The Best Gift We Could Give on Your 11 Mo’s

Happy 11 Month old, baby!!! Congratulations, we hope you be a healthy, strong and smart boy. It’s always be our prayer and of course we pray for your happiness and be a content son :-*

X.O.X.O means kiss hug kiss hug. Let it be more simple= HUGS n’ KISSES from Papa Nouvelle Caledonie “Clyde” n’ Mama Yosemite “Jess”, MWUAH OUR SUPER KAWAII BABY BOY KALKIPAO!

Hahaha don’t need to add *ROTFL* 😀 😉 🙂 :* O:)

GOD is kind and yet He’s funny enough to share what makes Him happy. God bless us giving you, our baby boy :’)

Ciao, bello! Have a nice dream. Sleep tight baby! Just like a baby.

♬♪sleep like a child… Peaceful and deep… ♬♪ . And you’re gonna wake up tomorrow to start chasing what becomes your dreams (cita-cita) 🙂 jadilah anak yang suputra dan penuh bhakti, Kalki Ambara.


One thought on “The Best Gift We Could Give on Your 11 Mo’s

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