for my baby honey bump

When it is added a life inside your body… I mean you’re having a baby inside your womb..

Things need to be simplify.

*sigh* it’s quite hard for me because, I pay attention a lot to details and have many thoughts. For example – one of my unpractical thing – is having two blogs. One is my WordPress here and one is Tumblr. I write some posts and I don’t focus for just one blog. It’s just the same as I write journals or lists.. I have more than enough agenda, notebook, diary, or blocknote!

And then I quite confused to use what language: English or Indonesian? Or Javanese maybe, Jakartanese, even Balinese hahaha (alright, that’s it! It’s too much!)… I should feel free about it, right, honey bump?

I’m having a partner here…, together with my body! Remember to simplify things… My baby is still developing inside my warm womb until its due. There are many things to prepare for the new family member. I want to do it and write it in the same time while carrying this little partner. It will take a lot energy and time, so I have to do it in practical way. On the other hand, as a pregnant woman I should get an enough resting time too.

Yeah, it’s quite late at night. 22:42 WITA (Bali time zone) my baby honey bear is kicking inside my stomach (maybe he is excited knowing his mother is writing blog or maybe he is demanding for a peaceful sleep for both of us – papa n’ Minnie has been already asleep).

Today, I renew my WordPress theme and tagline and then I make connection to these two blogs. Hopefully it works… I connect my wordpress to Tumblr, So I expect whatever post I published on WordPress should be published too to Tumblr. Let’s see…

my tumblr blog: http://asgarden.tumblr.comImage

Oh ya, mama udah selesai baca kitab Mahabharata selama mengandung Guscil!

 Kurang lebih selama 35 minggu bersama Guscil… Kisah epik Mahabharata sudah mama cerna (dibaca dalam hati, dibaca keras-keras untuk Guscil atau juga papa, dibacakan keras-keras oleh papa). Sempat mengabari 1 atau 2 bab yang sedang di baca kepada adik mama, dan sempat juga menunda membaca untuk beberapa lama. Begitu selesai, mama langsung mengabari Ryandi lewat sms.

Itu bukunya yang tebal, paling bawah, berwarna merah muda, tertumpuk binder hijau papa dan vitamin Obimin mama. Buku kitabnya udah bisa dikembalikan deh ke adik mama, si empunya.

Kata adik mama… “Yaaa, selamattt”


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