Last Week..

was the proposal day of me and him. The same Saturday this morning. The one who proposed me is I Ǥeϑe Aƍus Ambαrα.

The special event was started with Tri Sandya together and was held in 1 hour of discussion and lunch afterwards until about 1 pm. It was our precious moment of course. He came to my house accompanied with his mother, two of his mother young sister with her husband and the youngest brother with his son. A group consisted 6 persons in ɑ blue car, they brought many goods but the most important one was the Pejati banten. And then the gifts.

Well, my gifts were packed in handy crafted boxes called ‘sokasih’. I don’t remember how many because there were fruits and cakes. And then my special gifts were in two same boxes in maroon color but in different size. I couldn’t wait to see what inside them. I wanted to see it so much by opening the top box but I was forbidden.

Okay he gave me textiles: French textile in pumpkin color as kebaya, the sarong completed with the scarf same as the sarong and an orange scarf, plus ɑ tribal sarong in green-grey color. There were more goods, they were ɑ big sized wallet also as an organizer, ɑ pair of sandals, corset, two pair of underwears, ɑ bra and ɑ small rectangular shaped box inside it contained ɑ shampoo and ɑ conditioner plus B.B. Cream 🙂

The lovely gifts from my love were arranged in the same boxes as I said but in different size. So the biggest one could contain the smaller one just like a Russian porcelain doll. The boxes had beautiful batik pattern painted on their outer sides. All supported the brave color theme of maroon red! Even better, the boxes were given for me too! My mother liked the smallest rectangular box because she considered it as flower container when going to pray at the Pura.

He came wearing ɑ batik shirt in about three or four or even five tones: orange, red, maroon, red and black/dark brown. He was clean shaved and gorgeously supported by maroon color combination from the shirt to the sarong. So he matched with my maroon kebaya except the ‘udeng’. The color of the udeng on his head was so unmatching dark blue!

His mother was wearing white cotton kebaya. My mother and my father was in the same maroon like me and him, but my little brother was in black! With his black jeans. My house gates were wide opened for his coming. Firstly my family were greeting the coming group and carried the gifts inside the house. After all, we sat in the guest room.

I was waiting in my parents’ room at first, but then I moved to my brother’s room. When I was in my parents’ room, I missed to see him from the window. Maya couldn’t stand what I had done! When I wanted to take ɑ pee she told me not to walked out of the room anymore because Clyde had seen me before when I was moving from my parents’ to Ryandi’s and he ‘smiled’. Finally Ryandi set the curtain to close the living room, so I could go the bathroom quickly. Thanks my little brother and sister!

The call. I was called by my mother to join the discussion together with my family in the same room finally. I took ɑ seat near the glass table and listened to the Opa as the moderator. The old men asked me whether I was ready to live with Clyde in ɑ village in Bali. They wanted to hear if it was already 100% readiness of mine. So, I said I had to be ready. Yes I was sure.

The best moment carried on, some old parents gave us some life lesson and advice. My mother cried. I couldn’t helped it. Oh, mom… I love you! When the acceptance of the proposal had been agreed, we closed the session as going on smoothly and successfully. We closed it with “Parama Santi” and being very grateful to Sang Hyang Widhi. Well, later on Opa suggested for nostalgia talks. So, I joined Istriki and Ratna at the porch who had come before the proposal session started.

At 11 am we had ɑ lunch. Clyde sat at the porch as well as me, Istriki and Ratna. We weren’t sitting close to each other, but he kept approaching me, tried to talk with me. I ignored him and wanted to slap him as I told Istriki. Istriki laughed about how funny when we had ɑ fight was! When I was talking with Istriki, Clyde offered durians to me and to Istriki then he stepped on the car floor and reached the cartoon box on the top of the car. He gave me that box with smile, so I carried inside to the kitchen. When I was walking inside, Clyde told me that my pretty ordered XL number was left at his home!

Ratna’s mother notice what I carried from the odor. I was busted. I told my mother in the kitchen about the last special gift: ɑ box of durians! My mother was in her sudden pleasure expression. In the other side anyway, I felt it hard to breathe with my camisole so I told my mother that all I wanted at that time was to change my clothes! Pity me, we haven’t take ɑ photograph together!

Before having lunch, I was tempted to taste the daluman ice, so I took one from the ping-pong table at my porch. The meal keeper who helped me also offered my friends for the ice, so I re-took some coconut milk and poured it into the glass. Then ɑ little help from Istriki and Mrs. Jepun came, she stirred the liquid palm sugar. Istriki asked about “Bli Agus”. What about him? Well, seriously don’t even be bothered. Actually that way was my move for ɑ biggest temptation to him.

I did it. I enjoyed the daluman ice, and Maya came to me giving my cell phone. She said that there was ɑ call. I checked it and it was from him! He called me and called me again. After that he kept sending me messages about his thirst for the ice daluman! Ha ha ha! Poor him, I neglected him all the time for what he had done on the day before our event.

When it was the time to take ɑ photograph with the whole family, I was full of sweat! Terrible! Handing tissue for my face the most of the time. We two together took ɑ photograph, we stood up and got close one to another. My mother’s friend shouted about my face which didn’t look so much in happiness! Hell was true it was because of him!

So, he asked if I was still angry with him. I said yes and he was unforgivable. He regretted it. He hold my hip for the photo taking. I tried to take his hands off and he felt very sad, but placed them again back! Okay cheers…

He entered Ryandi’s room, so I gave him ɑ striped brown-and-blue polo shirt and ɑ creme shawl. He loved it. I tried it on him. The color suited him. And I opened his gift boxes (oh in the end I got the chance to!). I also showed him my chocolate shawl. Maya said the color suited me ɑ lot. Amazing! O.X.

Facts found out later: he confessed he had drunk two times of daluman ice! And he very enjoyed to chill in the hot weather.

His udeng was left behind at Bulakbanteng house!

His mother gave me ɑ brown hand bag which was actually Clyde’s sister gift. As well as the wallet in the sokasih. It’s not only ɑ hand bag but also ɑ shoulder bag in one! Perfect as I wished! Awwww, Thank you…. ♥

Last type:

Thank you God for the running smoothly of the proposal process. Bless us for the next big moment!

In love, Jess n’ Clyde.

His enthusiasm made me smile 🙂

Las captured



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