Dear Husband, Fatherhood is Sexy

Papa, Kalki, Mama

Papa, Kalki, Mama

Dear husband it has been almost 3 weeks we (me and kalki) stayed away from you. I mean we stay in my parents’ house for a while. taking a break from the routines living in the village we supposed to build our family together.


By staying not so close to you, it made my eyes become clear seeing you as you. Not in a romantic way, you know. You’re the father of my baby and it’s already so cool. Before that, you’re the husband of mine and it’s so delightful. When we were in a relationship we were so far to each other, and we were full of fight. War by the phone. And after war we could do nothing except accept the distance.


After being a husband and a wife, we fall in love again in a new way of stage. Aha, husband and wife… sounds so responsible and sensible doesn’t it? We’re not in a “LDR” anymore, baby. Then we got less fight I guess? But you admitted that you got more fight after our marriage… well, that’s hot, maybe. Maybe I just missed my honeymoon? It’s a big question, and very pretty childish for your ears.


After we got baby Guscil, Kalki… we face the new world of a little family, you are a father and me as a mother and our child, Kalki. It’s a new happiness in our marriage and also a new challenge! You always help me as a rookie mother to take control over baby needs such as supporting me to keep breastfeeding, changing nappies, taking turn to look after Kalki, feeding him, taking him a bath and whatever I ask for help, you would help to raise our child together.


You would sweep the floor and mop it afterwards everyday… you would cook for me even though you know it’s my responsibility as a wife and mother to nourish the family. I know you’re a great farmer, besides that you love your family so much. You take responsibility to take care your parents while your wife and son also live together with you. It’s a big deal.

Jess, Iqbal, Papa Clydonie

Jess, Iqbal, Papa Clydonie

You know everybody has a problem. That’s what we call it life, I love you, they like us, we dislike in-laws, you keep hatred for your enemies,  how naive, what a hypocrisy, let the rage, cry a lot, smile while laughing. It’s okay, they are all personal touches. Time will tell versus watch and learn. However the neighborhood keeps growing rumor to talk about, oh yeah, how sexy you are while cooking me a breakfast when I’m still scratch my cheek looking for pimples.


That’s what I see as a sexy gentleman in your eyes. That your willingness to be patient when I’m not in the mood to entertain Kalki’s crank. We have the same feeling, the different thoughts. We have way too much different opinions vary from that variables. However we can unite our idea, that’s what we call it as a still-learning parents, right? Dear husband, you’re so sexy… It’s not about your aging aching old body, you can imagine it better! No no no, I’m not talking about sacrifice or even a heroic action figure. The way you handle your fussy wife towards your elderly parents and the baby between us is juts undefined.

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8 thoughts on “Dear Husband, Fatherhood is Sexy

  1. Wow, I just found this sweet letter. Wrote lovely from the bottom of a happy wife heart! Very nice letter, Mak, I believe that Kalki’s Daddy will be so happy to read this. This letter, again, I believe will made him being a more more caring and loving Dad and husband for Kalki and you. Thanks for share. 🙂

  2. What could I say more for reading my letter besides thank you, mom. Hmmm, maybe Kalki’s daddy isn’t eager to read it hihihi. Hope you’re happy too with your family 🙂

  3. So touching… Mak, maaf mau nanya, orang Bali kah? Ayah saya asli Bali, Mamah asli Jawa, jadi saya blasteran niy, dan menyandang nama ayah dalam nama saya 🙂

  4. thank you thank you yaa.. iya suami orang bali, saya juga… tapi kami dibesarkan di Jawa karena orang tua kami sama-sama bekerja di Jawa. meski begitu sempat pulang ke Bali beberapa kali sampai akhirnya menikah dan menetap di Bali. Nama saya malah ngga ada Bali-balinya

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