Kalki’s Dinner Dish Recipe

This is it… A stainless bowl of a dinner dish for a 10 months and 3 weeks baby boy (з´⌣`ε) (๑ⁿ⌣ⁿ๑) .. (Don’t forget a glass of water for (in case of choking) during and after meal)

A porridge of white rice and the red rice mixed and then boiled into one sauce pan with water. At first, clean the rice from tiny stones or dirt, and then wash it under the tap water :). Next boil it with a pot or a sauce pan with extra water because red rice needs about 1/4 more water rather than the white one. Stir it often so it’s mixed well, when it’s getting cooked, add some chicken stock (I use “ceker” or chicken’s feet stock). After that stop the stove when it gets very sticky and the water reduce.

Mix Veggies of carrot and beans or we call it here “buncis” (•ˆ⌣ˆ•)/ ..
Starting by clean all the veggies under the tap water and rub it until you’re sure they are ready to be cooked! Set the steamer, I use a stainless steel steamer pot, so I fill it with the enough water which is needed. And then put it on the stove.. Don’t forget to ignite it baby :D.. After the steamer’s water gets hot enough, put the veggies on the heat proof bowl and brought the bowl inside the steamer. Steam it about 10-15 minutes. After it’s not quite hot, take the veggie out of the steamer, pick carrot or the beans first so you can chop it with a knife. Save the chopped veggies to steamer back is a good idea I usually do (✽ ˚ ⌣ ˚).

And now, the Tempe! Yyyyieeeeey!!! Traditional fermented soy bar!! I already cooked the Tempe with the steamer too! Hahahahahaha it’s hilarious how I forgot to tell how to steam the Tempe together with the veggies in the same steamer! Ah!

However, I open the plastic wrap of the Tempe I bought from the veggies seller then I cut it into cubes shape. What I do next is just put the Tempe cubes into a bigger bowl and let it be steamed with the veggies above (that I’ve just told you at the paragraph before). After it’s well-cooked, I let the Tempe cool down for about an hour maybe.. So I can use the blender and make it as a smooth puree Tempe. Use 1-2 tablespoon of puree Tempe as a addition of the porridge and then I keep the rest in a mini storage box as a ransom in the refri. ƪ(ƪ_‾̴̴͡͡ ﻬ ‾̴̴͡͡)

Sorry what I serve is for Kalki’s dinner. And he ate it enthusiastically, thank you, Kiboy :-* .

Good night! Mama loves you, Ki ♥♡ ..

Ρ.S. Oh no, papa gets sick too.. He sneezes a lot. And he has just caught a cold just like mama now :(.


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