First Time Meeting With Tamara Rijnenberg and Antoinette Peters

It was indeed a lovely day to remember.

As I have already worked as an English teacher in Yayasan Eka Chita Pradnyan under WINS Foundation from Netherland, on Thursday May the 4th, I had the opportunity to meet the representative persons behind WINS and VIP-International. What a wonderful experience I had!

I have been teaching English for three months

Let me tell you first about WINS. It is a Dutch acronym for Weeskinderen in Indonesia Naar School. The phrase means “education for children in Indonesia“. WINS Project was started in 2004 by Gill Rijnenberg from the Netherlands and Ketut Sadia from Bali. WINS helps to teach children to become self-sufficient and responsible for their own future. As well as receiving their regular schooling, WINS offers additional lessons for the children after school such as English lesson, computer skill, personal hygiene and environment care.

Giving English lesson about American Vs. British English

So the person who had started the WINS project, Gill Rijnenberg, has a daughter who also works for WINS. She is Tamara Rijnenberg. Tamara is still young but older than me about 7 years. The other person is Antoinette Peters from VIP-International. VIP itsself stands for Volunteering in Indonesia Program.

I heard that formerly Mrs. Peters worked for WINS too. Then she moved to work for VIP-International. It is still a partnership with WINS because WINS always welcome voluntary work so all volunteer matters for the WINS Learning Centers are handled by VIP-International. VIP-International can assist the volunteers in getting the necessary Social Visa, accomodation, arranging transport facilities, and doing WINS specific introductary workshops.

Teaching English with the new volunteer from Finland

Tamara lives in Holland while Mrs. Peters lives in Bedulu, Bali. When Tamara visited Bali last week, she would like to meet me in person together with Mrs. Peters. So they came to Eka Chita Pradnyan on Thursday afternoon at 12.30 o’clock.   I was there about 12 o’clock and I helped Mrs. Ketut Sunarmi to cook special lunch for the guests.

When they arrived in Samsaman, we were still busy cooking the meal. Mrs. Ketut Sunarmi accompanied them to visit the guest house first and then they sat down in the canteen. I met them and introduced myself as Intan, and then they noticed, “oh, you are Intan! Nice to meet you.”

Before that, we only communicated through e-mail and Facebook so it was delightful to talk in person with them. We talked and we had lunch together. Our meal was chicken with red seasoning, fried eggplant, steamed shrimp and sauted kangkung. They all really loved the lunch and Antoinette said that she always reccomend the volunteers to have lunch here.

Antoinette could speak Indonesian a little because she had already lived in Bali for a long time. while we were still cooking she said that she loved the smell of terasi! Both Antoinette and Tamara like spicy food, they added sambal to their dishes while I didn’t because I can’t stand hot and spicy taste.

After having lunch, we took a photo together. What happened next was we attended to the class to give English lesson to the children. Me and the new volunteer from Findland was giving an outdoor English game while Tamara was taking some pictures. Antoinette helped us to explain the game to the children in the beginning. 

Both Tamara and Antoinette were very nice and kind persons. They were very warm and friendly to the children too. Unfortunately they didn’t stay for a long time, they need to leave while we were still playing with the children. It was so quick that we had to say goodbye. So we kiss each other before they left.

Playing English game outside with Matti from Finland

Yeah, it was exciting to meet people from foreign country. I was lucky because I had the chance to meet them. It can be often to meet people from around the world because of the learning center I work at. Besides I live in Bali, it is because Yayasan Eka Chita Pradnyan welcomes voluntary work from International people. Next time I will write with whom I collaborate teaching English at the learning center. It must be very challenging to work with foreign people from different countries with different culture and language.

Now, I can’t wait to tell the next story about the new volunteer from Finland! I’ll ask his permission first. So, wait for it.

Tamara Rijnenberg, Intan Rastini, Antoinette Peters and Ibu Ketut Sunarmi at Yayasan Eka Chita Pradnyan, Samsaman – Bali. Thursday, 4th of May 2017

♡ Intan Rastini


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