolaryngologist.

My post surgery condition is good.

On the way home from the hospital I stopped by the minimarket and bought some snacks because I was so hungry at lunch time. I ate Pop Mie or instant noodle in a cup and a corn puff snack which was soft and easy to be melted on my tongue.

Wednesday, March 7th 2018

My throat is still a little bit aching and I felt something lumpy when I swallow or drink.

I ate wafers and soft rice (cooked in rice cooker with a lot of water).

Thursday, March 8th 2018. A week after the surgery.

I ate rice. That’s the only thing that I wrote on my calendar.

Friday, March 9th 2018

I visited the dentist in Puskemas to have my tooth cavity fixed. It was quite scary to open my mouth widely. Since I needed to keep my mouth open, there is some saliva accumulated in my mouth but I had difficulty to swallow it spontaneously and quickly. I was surprised at that time that I needed more time just to swallow my own saliva.

After I got home I ate nasi kuning with spicy sambal. Yeah, I could eat spicy thing on this day.

Saturday, March 10th 2018


I attended Ratih’s graduation ceremony. I ate fried fries and burger. And then at lunch time I ate spicy Balinese food called “nasi ayam campur“. Spicy food agaaaiiiin….

Sunday, March 11th 2018


my family and I visited Oma Trudy van der Madden House. And we ate mini Oreo there. Oma and Opa offered me ad my husband Bintang Beer, but we didn’t want to drink. Then we bought fried chicken on our way home as take away.

I started teaching again on Monday, March the 12th. Eleven days after the surgery.

It was still such and effort to talk loudly especially to the students in the class. I really couldn’t shout. And because I was kept talking because of explaining the lesson, my throat felt dry in some way. I needed drink a lot of water whenever I had to speak more intensely.

I tried to eat fruits. Unfortunately on March the 14th eating rambutan is very worse! Rambutan Made my throat become prickled. However something lumpy on my throat was decreased.

I visited the dentist again on March the 15th to get my tooth cavity filled permanently. After that tooth filling I wan’t suggested to eat for the next 6 hours, so instead I ate two cones of ice cream! Ha ha I finally ate ice cream 2 weeks after my tonsillectomy instead of doing it soon after the surgery.

The next days I hardly can remember what I ate everyday, but I am sure that after two weeks and a half I could eat almost everything. I did fasting on Nyepi day on Saturday, March the 17th. And it was easy because I just didn’t need to swallow anything. I skipped digesting activity for 24 hours.

Ok on Monday, March the 19th my throat was totally fine. I didn’t feel sore or ache but I could see a little bit white spot on my ex-tonsils space.

Wednesday, March 21st 2018.

I could still feel a soft lump tingled on my throat.

I think I got quick recovery that I could eat everything in less than a month, in about three weeks. My throat and my ears also weren’t too aching after a week although I could still feel something lumpy on my throat. I also could speak better day by days.

Today is already exactly two months plus two weeks or 11 weeks after my tonsillectomy surgery. I feel very healthy, and there is no lumpy thing anymore on my throat. Plus I haven’t catch a cold at all since last February 28th, the day when I was admitted to the hospital for tonsillectomy.

Yeah that was nice because my sons have already caught a cold twice this month. I know I know adults have better immune system than children but I feel better that I haven’t had any sore throat from common cold or from eating too much fried food/spicy snacks lately. May this healthy state stay for long. My favorite food during recovery from Tonsillectomy is Tahu Tipat. It’s a sliced of sticky rice with fried tofu, blanched bean sprout with peanut sauce. Hmmm…. Yummy.


Ate Tahu Tipat in the Suraberata Market May 1st 2018. Two months after Tonsillectomy.

❤️ Intan Rastini.

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