This Afternoon Lunch: Sauted Shrimp n’ Kangkung for Lunch

Viola… The time of cooking is calling me and here we go what I’ve just cooked… A bunch of vegetables named by Indonesian people as “Kangkung” 🙂 it’s a plant which grows by the water.

I cook and cook. I kept cooking and learned something new from my repeated activity. I believe I would be better to be a co-cook ƪ(ƪ_‾̴̴͡͡ ﻬ ‾̴̴͡͡) I mean a mother.

What I did with this green veggie was cleaning it up under the flowing tap water. And then I chopped the leaf one by one, so the hard green branches are left behind because they are the least eat enable. But if you wish to try eating it, please take a seat… So you could chew it real slow and smooth 😀

After that, what I did was leaving the clean “Kangkung” leaves on a big bowl so they could become “tiris” from the water 😀 hehehehehe… I mean let the Kangkung a moment so it would be a little bit dried 😉

Next! Preparing the spicesssss!!! I Peeled a few onions and shallots, then I chopped into pieces. Next, I chopped a big red chili (we call it here as “lombok”) and I dumped the “lombok” seeds because I didn’t eat the seeds which caused capcaisin reacts with my tongue and I get hot sensation lol!

Oh yes! What about the shrimps? Of course I eat some shrimps, because I haven’t been a vegetarian again yet! So, I took a wok or “wajan” then put it on the stove, I poured enough cooking oil made from “kelapa sawit” to saute and then ignited the stove…. After the cooking oil was quite hot, I poured the shrimps which has been cleaned up beforehand. Let the shrimps become the sauted or maybe exactly fried shrimp hahahah (because I cooked the shrimps ’til they got very brown almost “gosong”), and then I poured the chopped spices including onion, shallot and the “lombok”. After they emitted pretty aroma…

I took the Kangkung and let the green veggie become on the wok together with the fried shrimps and spices… Let the Kangkung become cooked. And I improved it with adding enough salt, pepper and soy ketchup 🙂 *wide smile*

Note to be remember! Don’t make the Kangkung become OVERCOOKED!
Because it would make the Kangkung very very soft and tender but emit something like “lendir” or it’s like veggie saliva? Sorry, I don’t know. However it would taste not really good!

˚☺k!˚ thank you for reading… Have a seat, and enjoy your own lunch whatever your mother or even wife serves on the dining table… 🙂
Don’t forget, say cheers cheese (at the heart only)… And say thank you to your mother/wife for the dishes on the mouth!

“Mamoth, I’m very grateful for what you always cook for our family” :’)

With love,

Intan, your daughter.

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