Tuesday’s Breakfast: Don Kayu Manis Porridge n’ Fried Tofu

I woke up early morning, washed the rice, and boiled it until it became a porridge. Tada…! Voila!

“Don Kayu Manis” is a “jukut” too… I mean, kinda green veggie named by the Balinese people as “Don Kayu Manis” a.ƙ.a “Sayur Daun Katuk” by the Indonesian people 🙂

Last night I made a fried tofu, so the rest tofu could be eaten this morning with my veggie porridge! Oh well, I almost forget! Beforehand, I washed the veggie too under the flowing tap water and the a picked only the leaves so I dumped the thin hard branches as usual like the time before I cooked “Kangkung” 😉

And then, I went boiling water, after it was boiled… Plunged the veggie leaves for only a few minutes (maybe what I did is always blanch and blanch) 😀

Then, afterwards… I poured a ‘lil bit water used for boiling the green veggie to my porridge.. And voila… My porridge is ready to be served for me and my husband… (Please kindly add salt n’ pepper or even soy ketchup as your tongue adjustments). For Kiboy? Not yet baby… Let me give you puree broccoli and “tempe” again with the steamed rice :-*

Enjoying serenity in the morning and breakfast (•ˆ⌣ˆ•)/

Ρ.S. This green veggie has GOOD benefits for breastfeeding momma(s) 😉

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