Weekend on The Batu Lumbang Beach

Last weekend in November we went to the beach near by. It is located in the Batu Lumbang beach. Why is it called as Batu Lumbang? “Batu” in Indonesian and Balinese means stone or rock and “Lumbang” in Balinese means wide. So this beach has giant wide coral rocks which some of them have big holes. So this holes look like a pond or jacuzzi in the seashore.

This beach is the neighbor of Soka Beach. So as long as this beach lines all the sand is black. I have ever heard that Matti from Finland said that, “it is unusual to play in the beach with black sand. Is it black because of the volcano?”

Well I believe it is because of the volcano, because Tabanan area is near by the Mount Batukaru. Some beaches in Tabanan have corals and black sand like in the Tanah Lot. Until up to the northern Bali, in Lovina beach, it has black sand too just like we do in south. But in the north the beach is quite calm with no big waves. Most beaches in Bali have white sand like Sanur, Kuta and Dreamland.

Last time we went to Batu Lumbang beach we played on the sand and mostly we swim in the hole of the coral. Not really swim because the hole is not large enough to swim, we just soaked and enjoyed the wave that came and went away around us. In the coral there were some crabs that came up and hid quickly.

There were three holes on one giant goral. We could soak our body in those holes. The holes were not very deep, only 0.5-1 meter. In the bottom of the hole we would step on sand surface. Kalki and Kavin played soaking their bodies in the hole while outside the hole there were a big waves. We could get water splash from the waves that came hitting the coral.

We went there at 3 pm. We arrived there about 3.20 pm through Lumbung Pangreregan village. So from Lumbung Village we reached the Pedungan and would be on the main road of Negara-Tabanan. We turn left or went to the north. The beach itsself was on the right side of the road, we could see the seashore from the main road.

To visit this beach we didn’t pay any entrance fee or parking fee. There were a lot of bamboo or wood stick waste in the beach at first but as you walked to the seashore it was quite clean. The wave in this beach was always big so we were always careful about that moreover we were with the kids. We brought some snacks and milk for the kids and we made sure that we brought back the rubbish, not littering the beach anyway.

We never swim in this beach due to its big waves. Some people went there for fishing. At 4.30 pm the waves were getting big so we decided to go home. Yeah, it was quite fun to soak your body in the hole of the coral filled with salty sea water. It is like an exclusive natural jacuzzi in the seashore. Do you want to try?