My Proposal Day Was…

“There are some lessons can’t be taught but. You have to live it to understand” I think, it’s kind of like that. What Stick said. In Elektra.

So, my proposal day on Saturday morning 26 November 2011 at 10 am sharp was… In maroon red and I love it.

I woke up early, I guess. Oh yeah, last nite I was angry with him, Clydonie the Asgardian. Right when he was just arrived at Tanggulangin, on the phone I was terribly disappointed because he didn’t want to just jumped out of the car in the front of Delta!

No, I meant asking for ɑ stop when it arrived in front of the Delta gate. He took it easy that tomorrow we would meet. Done. He said that he got nausea and dizzy head. That’s why he slept during the morning until the afternoon on that Friday they started the trip!

So I hanged up our call just after saying the last sentence! I sulked him all the time! But he tried to call me several times and I kept sending messages to swear him. That’s enough for the flash back too!

Carry on, on the day I was gonna be proposed… I was waiting for him so much. However, I wanted to slap him so bad. Early in the morning I felt it as too long to wait until his coming ɑ few hours ahead.

I am the one who has the duty to make ɑ flower from ɑ cartoon box of Aqua. My mother helped me then she took me to the salon, but before that I ate at Bandung porridge outlet of Bu Asob as my breakfast. Funny things happened because when we were gonna go to the salon twice the mini cakes were delivered twice by two different shops.

At the salon, my mother left me alone with the hair dresser. The hair dresser wondered the late coming and asked about the time when the event started. As it wasn’t really in hurry, I said it was okay to wash my hair first although she had started foaming my hair already.

I let the hair dresser have some time to spent as I was waiting for Clyde’s coming. About 8 am I received ɑ message. That was from Clyde! He told me that he’s going. I was surprised in higher happiness…!!!

I was done with my hair do and make up. My mother came to pick me, but before that she sent her friend to look my hair style. How nice both of her. My mother’s friend was astonished by the hair do, because it was just simple! As well as my mother. They agreed that they needed to put ɑ golden flower on my back hair so the hair clips could be hidden. Me too. Just before going home, my mother made me let hair dresser shave my eyebrows. With ɑ bare single Gilette!

Whoa, it was very hot at home. I changed my clothes quickly with the prepared maroon kebaya and ɑ maroon checkered songket with ɑ golden pattern. I had seen grandfather and grandmother Mojo sitting at the porch. The were there early. And thanks to them for their support.

The next family who was coming was Maya. I thought it was Istriki so I shouted from my parents’ bedroom through the window. I was wrong and felt awkward? However Maya helped me to zip my back of the corset. How nice she gave me ɑ hand!

I predicted they would come early at 9! But I was mistaken. They were coming at 10. I heard the buzzing sound of Opa’s car and I was right that it was the familiar blue car. It was about to parked in front of my porch and yes it was. I ran inside my house because my mother told me to wait in her room until I was called to go out!

Well, alright then. I stayed in her room as I could chill out there and sneak-peeked from the window…

He texted me when he was going to my house and he kept texting me asking for daluman ice!

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