Quick Updating Kalki 10 goin’ on 11 mo’s (after posyandu)

After attending “pos pelayanan terpadu” or “posyandu”, Kalki got his weight measured. And then at home mama measured by herself Kalki’s head circumference also his height :).

Berat Badan/BB (body weight): 10,4kg
Tinggi Badan/TB (height): 77cm
Lingkar Kepala/LK (head circumference): 47cm

Unfortunately, mama’s notebook had been brought by opa to Surabaya due to broken. So, mama couldn’t update your WHO Anthro data 😦 … We cannot see the growth chart there, Kiboy…

Oh yes, However, Kalki has been able standing up by holding on to stable object so I measured his body length when he’s standing up. It was really difficult indeed! But I kept trying and trying (˘o ˘”) .. What a stubborn mama! It’s not called as body length ‘recumbent’ anymore.

Oke right then… Just after posyandu.. Papa n’ mama have been agreed to shave Kalki’s hair on his head.( ˚⌣˚ ). Traaaalalaaaa~ we shaved his baby’s hair on the back of his head and on the left+right sides :D. And what we could get afterwards? A soldier haircut! Cute for a lil’ boy like him wakakakakakakaka! Show off your skinhead, Kalki! On the other hand, he looked like a punk baby or Rancid’s personnel hmmm mm ː̗̀(☉,☉)ː̖́. The days after that, yesterday, papa took a new shaver and he made it more neat and proper, because there were still a few hair left behind untidy..

Guess what his first utterance! Or first word!? “Mama”! Yeaaah it’s me, it’s me, it’s me!!! And then what’s next? “Papa”, “Ba ba”.. Cannot be sure of (¬_¬˚). Sometimes Kalkiboy also says “mamam” maybe what he means is “maem” or eat (ˆڡˆ)!


This below, was the photo when we were attending posyandu at the bale banjar of Angkah Gede :).. There were four or more kids playing there, including I Gede Adiva, or we call it Putu Dipa, as simple as that. We were playing puzzle and musical instrument with wheels :D! Yeah, Kalkiboy liked that musical instrument with the wheels very much!

Oh Geez, I almost forget.., before that, Om Ryandi had bought Kalkidot a safari hat with a crocodile doll pinned to it. It’s embroidered “Taman Safari Indonesia” and it’s so COOL!!! B-)
Way very COOL! For a baby, that hat means a lot! To protect his head and his back neck whether from sunshine heat or the cold wind. Thanks so much Om Ryandi, your gift is very useful for Kidot :-*.


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