Happy 8 Month, Kalki!

Today is Thursday the 30th of January 2014 and your age is 8 month. Congratulations baby… You are growing stronger and bigger and healthier and smarter 🙂

In this age, you become a crawler… You crawl everywhere to find playmate and to get an interesting object. Mama and papa have to chase you in order to keep you safe.

You find it interesting to go to the outside world behind the living room door, but it’s not yet the time for you to play there. Please keep playing on your room or on our random A-B-C-D mat in the living room, baby.

Mama and papa today are quite busy to prepare this and that. Moreover papa is taking care of the rice that have just been harvested since yesterday. I’m sorry Kalki, we aren’t good enough for playing in that time, we hope for tomorrow we are at our best.

We enjoy how you getting old week by week then month by month and we wish you keep healthy and getting stronger, boy. Be brave, Kalki… You will see the wilderness behind the door, as you’re always curious.

I’m happy because yesterday, you ate your dinner pleasantly. It was brown rice porridge and broccoli added coconut oil from Budhe Mangku. Mama loves to see you eating happily. Mama only could guess that the coconut oil is the secret which makes you eat all the dish enthusiastically.

And this morning mama made a mashed apple (red Washington) but you didn’t eager to eat it. Papa said that the apple should become a juice, so mama processed the apple into juicer. Together with two cuts of local tomato. The apple+tomato juice you consumed it all! Thank you Kalki :’)

Alright, mama and papa always pray for you, son.


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