First met with Rieqbaaal!

I was very happy because my aunt and my sisters surprisingly came to our hut with Rieqbal! It was on Manis Galungan day on Thursday. While I was washing Kalki’s cloth diapers and clothes, I heard the matic motorcycles horned so close. It was them! Yes, my big sister Ayu, my younger sister Ratih with her son and their mom.

Before that, I sent text message to my aunt saying about happy Galungan and Kuningan. After that she replied with the news that she had a family time going to somewhere. It was unclear. Later on, I figured it out what she meant to.

I can’t tell how happy I was and very grateful because of this surprising visit. I really need a lot of energy to handle these boys together while they were playing indeed! Lucky for you, Ratih you got big tough body to carry your son. I envy… Since we were younger (teenager) I had told you.

Thank you so much to make this visit. Because I really really want to make an encounter for Kalki and Rieqbal. The happy babies time! Hugs and kisses for both of you… ({}) :-*

They were happy I guess, meeting the first time with cousins. Kalki n’ Iqbal be strong boys and tandem up!

God please give us strength to raise Your gifts that You trust us. Thank you, God… for the happiness and contentment You put inside our hearts.

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