Mayday’s Lunch of Kiboy!

Nah, hope this time isn’t too late to post this baby meal ;D

Yesterday was a May Day. Today is a National Education Day of Indonesia.. Lemme tell ya, our National Education Day was held every year and today is marked as a red color in every Indonesian calendar :D. That means yesterday, which is a red marked too, ’til today is holidays!

Yeah holidays in May. The month of birth of Kalki 🙂

Love you baby honey bear
(ɔ ˘⌣˘) C(•ټ•)Ɔ˘⌣˘ c✽)

Yesterday’s lunch on Mayday was a pure white rice became a smooth porridge for a baby. I boiled it with much amount of water first and then I poured some chicken’s feet stock (ceker ayam – non ayam kampung karena susah carinya) from the refri (I had made it 2 days before). And then I steamed a ✽ local carrot (local carrot, I believed is low pesticide(?) and it’s fresh from other village near by, no need to be shipped that long to get here, I always remember the OVOP – jargon by the governmental noncommercial break on TV last a few years – as One Village One Product ;)) ✽ until it soft but still hard enough to be grated (diparut). Carrot is a good red-oranger-colored veggie for baby because it contains vitamin A and betacarotene :). And the special one: yesterday was the first time I tried a sweet corn for Kalkiboy ( ˚⌣˚ ) it should have been yummy for you, baby honey bear… Because the sweet corn made the taste of the porridge become sweet, didn’t it? (ˆڡˆ)

Oh yeah, don’ forget! I’d added a puree Tempe for the hon bear’s baby meal as a good n’ healthy iron (zat besi) source!

See ya later gator… *bye-bye*


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