Instant Milk Powder Production

This is ɑ real coincidence! On Friday evening, December 2nd, 2011…
Just after our 30 months anniversary. Our magnificent 2.5 years relationship! Oh my God! And we were giving each other ɑ gift: ɑ kiss.

We were talking on the phone I got ɑ great news for him.

The first is I have the French textile in pumpkin color that he gave it to me sewed by my mom’s favorite tailorette 🙂

The second is I bought 2 box of milk powder which is not the last milk that I had bought at Lotte mart but in PRENAGEN Esensis at Indomaret ! 😀

So, I told him what I finally got and I explained about some nutrition fact just like folic acid is good to reduce stress. I told him the weight per box is very weird because it’s 180 ƍ not 200 ƍ like the other PRENAGEN series or usual instant milk powder and it is also available in 360 ƍ package.

Then, when I saw the serving measurement on its box side, I noticed 3 tablespoon for ɑ glass of 180 ml water. It is written: Serving measurement: 3 tablespoon (± 35 ƍ)
Total of servings per package: 5

I asked him first about how many grams powder could ɑ tablespoon contain? He didn’t know. So, I asked him for seeking ɑny milk boxes. He said that there are none because all his milk boxes had been thrown away. I mentioned ɑ soy milk powder MDL-525 that his mother drank regularly, he got it and went to get it.

He looked at the information on the box and he answered that ɑ tablespoon equaled 10 ƍ. I was shocked! It’s very different from the milk box of mine because it was 35 ƍ! Finally I recognized it fast that I was misunderstood. Ha ha! He was right, I was wrong as he said that what written on his milk box was 2 tablespoon = 20 ƍ.

I also mentioned that the Prenagen was in chocolate flavor. Chocolate flavor of his chocolate fruit. I was amazed by the image that depicted the flavor. I told him it’s very wonderful because it was ɑ whole chocolate fruit picture just like his chocolate fruit and one more which was opened as ɑ half.

He said that he had more amazing flavor because his milk powder flavor was soy flavor – silence – and then he complained “what was that silence?” So he laughed.

As well as I laughed and said, “yes, funny… Krik krik krik (imitating ɑ nocturnal insect sound).”

“Yes you, Clyde the chocolate farmer.”

Next, he read and uttered it loud to me about ɑ serendipity! Well at first he played ɑ riddle, asked me who produced the soy milk. I was totally confident to answer who produced it was the navy foundation. But actually, that soy milk powder with brand MDL-525 was produced by CV Intan Alami. …… He joked it became CV Intan Alami Sendiri. Ha ha ha ha ha!

I got so much pleasure for him too because I had found that my Prenagen Esensis milk was produced by PT Sanghiang Perkasa! He told me that ‘Sanghiang’ was very common used to show as superiority or absolutes. He gave an example “Sanghiang Adil” then I replied “Sang Hyang Widhi”. Then we agreed that I am the nature, protecting nature and Sanghiang Perkasa is him, the ultimate strong Clyde 🙂

Love Instant Milk Powder Production ♥
Jess n’ Clyde.


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