Quick Updating Kalki after 1 y/o?

Today is Kalki’s 1 year 1 month old. A.K.A 13 months already. When he was under 1 year, I used to update his progress each month. And then now I think his progress is not longer too significant as he was?

  1. Kalki is still a crawler, he learns to walk but not yet confident to make more steps. sometimes he makes his steps but later on he kneels down and starts crawling again 😀
  2. He screams a lot nowadays. Maybe because he is enthusiastic or his emotion is uttered by screaming. He screams and he looks happy. He shouts “Papapapapapa” a lot rather than mama. I know, you miss your papa, honey bear.
  3. He is pointing to something or somebody sometimes while he is carried or while he is sitting down.
  4. He would like to play to the kids in this neighborhood eagerly! He is interested to the loud noise by the children outside the house 😀 unfortunately Kalki catches a cold and I don’t let him play with the children to make the other kids not catch a cold too. however, Kalki is still actively playing inside the house and Opa takes him for a walk sometimes. Once when Kalki haven’t got fever and a cold I let him play with Dinda and other boys the neighbors’ kids. Sometimes I feed him outside too 🙂 But today is already Ramadhan, right?
  5. His teeth is gonna be 7! 4 upper incisor teeth and 3 down there :D. What I don’t like is that he bites me often! Biting my arm or my hand is still tolarable but my nipple??!!! It hurts!
  6. He is able to play alone, but I know it’s not good to let a child plays by himself.
  7. When he hears music, mostly he will dance. Sometimes he claps his hands to a performance around him which makes him happy 🙂
  8. His nappy time become changing, but he still enjoys taking a nap even though sometimes he is surprised by the sudden sound around here. >,<

Yeah, I made this update in a city. Here is noisier than in the village. But in the city or in the village is still the same, we will get all noise from different causes.. the vehicles sound, the shout of the neighbors, the cats, the dogs, the birds, TV, Radio, even when we close the door! And that’s very annoying when you have a baby to be taken a nap for!

Okay, it’s time to change his nappy/diaper! Bye, let us have fun a bit here… 😉

climbing the stairs

climbing the stairs


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