How to Keep Your Baby Warm?

I have just received a gift package from Jamu Jago contains Bèbè Roosie telon cream and Buyung Upik sirup anti masuk angin – it is like a syrup for relieving dispepsia symptoms. It was wonderful to have another stock of telon cream for my sons.

Telon Oil, Telon Cream and Baby Balsam

As you know, if you have a baby you will need telon oil a lot for daily use! Because telon oil helps to keep your baby warm, despite the fact that we live in a tropical country.

Commonly babies’ stomach could be gaseous and babies could catch a cold or cough easily, so it’s very good to rub some warm oil to their neck, chest, belly, hands and feet.

Thus, I wonder why it’s very rare that people give telon oil as presents for newborn baby… Because this thing is the most useful and the most needed. Any idea why?

I have three kind of different products that almost have the same purpose, helping baby to stay warm:

1. My Baby telon oil
♥ Composition;
Oleum Citronellae 2.5%
Oleum Chamomillae 2.5%
Oleum Anisi 7.5%
Oleum Cajuputi Compositum 60.35%
Oleum Cocos 27.15%

♥ This kind of product is very common in Indonesia with many various of brands. But I use this telon oil the most for my sons because it’s easy to find it at stores.
♥ This oil is not too hot and doesn’t have strong Cajuputi fragrance.
♥ The dominant fragrance is Citronella.
♥ The more advantage of using this telon oil that it helps preventing mosquito’s bite for 6 hours because of the strong Citronella fragrance.
♥ This telon oil is just oily for a moment because it is easy to be vaporized.
♡ Unfortunately, my sons have ever spilled this oil that much to the floor! It has been fallen down to the floor accidentaly too, until the bottle cracked and leaked.
♥ However, My Baby telon oil is very useful for everyday use.
♥ Variants: Telon Oil Plus anti mosquitos bites for 6 hours and for 8 hours.
♥ Made in Indonesia.
♥ Volume: 60ml, 90ml, 150ml.
♥ Package: bottle with box.
♥ Price: Rp 12.000-36.000

2. Bèbè Roosie telon cream

Oleum Cajuputi 4g
Oleum Foeniculi 3g
Oleum Olivae 1g
Cream base until 60g
♥I like the fragrance, because it is very telon oil fragrance which is the most familiar Cajuputi fragrance.
♥This telon cream is warm enough for your children.
♥The cream texture is smooth and nonsticky. It is almost like moisturizer – it really moisturises you baby skin.
♥ It helps to prevent mosquitos bites too but I don’t know how long the duration is.
♥  I like this new kind of telon cream because it doesn’t spill out, still be careful from children because they can squish the tube.
♥ Made in Indonesia.
♥ Volume: 60g
♥ Package: tube with box.
♥ Sorry I really don’t know the price because I got it for free. But I checked on Bébé Roosie Instagram is about Rp 25,700

3. VICKS BabyBalsam
♥ Composition;
Petrolatum, Fragrance, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Paraffinum Liquidum (Mineral Oil), Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Extract.
Contains Aloe Vera and fragrances of Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Lavender.

​♥ This one has unique fragrance of Eucalyptus, Lavender and Rosemary unlike others. My son always says as “balsem wangi” or as “smells good balsam”.
♥ The balsam texture is like a soft wax or balm and it is a little bit sticky on your skin.
♥ Although it is said as balsam, actually it doesn’t feel hot at all! Because it doesn’t contain any menthol like normal balsam but eucalyptus. So it gives a slight warmth.
♥ It is written that, “Vicks BabyBalsam moisturising & shooting baby care.
Together with your loving touch, Vicks BabyBalsam helps to gently calm, soothe, relax and moisturise your baby.”
I think this balsam is better used for rubbing or massaging your baby and as aromatheraphy because of its pleasant aroma. So it is really really good to shoote and comfort.
♥ I often use it at night so my sons would have a better nice sleep. So it could reduce a baby colic too, I guess.
♡ It has lavender fragrance but it has no claim that this product would prevent your baby from mosquito’s bites.
♥ I really love the jar because it is very compact and the lid has cute pink color.
♥ Made in Germany.
♥ Volume: 50g
♥ Package: jar with box
♥ Price: Rp 80.000

All products are suitable for baby to toddler. Even adult still can use them too.

Anyway, in Indonesia is never as cold as winter in Europe. It is always warm here, but I’ve almost never heard that people in cold climate ever use this kind of telon oil. Yeah, we always call sort of warm oil for baby as telon oil which mostly consists of Cajuputi Oil as the main ingredient.

So, which one do you prefer?
Please share it with me…

Hey, it’s really great to make them as baby presents too!

Intan Rastini


6 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Baby Warm?

    • So, from baby to toddler still need “minyak telon”. I think when your kids go to school is good to rub some “minyak telon” too so they can’t get nausea or dispepsia 🙂
      Thanks a lot, hope you enjoy it very much.

  1. Minyak telon my baby aku selalu kasih buat anakku. Klo vicks baru tahu deh ada yg buat bayi, klo tahu sblmnya bakaln minta bawain mamaku.

    Klo di Indonesia bayi dikasih minyak telon, di Jerman anak bayinya dikasih campuran minyak caraway oil (jintan) dan Anise oil (Adas manis) fungsinya sama spt minyak telon. Minyak telon kan isinya kajuputih oil tuh minyak bau nya menyengat, klo aku pakai minyak kayuputih dikira mandi minyak sama suamiku mabok nyiumnya dia bilang haha 😀 .

    • Oh begitu toh kalo bayi bule disana heheh… Nggak terlalu suka bau kayu putih ya suaminya, mungkin eucalyptus lebih enak. Padahal kalo orang mabok perjalanan disini malah menghirup bau minyak kayu putih!
      Oh ya minyak telon My Baby juga ada anise oilnya 🙂

      Vicks Baby Balsam itu produk impor lho mbak, dari Jerman. Orang ga dijual di pasaran kok, saya belinya aja online dengan harga yang lumayan. Kenapa ga cari di Jerman?

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