first family potrait

On Saturday 12th of October Kalki’s oma and opa came to Bali to attend odalan in Pura Dadia Agung Pasek Tohjiwa (on Monday) and to visit us! So, that was our chance to ask them taking our picture as a new family 🙂

Oma and opa arrived in Bali in the evening and they slept over at our house first. On Sunday, the went to Sekartaji and slept over there until Tuesday, the 15th. Tuesday morning they only came here for a transit. They went back home to Sidoarjo yesterday, and that was the time when our picture was taken. This is Kalki when he was exactly 4,5 months old…

Papa, Kalki n Mama cheers

Meet The Ambara: Papa Clydonie, Kalki, & Mama Jessmite. Cheers!

On Monday the 14th, I went to the doctor with my husband in the evening (because I caught a cold and cough, the doctor gave me injection on my bottom, that was my first time kinda maybe vitamin-bottom-injection). My husband’s mother who looked after Kalki. That was the first time we left Kalki home for about 3 hours long without milk supply. My mother in law said that Kalki cried a lot about 6 pm and then he fell asleep. He kept sleeping until we got home and he asked for breast milk at about midnight. Poor him… Be strong, son!

During the visit of my parents I felt happy and it triggers my breast milk supply and the Let-Down-Reflex. See? It’s very easy to amuse me ;). Or maybe because Kalki was sleeping tight all night long, the next early morning I needed to pump my breast milk and I got 280ml from each breast.

Tuesday evening, I tried to make banana + breast milk puree as a test drive of Kalki’s MPASI 😀
and then this morning I cooked a chicken porridge as I learned to cook rice porridge well, BRAVO!

Tonight the rain poured… and the water supply from Pangkung Sakti has been a lot! Thanks God.

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