My 25 Birthday

Yesterday (10th of February) was a rainy day. I woke up early in the morning to prepare my sons’ needs like today’s breakfast and lunch also to check all the clothes and toiletries for them are well-packed to blue baby bag. That morning not really sunny… almost cloudy.

However, the night before I already prepared for the porridge in the slow cooker.
I couldn’t sleep early at night because I was happy enough knowing that I got a birthday present from my long time bestfriend since I was in the elementary school, Karina.

She is very generous by giving me a gift voucher to shop at a baby and kids shop on my birthday. Before that she already gave me a pack of baby and kids’ clothes for me. So the voucher shall be redeemed in the month of February. That’s why on my birthday I went to Denpasar city with my sons and my husband on that rainy weather. Wet wet and wet everywhere we walked. We had the trip from Tabanan to Denpasar by motorcycle with 4 persons on the ride.


I bought a nursing bra for myself and then I chose a wooden toy for my sons and… three bracelets of anti-mosquitoes. You know.. rainy season, wet everywhere.. prone to mosquitoes attack. I presented one pink anti-mosquitoes bracelet for baby Khanza, Kalki n’ Kavin got the yellow and green ones. Unfortunately we couldn’t afford to buy more for Iqbal 😦

We ate lunch at Tiara Dewata. Kalki was enthusiastic and he found new world of playing! First we took a shelter from the rain at the ATM center and to fed baby Kavin. Next we ate lunch at the food court together. I ordered a soto and a tahu campur at the Surabaya culinary kiosk for me and for my husband. While we were waiting… I bought a pair of potato doughnuts with grated cheese as the topping 🙂

Kalki was really hungry and he ate my husband’s soto and my lontong 🙂 he was very cute acting that he could eat by himself :’)


Mommy.. this is delicious, said Kalki in his heart

And we were proud of him. Because he tried to handle his meal on his own. He went to the wash basin to wash his hands by the help of his mom and dad. Until he found an automatic hand dryer machine.. he played it to dry his hands.. again and he tried again and again… Hihihi… we are so sorry for our katrok attitude… but we couldn’t help our son!


Papa, what's that... Kalki was in an awe

Next we walked around and we saw a play zone for kids! Of course Kalki was really eager to stay and look around. He saw the train and cars buzzing around and the noisy children sounds… whoaaa what a joyful zone here, he thought! There was a boom boom car and a pool of colorful balls and the trampolin zone! What can I say here to describe my children’s eyes of festive area like that?

This is my day, I thought. But that day went quite fast. Would my life went so fast just like on my birthday?


I’m turning 25 and I expect to do 25 things before the next 26

Thank you my husband to accompany me through the rain… taking care of me and most of all our sons. Be strong be strong sons!


We walked when the rain had stopped


The wooden toy: farm train for Kalki and Kavin from Alden

Thank you Anin, Medina and Karina… my elementary school bestfriends. Karina said we must be bestfriend trough all times ♡♡♡. Your nursing tops package as my birthday gift has arrived. And I really really love it. Your love and care make me believe that I still have good friends with good moments to share.


Kalki really likes the anti-mosquitoes bracelet. He wears it everytime he goes outdoor and at home

And thank you my family…  for the long lasting supports and energy. ♥♥

This is a late post and I regret I couldn’t post it on time.
Happy birthday also to Shankara, Iqbal and my Aunty ♡♥ long lasting love for you all. Many happy return of the days… and good bye February. May the new month bring a joy, good health and wealth.

♡ Intan Rastini

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