Messy Random 11+ Baby Meal

Kalki’s today’s (hahahaha) lunch is… Rice porridge, with the veggies parade lol! Because of yesterday was a flower parade in Surabaya – again, my city, my birth place, and where I spent my childhood and my freshman year – regarding Surabaya’s anniversary 721st! Unfortunately couldn’t watch the flower parade in my city because I had already stayed here with my new lil’ family.

Alright, the veggies parade consisted from a puree of “oyong” or “gambas” (in Indonesian) and corn became a puree; puree steamed Tempe + a bit steamed onion for the great aroma; chopped steamed carrot, and the… Chopped parsley. Hmmm mm *sniff sniff*… (˘̶• ̯•˘̶ ) (ʃƪ´-`).

Kalki has been 11 months old and he starts eating “nasi lembek” or boiled rice with a lot of water until it becomes a smooth textured porridge, next I would add chicken stock to it and stir it while still boiling ;). And then the vegetables as the comple mments…, some are chopped into small pieces, some are crushed if they are already soft enough just like “manisa” or potatoe or tomato, and then some are blended by the blender.

That’s it! Kalki’s 11+ messy random meal.
Happy Monday, folks! (≧▼≦)


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