Why I wanna do BLW and why not do it?

Why I want it:

  1.  It’s simple without processing food into puree. At least no need to process the food that much! So it’s nutritional and easier to me to prepare
  2. Let the baby take control his appetite and food
  3.  Let the baby learn how to chew first and the swallow. I’m not worry about choking or gagging, I’ve been a month giving puree to my baby and my baby keeps choking sometimes! It’s not a guarantee that giving a mush is choking free
  4. I can eat together with my baby. If I feed him traditionally mostly eat after my baby finishes his meal and sometimes it’s too late for me to eat 😦
  5.  Our home has “natah” as an outdoor space, so we can do BLW without stressing about the mess on the floor or on the wall and the furniture
  6. No need to be stressed out if the baby doesn’t open his mouth and no need to be disappointed!
  7. No need to cajole the baby to eat! Just let the baby sit and learn to eat the food that we provide on a tray
  8. We have some trees, there are papaya tree, avocado tree, mangosteen tree, guava tree and dragon fruit tree, they provide good fruits for BLW and it’s cheap because we who grow the tree, we can take the fruit in every its season as we want it

Why not:

  1. My husband doesn’t let me to apply that to our baby
  2. I don’t have a high chair or a chair with a tray. I would think twice to do BLW on a mat on the floor because we have unleashed dogs here, their fur are anywhere on the floor! Even more, the fur is soaring low by the wind! A high chair is needed to support point number 5 ‘why I want to do BLW’
  3. I feel so sorry about the food that possibly falling down and can’t be eaten by anyone else (but the dogs if the food suitable with their appetite) because we’re not that rich so we can let the food just go away to the dustbin. Mostly I or my husband eat the leftover puree of our baby. We indeed grow our own fruits in the garden but there are just some fruits not all fruits
  4. I’m not that keen on the mess
  5. I’m worrying about the food portion that the baby can take by doing BLW and about the nutrition intake
  6. I myself am not ready to do it to Kalki, because I’m lacking of supporters! I’m not ready to handle the commentators if I did BLW to Kalki stubbornly.

See, which side got the most point in quantity and quality… Which one who wins? I dunno. In my conclusion, if you wanna do BLW, just do it and your self-confidence will grow by doing. Meanwhile, I feel it puree-ing my son’s meal is a must, that’s why I keep on that track.


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