Posyandu Kenanga April 2017


Weight: 11.6 kg (the same as last month)


Weight: 16.7 kg

On Wednesday 12th of April, Kalki wasn’t attending Posyandu because that morning he had already gone to Surabaya with Oma and Opa. So I just made the note of his weight as 16.7 kg. It’s only more 0.1 kg than last month.

Kavin was attending Posyandu without his brother and it seemed he has no company to run around the Balai Banjar.

Moreover there was no mung bean for the children! We got nothing at the Posyandu. Huh no snacks at all for the toddlers! What a shame.

What I like at the Posyandu that time was just . . .  Kavin was volunteerly wanted to be scaled on his own. He approached the scale and with no fear and no cry was eager to be put on the scale cloth and being hung. He enjoyed the swing by being calm! Afterwards he didn’t want to give the scale cloth to me or his papa so he didn’t let the next toddler be scaled :D.

Kavin you did very good this time. We are proud of you, please gain more weight, baby. You are as cute as little Fero Walandouw as Papa said ahhaha 😀 Go grow well, stay healthy, stay handsome, be tough and get smarter, son. Love you….

Love, Mama.


4 thoughts on “Posyandu Kenanga April 2017

  1. waktu anakku mada masih piyik, dia anteng2 aja klo ditimbang pakai timbangan ayunan, makin gede klo waktunya nimbang dia pasti langsung ngacir sejauh jauhnya klo liat itu timbangan … jadinya yowess ke puskesmas

  2. Anak2ku waktu masih kecil suka aku bawa ke posyandu deket rumah. Dulu mamaku kan seneng jadi kader2 PKK gitu. Jadi ingat zaman dulu hehe..bagus banget Posyandu. Rugi deh kalo ada ibu2 ga mau bawa anaknya.

    • Iya bagus banget posyandu untuk memantau perkembangan setiap bayi dan balita sambil bertukar info terupdate seputar pengasuhan 😉 saya sekaranh juga jadi kader posyandu mbak 😀

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