Menu Makanan Spesial Kalkiboy Kemarin (Minggu)

I’m trying it hard to cook my little boy’s meal here, why? Due to I caught a cold! I got my nose runs and a bit cough :s

Tepatnya aku sedang terkena virus flu, nih! Dan aku berharap sistem imun tubuhku masih bisa bekerja dengan baik untuk melawan invasi influenza (ง’̀⌣’́)ง (˘ʃƪ˘) …

Well, however, I’m still trying n’ trying to cook n’ serve a homemade baby food for Kiboy. Because I know he keeps needing my love companion in many manifested ways :).

I love cooking a meal for my son. yesterday I boiled a few “ceker ayam”, so I could get the stock. And then I steamed a chicken breast, so Kalki got the meat a little bit for his rice porridge. I always cooked the rice with water/stock in a pot different from the meat n’ the vegetables, so I could serve the one dish of combination porridge with the meat and veggie ’til eve.

Veggie: green leaves or root family like carrot, etc. Yesterday I used a fruit-like veggie. I steamed it, and then I pressed the steamed veggie on the “saringan kawat” 😀

Meat: chicken breast. I steamed the chicken breast after I blanched it for a moment first, so I didn’t need to wash the meat under the water (meat shouldn’t be washed by water). And then the blanching water I poured to doggies food stock, while the chicken meat I would use as Kiboy’s meal, I steamed it about 30 mins or it looks well-cooked, ’til the essence of chicken re juice a bit on the bowl inside the steamer. The chicken essence is looked like an oil and water, I used it too for the porridge so it would be tasty (ˆڡˆ) yum yum!

This is the look of the Kalki’s lunch: white rice porridge combined with steamed veggie “manisa” or “jukut jipang”, shredded chicken meat (breast) and a ‘lil bit of chicken stock.

Have a nice cooking time, mamas! ♥♡

Ρ.S. That is an oven on the background, and I haven’t made a baby biscuit yet!!! Once I’d tried making a cracker, yeah “Tempe” crackers! And it was fine actually, but Kalki didn’t wanna eat it, so… You know.

And the.. Because I caught a cold I wore my nose n’ mouth masker and not forgetting my Minnie Mouse apron too 🙂 😉


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