00:53:31 Last night he dreamt about us.

We swam together in ɑ swimming pool…
I wore ɑ sporty swim suit in black and I was very sexy like an athlete!

Then I asked him to go to ɑ 3D sensation in ɑ swimming pool. We got in the pool and enjoyed the 3D sensation inside the swimming pool. The 3D story was about ɑ diver who hunt or was hunted by ɑ shark. He felt it the swimming pool was really outstandingly just like under the sea!

Well, I love the idea of 3D in ɑ swimming pool (; Hmmm, daring and interesting.

Later on he told me about another dream that he was hesitate if he had already told me before or not. I guessed not yet. He told me about telling me ɑ dream in his dream. Geez.

I just responded that I had the swim suit in black and blue in the past. And he wondered where it came the idea of 3D in the swimming pool! He said that I was swimming very fast so he couldn’t reach me in his dream. Lol! =D

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