Selamat Hari Raya Galungan

Hi, hello… This is my time to update my blog ^_^

~Selamat Hari Raya Galungan dan Kuningan~

Yeap, today I’m quite tired… So let’s just sleep now O.o

Actually, I’m not that sleepy although my body n’ my mind feel tired…

This Galungan day is felt different. Way very different. Maybe because Kalki is getting old, and me too… And Kalki’s papa too? Hehehehe.. (‾⌣‾)♉

Kalki wasn’t with us when we prayed together to the temples in this village, but he was asleep. Yes, asleep because he was up at about 4 am WITA (local time).

So after we prayed from temple to temple, we got family guests… And who were they? Alright, if I’m not mistaken… The first time who came was Tante Ayu, Om Nick, Rania n’ Kinara. And then, Opa Ketut, Oma Shanti, Om Ai and Om Io (they are twins), and then Kumpi Keri, Tante Keri and Tude Jaya after that Mbah Arya came (me and papa almost always call her as Mbah Cakup-cakup Balang hehehehe because she sings about Balinese traditional song for kids “Cakup-cakup Balang”). And then Om Gio, Tante Hera and Gio…

That’s all… Thank you for coming for this Galungan 🙂 I’m sorry because I’m a bit tired by the sunshine heat and maybe I’m not better than the Galungan day before – which was very merrier than this year 😥

Nice to see you again.. And oh yeah, Om Gio is going to go to Europe tomorrow… Hmmm, how lucky he is he could see Italia, Spain, U.Ƙ. Etc! Wonderful!

While when I asked Tante Hera about Lactation Counselor Training by AIMI in Bali Med she doesn’t know about it, because she has moved to a clinic 😦 I wished I could attend the Lactation Counselor Training in the first week of May before…

I’m sorry, about the picture I could present here, Kalki is just curious about the penjor.
Oh by the way, we are in yellow because we like banana. Yes we love cartoon Curious George and it’s very funny to watch the both movie and TV serial 🙂 but, we don’t watch TV again because we don’t have one.


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