Trip to the Secret Waterfalls

We love to be in the nature. I have been living in a natural village in Bali for about 6 years. This village is not the center of tourist attraction like Penglipuran Village, so it is quiet and quite remote. Our village is Angkah Village which is surrounded with paddy fields and the woods.


Before I got pregnant I had explored the Balian river and dam in our village. It has a long and wide stream with several big rocks. After I have Kalki and Kavin, I work as an English teacher in Samsaman Village. I got an information from my students at the learning center that there are waterfalls in the village we can visit I guess there are two different waterfalls, one in Angkah village and the other one is in Samsaman Village. Angkah and Samsaman are closed to each other.


My first time visiting the waterfalls in Samsaman, it was with my students and a volunteer from the USA. The access to the waterfalls was still new. Probably the residents had just opened a new road through the forest to the waterfalls with an excavator. However the road to the waterfall is only for the beginning. Next we still need to hike on the path down the hill in the woods.

That’s why I call it as secret waterfalls because before they opened the road, just certain villagers who had known or accessed the waterfalls. It is located behind the villagers’ residence. Almost hidden, I could say. We can go there by motorcycle or car first until flat road ends. On the new road is just bare land without asphalt or cement. We can park our vehicles on the new road, because the slopes begin there, so we have to go on foot.

After the new road ends, we will walk in the woods with small path. The road and the path are really steep sometimes. We need to keep hiking downward to go to the waterfalls. Until we arrive at the cliff edge and we have to climb the cliff down about 1.5-2 meter height. It is very dangerous if the cliff is wet because of the rain. So, we always make sure to go to the waterfalls on a sunny day.


There are two waterfalls there. The first is very wide and we can walk on the top of it. The first waterfall is near from the start point but we need to climb down the cliff  a little bit to get there. It’s more narrow and there is a stream with rocks just like a pool where we can play splashing water or soak our body. The depth is only 1 meter. From the first waterfall we can see the view from a high hill because there will be still the second waterfall which is the highest and it flows down the hill straightly to the Balian River below.


The top of the first waterfall, my husband walked across to be on the top of it



Touch down the first waterfall


There are many rocks


I could see rainbow below the waterfall


It was beautiful



The view from the top of the second waterfall, we can see the Balian river down there


The last waterfall

Both of the waterfalls are connected to each other. The last waterfall is very massive, it is about 20 m height. To go to the last one we need to hike further to the forest downhill with more dangerous and difficult path. At the bottom of the waterfall there is a pool surrounded by the natural rocks and the water of the pool keep flowing straightly to the Balian River. The pool depth is about 1.5-4 meters.


we need to climb down the cliff a little bit to get to the first waterfall

I have been to the waterfalls twice. At first with my students and a volunteer was only until the first waterfall. We played in the pool and took some photos. We could stand up on the big rock on the top of the second waterfall and we could see the magnificent view of green hills and the stream of Balian River from above the highest waterfall.

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The second time I went there with Kalki and my husband. We didn’t take Kavin with us because it is quite dangerous and tiring to a smaller kid. We went down until the second waterfall. If we kept walking down the hill we would have arrived on the Balian River. At the second waterfall, we had to leap over rocks until we arrived at the pool as the bottom of the waterfall. Me and Kalki ate some snacks on a giant rock while my husband was swimming on the pool.


My husband couldn’t stand not to swim there


Swimming in the cold cold water


Massive waterfall


We went down hill to the second waterfall where the water falls from 20 m height

It was cold to be at the waterfall, moreover to swim there. My husband was shivering just after swimming. It became colder as it was getting dark in the afternoon. We decided to went back before it was too late, in the dark we would see nothing in the forest. We had to hike the hill upward on our way home. It was very tiring for us espescially Kalki. My husband carried Kalki on his back whenever he said that he was tired to walk. We also stopped to take a rest or drink for several times.


My husband carried Kalki when he was tired to walk

After all it was always a fantastic journey to explore the new waterfalls near our home. We really enjoyed the natural scenery and the challenging adventure. Me and Kalki was using wood sticks as walking cane to help us hike the hill down and up during the trip. It just wasn’t really help when we needed to climb some rocks. I’ve heard that some international volunteers from my work place also visited the waterfalls. The Portuguese boys even did cliff jumping at the last waterfall. Wow! Do you have the gut to try?


Intan Rastini.

12 thoughts on “Trip to the Secret Waterfalls

  1. What a lovely description of the waterfalls near Samsaman Village. I was already looking forward to going there, but this essay made me even more eager to visit. And the writing in this post is very clear and articulate. I wish I was able to write effectively in two languages!

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