Prenatal Yoga

These are some yoga poses for pregnancy that I have learnt and tried. I got it from I think these poses are easy to be practiced for all beginners in yoga. I love doing yoga before I’m pregnant. I used to do surya namaskar in the morning, but it is not possible to do during pregnancy. These poses suggested by babycentre are practical and quick!

The first time I tried in my second trimester:
1. Modified pigeon pose (rajakapotasana) ✔
2. Thunderbolt pose (vajrasana) ✔
3. Corpse pose (shav asana) ✔
4. Goddess pose (utkata kon asana) ✔

And then in my third trimester:
5. Warrior pose (virabhadrasana) ✔
6. Churning the mill pose (chakki chalana) asana) ✔
7. Modified standing squat pose (utkatasana) ✓ [in progress practicing regularly]
8. Modified hip rotation pose (shroni chakrasana) ✓ [in progress practicing regularly]
9. Triangle pose (trikonasana) ✓ [in progress practicing regularly]

The most easy to practice regularly for me is thunderbolt pose because just after praying I can practice it 😉 I can also meditate and chant in that pose. The corpse pose is also easy to do when I’m laying down on my bed. Special for modified hip rotation is not recommended if you have sciatica.

To make easy to remember every pose and benefit, I printed a few pages of babycentre and the rest were by the help of my father 😀


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