Bye bye 2013

The remain days of 2013 were not that very joyful. However, I got something to say here, c’est la vie… Ma bonne vie…

It’s good or bad, it’s my life…

I dunno why I have to undergo this and that. Sometimes when bad things happen, I start to regret the past and wondering if only I chose different path, I would’ve had better position.

The end of year 2013 there were some events that we celebrate:
1. Kalki’s oton on Thursday, 26th. The ceremony was held spiritually and traditionally, with preparation from 24th. Many people (relatives and neighbors) kept coming from 24th to 26th to generate the ceremony and to celebrate it together in Balinese way. Iqbal came to Kalki’s oton celebration and he stayed a night to play with Kalki. This is the first time for Iqbal n’ Kalki
2. Our second wedding anniversary on 28th
3. Kalki was turning 7 months old on 30th and then Iqbal, Kalki’s cousin, came to sleep over at our house and we spent new year’s eve together… Sleeping. Because we’re all tired. And we didn’t make some noise or special retreat on new year’s eve. Because we were handling babies. Kalki’s n’ Iqbal first new year celebration was celebrated by sleeping at home with the noise of fireworks outside. And it was rainy.


May this year be greater than 2013 and offer a better opportunity. I wish for this year I become wiser and have stable mind.

And then in the morning of new year I caught a cold and Kalki’s nose ran. Hopefully getting better soon! Why oh why… We need to start this year by being sick? God only knows..

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