Thank you for The Baby Gifts

2 days ago Oma, Opa and Uncle Ryandi came to our home. Horrraaay, “bala bantuan” had just arrived! They are helping me by taking care Kalki for a pleasure. Also Vin! My father and Ryandi are curious about Vin of course. This is their first met and crush…mmmmm.

Far away through the traffic jam due to long weekend holiday.. From the city of Java Island they brought many presents for Kavindra baby. So, I just wanna say thankyou.. So many thankyous to who sent the gifts for us. My mother and father gave the best and much (uncountable) gift to us, then Ryandi for the book I requested,
my cousins: Maya (Shankara’s mom) who gave towel (we really need it! Indeed) and baby toiletries, Makciek (Iqbal’s mom) and Budeh Uyag (our big sister) for giving Kalki food while our newborn on the way going home.. plus giving the newborn the tissue and baby wet tissue (as I told them to give those items *wink wink*). Next the neighbors in our housing complex… My Bestfriend Sunshine who gave baby carrier and feeding set (all I ever wanted because never got a feeding set since Kalki), Tante Yanto who gave a awesome pair of clothes+pants for Kalki (Iron Man!) and Vin (Cute Bus), tante Made Mahardika who gave a bed sheet with texture printing.

Besides that, in here my family from Sekartaji brought vegetables, eggs, baby soaps, detergent, cakes and many more! Near home, Dipa (Kalki’s friend) also gave a gift of toiletries for Vin. Mbah ‘cakup-cakup balang’ for giving snacks, fruits and spinach for me and Kalki. Esa’s father who came with Esa visiting us to take his handycam and to see Vin, Ah Mbah Esa also sent something :). Next, Bayu and Devani gave a baby parcel… Oooh how sweet it is! ♥♡

Maybe I would forget who has ever given another gifts for our newborn baby *scratching my forehead*. All that I could remember is that. Sorry a new mom’s bad memory! A NEW MOM?! A NEW?? I’m no longer a new mom. Because Kavindra is my second son!

I’ll translate and make it short: Terima kasih banyak atas hadiahnya untuk Kavindra, Kalki dan Mama 🙂


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