Happy 2nd Birthday Kavindra! ♥

It’s like yesterday you were a baby!

And then on Thursday 13th of April 2017 you became 2 years old..
We wish you a very blessed birthday, happines, health and good growth. Be smart, baby kavin. Grow strong and tough. Please try to talk more :-* mwuah!

We celebrated Kavin birthday without Kakak Kalki. Because he went to Surabaya on 12th of April. It is the first time for Kalki to go to Surabaya with his parents stay at home not accompanying him. For Kavin too, celebrating birthday without his brother. I guess he knows that there is no Kalki around as usual. Something has changed and he feels the difference. He miss his brother.

So… Instead, we went to Bajera market or.”pasar senggol” Bajera. We wanted to make it special for Kavin the birthday boy. We took him to go out in the evening. We bought roasted bread, an avocado juice and a pot of ice cream. He drank the avocado juice until his stomach was full so he refused his birthday cake and his dinner.

Kavin realy enjoyed blowing his number 2 candle on the cheese and nut roasted bread. With his own style of blowing a wind through his teeth. 😀 Mama helped to blow the candle. So after making a wish for Adik Kavin we blew the candle together and pfffuuuuuhh… The light was put off… 

HAPPY BIRTHDaaaay Yeaaaaay dearly beloved Adik Kavin!!!

You are turning into a 2 years old toddler rigth now. 

On the days before his birthday (April 11th) he had already got a BiG Box of pizza, garlic bread, chicken rice, pasta and nuggets. And he ate the chicken rice by him self at the night the Big Box had just arrived. He liked the nuggets too, chicken stick and fish fingers garlic but he didn’t eat the pizza.

Yummmy piZza! Come and get a slice!

Oh right, Kavin also already opened his birthday gifts from Oma and Makciek and he loved them. He unwrapped the paper and found out his presents were many clothes. He smiled a lot and put the clothes one-by-one in a good order on the floor so he could see them all and kept smiling :).

Hugs and kisses amd so much love from mama, papa, kakak Kalki, opa, oma, pekak, nini, om Ryandi, makciek, Iqbal, mikwah, Khanza, Dendra, Shan, tante Yanty, om Niko, all aunties and uncles of mama and papa’s friends.

So many photos of Kavin’s birthday are already on Instagram 😉

Love, mama Kalki & Kavin.


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