Preparation to be a mother 2

Besides of the desire of fulfilling the baby’s need materially, I also browse for the information of giving birth/labor, new born’s care, nursing, breast feeding and about baby’s health from books, magazines, twits, webs, and also blogs.

The interesting and the first info about nursing baby and breast feeding I got frequently was from twitter account: @ID_AyahASI. I had followed way before I was pregnant. It was after I got married or before maybe.
AyahASI is supportive about giving mothers’ milk for babies exclusively or by pumping. So, I already had an info about breast feeding and mothers’ milk management (how to keep the pumped milk).

Not only that, I also noticed that AyahASI gives parenting tips and they are open for questions about babies’ care and nursing. After that I browsed their blog and found out interesting stories about IMD, ASI, etc.

Starting from AyahASI, I found out other useful community account like Aimi, TheUrbanMama, NParentsAcademy, and so on which I forget how to type their twitter usernames. Some of them have webs or blogs and forum that we can visit.

From the web, I love Before I got pregnant, I already had browse anything about how to get pregnant and also I used the ovulation calculator to calculate my fertile days. And then after I got pregnant, I started using due date calculator to count my pregnancy age and the due date of course.

Babycentre is very nice, they also give the analogy of our fetus to the fruits or vegetables based on the age (per week) with detailed info about weight and length. We can also watch the video of fetus development inside the womb in 3D simulation. Me and my husband watched two videos, when our baby bump was about 26-28 weeks and fetal development when 29-32 maybe, I forget.

I also watched the videos of Yoga for Pregnancy. I like it very much for prenatal exercise, so I printed the step-by-step pictures and captions. It’s easy and very useful! There are 9 yoga poses that Babycentre suggests. And I have exercised pose 1 and 2 in my 4 month pregnancy and then 3 and 4 for the next month until now.

Books and magazines are supplied by my parents. They are very kind giving me books about pregnancy, baby care and good juice for pregnant mother. The books given in my first trimester. Walking on the second trimester they bought me AyahBunda magazines upon my request. AyahBunda also has a website that I had visited frequently before my parents brought the magazines to me:

I want to give birth normally and be able to do IMD for my baby. After that I will breast feed my baby exclusively until 6 month and together with MPASI until 1 year and the next 2 year with solid food.

My wish is to give birth at Bumi Sehat clinic in Ubud. So, I can try water birth and lotus birth. And I don’t need to worry about IMD, because they are surely support mothers to do that soon after labor. My husband has different opinion about lotus birth, he quite disagree about it. It’s okay if he disagree, the important things for me are giving birth normally, IMD and breast feeding exclusively.

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