Baby Hiccups Guscil

This is not the first time baby hiccups that I feel occasionally. The first time I noticed this hiccups-like inside my womb was at night, and I was a little bit panic, so I called my husband. He said it was ‘ok’, and nothing was wrong about the sudden contraction of diaphragm sensation.

I contacted my midwife friends, and told them about this new sensation, they also answered the same thing. It was pretty hard to explain that these hiccups were not like heart pulse of mine or even the baby, but those are harder and slower. And those happened just in a short time, like 10 to 15 minutes. One of my midwife friend said that those could probably the umbilical cord pulses, while Mrs. Kadek said that those could be the elbow motions of the baby!

We never know for sure. I told my mother, she said so. That those could be the motions of the baby’s elbow too! Then when my husband and I went to the Obgyn for ultrasound scan, I asked about it. The doctor was unfamiliar about what I called “baby hiccups”. He told us that if they were 180 pulses/minute they could be the mother’s pulses – I can’t recall what the doctor said to me now. I’m quite forgetful, moreover about the details –  I told the doctor that it wasn’t like that pulse but it happened 12times per minute (slowly). This sensation of baby hiccups is quite obvious to be felt, so I could count it well. And it is not constantly happened, it stopped after a couple of time!

Selasa, 14 Mei 2013

-+ 170 denyut/12menit. Berlangsung -+ 13-14 menit, pukul 14.00 WITA saat mama selesai latihan pernapasan sambil berbaring terlentang.
Denyut/cegukan (dentuman dari dalam perut mama yang terasa seperti guscil sedang gulping) dimulai saat mama menghirup, mengisi paru-paru & perut mama penuh dengan udara lalu dihembuskan lewat mulut perlahan-lahan.

Jum’at, 17 Mei 2013
Pukul 08:11 WITA

Guscil berdenyut lagi secara teratur perlahan dan keras di bagian perut bawah mama. Terasa di sebelah kiri selama -+15menit 58detik. Saat mama sarapan hampir usai guscil mulai “berdenyut” yang mama sebut sebagai “cegukan” karena denyutnya teratur dan terasa dentumannya keras di perut. Sangat berbeda dengan denyut nadi atau detak jantung yang lebih cepat dan lebih teratur serta konstan terus-menerus.

Saturday, 18th of May 2013
7:56 WITA (GMT+8)

Guscil’s hiccups: 7″64″‘ per 2 hiccups
duration: 03’28”

Minggu, 18 Mei 2013

Guscil cegukan lagi hari ini. Berapa kali ya? Yang mama ingat pukul 14:12 WITA saat mama sedang baca buku di atas kasur. Trus saat ini 15:47 WITA saat mama tiduran sama papa.

In the morning of May 20th 2013, 05:40 WITA (GMT+8), the baby inside my womb did hiccups about 11 times gulping in one minute only.
Before that he could do the hiccups until 12-15 minutes averagely.

Baby hiccups do exist? What does cause it? Swallowing amniotic fluid?


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