Happy 3 months old, baby!

Hooraaaaaaay…! Kalki is getting older! As a baby he’s growing fast and become more heavy pfffiiiuuuuh… It’s such a liberation to me to take care of him as an infant. Because it is said that 3 months is the ideal age for a baby to go outside the house. So, welcome to the wilderness, Kalki!

3 months progress:
1. He’s cooing or even like shouting
2. He moves his body a lot! His arms together with hands, his hip and his legs 3. He sweats more. It’s a good sign
4. He’s almost has his daily body clock
5. He can keep eye contact, also his eyes can follow moving object or people
6. He has a good memory, sometimes he looks at the doors just because he knows that people can come from that spot
7. He responds to his toys happily; when he hear his musical toy, he seek the sound source 8. He puts one of his hand to his mouth, oh no!
9. He can turn his head around, it means his neck is getting stronger to move his head and bear it 10. When we put him in a prone position (tummy time) he can raise his head
11. He can make a sound from his mouth by the help of his tongue and lips, heard just like this “tccck”, just like savoring 12. He can smile and laugh 🙂

Unfortunately what I’d wished since he was 5 weeks old hasn’t come true yet.. that his stool become less frequent. in this 3 month he is still pooing more than once. It is a normal variation, isn’t it?

Today is Kalki’s three months and tomorrow is his father birthday…two special days in the end of August!

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