First Quick Updating Kalki in 2014

Kalki’s weight: 10,1kg
Length (head to heel): 72cm
Head circumference: 44cm

This time Mama is already capable plotting your data to WHO Anthro software, yippieeeee! Your graph is excellent baby, KPSP score for 9 month old baby is also great, you got 9 (hihihehehue your parents were “nyolong start”), thank to God. May this year you become more clever, stronger and stay healthy as always~

Your motoric skill is improving quick too. Today you can walk with assistance. You push your duckie chair so you make several steps!

You have TWO teeth -not one- which are emerging from your gum. And today your appetite is doing good. You started to eat more. Because grandpa n’ papa “nampah” a chicken, mama cooked a boiled chicken liver and then the stock was used for red rice porridge. Your porridge was combined with “terong ungu” – I guess in English is an eggplant- n’ “tempe”.

This morning we went to Posyandu and Kalki played with Dipa (I Gede Agus Adiva exactly 5 mo, somehow Balinese people cannot spell exactly ‘v’ and ‘f’ as they are but as ‘p’ instead), the boy next door. Dipa’s weight is 8,8kg and he’s chubby too 🙂 His name is similar to papa hahahahaha… Cheap name! Mine maybe is the same lol!


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