My Foreign Friends

The worst part of my job is saying goodbye to the volunteers who have spent the amazing time with me and the kids in the learning center.

After Monique and Marijke from Netherland, Matti from Finland… There are coming another ones from all part of the world.

Natasha, Mette, me and Lizzie after the class

In the end of May, we welcomed the Scandinavian girls from Denmark, Mette and Natasha. Then Lizzie from UK and next Isabelle from France. But Lizzie and Isabelle only stayed for about 2 weeks. It was a short term but they were really nice. Lizzie told me about her family, about her younger brother, Sam. She showed me about England through Google map so we could see Buckingham Palaca in London and her home in Doncaster.

Isabelle taught me about French a little bit. Because her mother comes from Java, Indonesia, she can speak a little Indonesian too. She has an Indonesian middle name as well as her brother. Her name is Isabelle Sinta Larere, while her brother’s name is Olivier Indra Larere.

Mette and Natasha, the Danish girls will stay for 5 months. So it will be a long time until we can say goodbye to each other. We have ever gone fishing together to the local fishing pond in Angkah Pondok village, the neighbor of Samsaman village.

Kalki was fishing with Mette, Natasha, Ian and his mom

The next new volunteer in June was Ian from Hawaii. And then one week after Ian, came Lisa and Clem from France. They have spent their time teaching the kids at the learning center more than 2 weeks. Ian stayed for 4 weeks while the French girls only 3 weeks. On the day I first met Lisa and Clem, they asked for jogging after class. So we went jogging together with Ian, Mette and Natasha.

Our afternoon jogging was very nice. We ran downhill to the south until Angkah Tegeh village. Afterwards we had to run uphill on the way back and that was so tiring! We also went to the nearest waterfall with the kids. We did hiking to go there but it was worthy.

After Isabelle left, I was happy because I could still learn French from Lisa and Clem. Lisa and Clem taught me how to play Ligretto too. That playing card is really fun. I enjoyed playing with them during the break time and after class.

Because one of the volunteer had birthday on 22th of June, we made a surprise celebration for Ian’s 29th birthday. We smashed eggs, flour and water to his head so he became a birthday cake dough hahaha. We also let him blow a candle on a birthday cake. Then we ate the cake together.

Natasha, Clem, Ian, me and Lisa

The kid was having some fun with him!

On last Thursday, we went to Bali Botanical Garden and Ulun Danu Temple. Clem was really eager to see the temple on the lake. I invited Kalki to join our trip. Before we went back to the learning center we stopped by the Coffee Break to taste the Luwak Coffee. There were many taste of coffee and tea. Like cafe au chocolat, I mean chocolate coffee. Because I kept learning French with Lisa and Clem at that time. And then there were vanilla coffee, ginseng coffee, rosella tea, curcumin tea, ginger tea, mangosteen tea, and so on.

That was my last day with Lisa, Clem and Ian. We held a farewell party for them on thursday, so everyone could say goodbye. Lisa and Clem are sisters. They will go to Java to see Ijen Crater and other beautiful things in Java before they go back to Paris.

Lisa, me and Clem, sisters from French

I have felt the sadness of the farewell party about 4 times. The longer they stay and the better memories they left make it harder to say goodbye, you know. Then I have to get used to it, because it will happen again and again and again unless I quit my job or they stop the voluntary work at the learning center.

Some are leaving but some are coming. There are 4 more volunteers who have spent 1 week at the learning center. They are Shubhangi from Italy and the Spanish girls: Bianca, Sara and Carla. The Spanish girls are so young, about 18 years old. They will study in the university. On the other side, Shubhangi is a teacher in a private language school.

You will never know how happy I am when I get friends from the volunteers who come to the learning center. Because practically I don’t have intense friends in this village. The first volunteer I met was Monique and Marijke. Monique is like my mother while Marijke is like my grandmother due to their age, we had talked about this once. The next volunteers are still young and almost in the same age as me. So I feel compatible to hangout with them.

Me, Marijke, Monique, Oma Trudy and Mrs. Ketut

This is a quick cycle of meeting new people and saying goodbye to them. Just after they left, I miss them so bad. And then I believe I’ll be fine.


18 thoughts on “My Foreign Friends

  1. Positifnya, kalo kamu traveling ke negara2 mereka , setidaknya ada orang yg bisa dihubungi nantinya 🙂 .. Cara mereka apply sbg volunteer itu gmn mba? Apa lewat website, daftar trs diseleksi, ato lgs dtg aja?

    • Iya bener sih, kalau saya keliling dunia 🙂
      Biasanya by appointment yang langsung datang belum pernah sih. Jadi mereka kebanyakan tau dari website lalu mengajukan diri untuk menjadi volunteer. Nanti setelah datang ke Indonesia di karantina dulu dan deberi pembekalan oleh koordinator volunteer 🙂

  2. Nice blog and nice sharing! I feel you mbak. Punya temen orang asing dari luar negeri memang memberi pengalaman yang berbeda tapi seru. Different kind of jokes and conversation. Tapi pas mereka balik ke negaranya jadi merasa kehilangan, hhe

  3. I always want to have a foreign friend, I mean in the real world, not just via social media. So I think, I could understand your bittersweet feeling; happiness and sadness. 😀

    *I’ve been learning English, so sorry for so many errors 😀

  4. How nice. By the way, are you a volunteer for education? Having friends from another countries, we not just have friends to speak English, but also learn lots about culture from their stories.

    • I am not a volunteer for education but I am a hired local teacher so I am paid every month 🙂
      Yes that’s true, the advantage of my job is I can keep communicate in English and learn another language like French and their different culture

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