Story About Minnie

Oh my God, I have been keeping this draft for 4 years! So, I have prepared to tell Minnie story since we had her for 1 year. It is gonna be a sad sad sad story to remember… Minnie is our first pet after I got married with my husband.

Minnie is a black dog with white spots. She looks like a Minnie Mouse and her body is very small so I call her as Minnie. We adopt her in 2012 from my another grandparents’ home in Lumbung Village. I guess it was Saraswati day when we took her home. Her mother name is Molly. Molly gave birth to 5 puppies, male and female. Minnie was one of the female dogs.

Minnie is a short dog. she is quite fat. So, she is like a peking dog, ha ha ha. We even tried to weigh her and her weight was 12 kg. We taught her to catch an ant, then she grew up with capability in chasing mice and rats at home. She would be very patient to wait the mouse to come out from its nest. When we said, “Minnie! Tikus (mouse)! Tikus! Tikus!”, she would be alert and tried to sniff where the mouse was.

She was also alert if there was intruder at our home. If there was a snake or ‘biawak’ (monitor lizard), Minnie will bark noisily to tell us that there was a strange animal. So, her bark was like a danger alarm. Very different with Klau, our other dog, he barks to stranger or mostly people that come to our house but almost never barks to dangerous animal. So Minnie was a real safety dog for our kids, because she used to warn us for dangerous poisonous animals then we could keep our children away from that area while they were playing outside.

She was very adorable, some people like her because of her obedience. She was very friendly and didn’t bark a lot. Once she has ever got lost, when she was a little puppy. We tried to call her and find her anywhere even asked to the neighbors, but we still haven’t found her. Later on she was found sleeping in the bushes near the pond at our home. We knew it when she got up and left the bushes.

When she got her first loop, we called the veterinarian to injected her so she became sterile. But we have done it only once. Then this year, she got pregnant. Afterwards she gave birth to only one male puppy on August 13. I think due to her small body that’s why she only had 1 puppy. Kalki and Kavin was very happy with the puppy. We named him “Bakabon”. They played with Bakabon a lot. They also put Bakabon on their truck and pushed the truck!


Minnie was nursing her baby under the table in our “Bale”

Unfortunately, When Bakabon already one month old, on September 13 or 14 He got lost. In the morning I called him to give him fried egg from my kids’ breakfast and then he came. Bakabon and Minnie also followed my husband to Pura Dalem to give “Sodan” as offering. Next I wasn’t at home because I had to take Kalki to the school. At home my husband called Bakabon to feed him but he didn’t seem to appear.

Since that day, we have never seen Bakabon again. Minnie was waiting and playing alone just like if there was Bakabon with her, it looked very sad. My husband and my sons have tried to search Bakabon around but we couldn’t find him anywhere. The next days were hard days for Minnie. Because she became less enthusiastic and didn’t eat her meal at all. I believe she felt sorrow and grief losing her only son, and Bakabon was her first son!

Minnie still walk around to accompany Kavin and Kalki while playing but she didn’t eat anything that we gave. Even her favorite crackers were abandoned. A week after Bakabon got lost, Minnie died in the back of our kitchen, near by her bowl that we used for feeding her.

We lose 2 adorable cute dogs. Minnie and Bakabon. Until now we still don’t know where Bakabon is. We also got information from my grandfather that Molly also had died.

Now we don’t have a dog that good at chasing mice. We only have Klau instead, a dog with grey color. He barks a lot, and he is quite fierce to strangers.

In loving memories of Minnie, Bakabon and Molly.

minnie was the least active puppy

minnie was the least active puppy

her sibling woke up but she was still sleeping!

her sibling woke up but she was still sleeping!

Minnie when we first saw her On Galungan 2012

Minnie when we first saw her On Galungan 2012

Minnie's mom

Minnie’s mom

Minnie n' Molly, her mom

Minnie n’ Molly, her mom

Minnie's sibling

Minnie’s siblings

Intan Rastini.